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七年级英语作文: My Parents and I I am a Chinese girl and I study in_______ school.I get up very early in the morning and then help my mother cook breakfast.After breakfast, I walk to school, because it's not far from my house. I have many friends at school. we often help each other with our lessons.My mother is forty-six years old, and she works in a supermarket. it's near my school.The supermarket is very big, and it sells all kinds of things. The students in my school often buy school things there.

七年级英语作文: A Busy Day

Mar. 25th, 2013 Sunday ,fine

This morning I got up early. after breakfast,I helped mom with housework. then I did my homework. the homework was very

interesting, so I did it well. In the afternoon, I played table tennis with my friend lingling, we enjoyed ourselves very much. In the evening I watched tv with my parents and then prepared my self for the next day's lesson.

What a busy day today!

My father is two years younger than my mother. he is in the same supermarket, but he doesn't sell things. he's a driver.

My family is a happy one.

Our family There are six people in my family. My hobby is playing computer games and growing flowers.

Saturdays and Sundays. Do I water

I play computer games on

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