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the future life 英语作文

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The Future Life

With the development of science and technology , great changes take place with certainty in the future .

Our houses are different from those we have at present . Decorated with environmentally friendly materials , the houses are green . So that they aren′t harmful to our heath and we can live comfortably . Moreover , we can live in the bottom of ocean , where we can see a variety of marine organism . What surprise us is robots , the robots are very advanced and intelligent . They can run 、sing 、dance and even can talk with humans fluently . Besides , the robots help humans with housework and take care of young children .

Our transportation is more convenient 、safer and cleaner . To overcome the traffic jams , we invent a kind of new and different cars . Not only the cars can be driven on road , but also they can fly in the sky . To ensure safety , the cars are controlled by an advanced computer system . New technology is also being used to make sure the cars do not pollute the air . For example , the cars are equipped with nuclear battery , which doesn′t need to charge for thirty years . If you don′t like its shape or color , you can change it .

In future , our life is relaxing . On the one hand , we don′t need to go to company to work , we just stay at home and do our work . So we can spend more time with our children . On the other hand , the schools

of the future are quite different from what they are today . The children do not go to school because they can study by using computers . With the wide spread of computers , online shopping becomes more and more popular . People just select and buy what they want on the Internet . In vacation , we can travel to Moon or Mars with families . In a word , our future life is better and more wonderful .

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