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英语作文优秀范文Whether Should Children be Allowed to Bring Cell

发布时间:2014-07-11 11:36:54  

Whether Should Children be Allowed to Bring Cell

Recently, there was a heated discussion over children's education. The question under debate is that whether children should be allowed to bring cell phones to school. When asked about this, options are divided. For the supporters, they think that they can keep in touch with their kids so that they can exactly know what happens to them. And if there is anything bad occurs they could give their kids guidance at the first time.


When my eyes caught this topic, my mind began its search for the better one. Although cell phones have played an increasing important role in our common life, which brings us a lot of benefits, I do not think it's wise to allow our kids to bring cell phones. First of all, the cell phones equipped with many entertainments will become a time-killer. Kids will spend their precious time in playing games instead of studying. And then what's worse, there may also be phenomenon of life comparison among children which will do great harm to them. Last but equally important is that radiations from mobile phone which may have a detrimental effect on children's body health.


Taking all these into consideration, we can reach the conclusion easily that children should not be allowed to bring cell phones to school.


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