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英语作文优秀范文How to Kill Time in the Rainy Days

发布时间:2014-07-11 11:36:58  

How to Kill Time in the Rainy Days?

No matter where you live, there is a period of time full of rain. Everything is not

convenient in the rainy days, especially going out. Thus, if it is possible, many people will choose stay at home when it is raining outside. But how to kill this boring time is a question for many people, because most of them just sleep all day and night. Don’t you think that sleeping is boring and waste of time? Let me tell you some good ways to kill time in rainy days.


In the first place, reading is absolutely a good choice to kill time indoor. I think I don’t need to emphasize the importance of reading as everybody knows. Look back our daily life, how many people have time to read now and then? Why don’t we just catch this chance to kill time and enhance ourselves? Secondly, playing games with families or friends is beneficial. Most people would stay at home in the rainy days. At this time they can play games, such as, play cards and Truth Or Dare. Those games are interesting and helpful for their

relationship with each other. Last but not least, it is a good chance for talking. In the usual time, maybe it is hard to find a chance to have a nice talk with your family, because everyone is so busy. Rainy day provides a chance for you. You can sit down and have a nice talk to learn each other better. You will feel time flies when you doing these.


In a word, you will not dislike rainy days if you know how to kill it. The three ways mentioned above is helpful.


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