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英语作文优秀范文How to Be a Good Student

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How to Be a Good Student?

When it comes to what makes up a good student, many people may have the

stereotypes that a good student is one who can always get high marks in examinations. In school, the student who gets high marks or full marks is considered to be the model

student. It does not matter whether he has a good health or not, as long as he get the high marks. After school, when the students come back home, their parents would ask them to do more homework to get higher marks.

当提到什么才算是好学生时,人们就会对其有种成见:认为好学生就是在考试中获得高分的人。在学校,那些考得高分甚至满分的学生被认为是模范学生。只要能考高分,就不论他是否有个好的身体。放学后,当学生回到家,家长会督促他们做更多的练习以获取更高的分数。 However, in my humble opinion, I think being a good student is not only about getting high marks in the exams, but also know how to live and get alone with others, which is more important than reading and writing. The pity thing is most of the students spend so much time on doing their homework that most of them do not enjoy good health. They should be encouraged to go outside to do sports, listen to music and draw some pictures. The

teachers should not only teach the knowledge in the textbooks to the students, but also help the students to know about the society. After they graduate from colleges, they will be more adaptable to this world.


To sum up, to be a good student does not only mean he can get high marks in the exams, but also have a healthy body and mind. Generally speaking, the student who is good at study and willing to help others are considered to be good.


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