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Topic 5过关小测 赖丽春


报告 分钟 门票 礼物

座位 成年人 解决 建议n

邻居 熬夜 生某人的气

有时间玩 改变主意 或者。。或者

意外的 错误的 努力


1. —Why couldn't you the correct spelling of the word?

—Err. . . I hadn't got a Chinese-English dictionary at hand. To ______.

A. look for B. look down C. look up D. look at

2. —You look very tired this morning. What did you do yesterday afternoon?

—I did ______Christmas shopping.

A. a lot of B. a few of C. a number of D. a piece of

3. Each of us has to write a______ report every two weeks.

A. two-hundred-word B. two-hundreds-word C. two-hundreds-words D. two-hundred-words

4. —Which would you like to drink, coffee or orange juice ?________. Please give me a cup of tea.

A. Neither B. Both C. A11 D. None

5. An old friend of my sister's always helps_____ my brother and with_____ English.

A. I; our B. me; ourselves C. I; my D. me; our

6. We love to go to the country in spring as the flowers smell so _______.

A. well B. nice C. wonderfully D. nicely

7. The letter from my uncle was short. There wasn't ______news.

A. many B. a few C. much D. few

8. The boy doesn't speak _________his sister, but his written work is very good.

A. as well as B. so good as C. more better than D. more worse than

9. —When did your uncle arrive_____ China?

—He got to Guangzhou _____the morning of the 16th of April.

A. at; in B. in; in C. to; on D. in; on

10._______ I take some photos in the hall?

—No, you______ .

A. Can; needn't B. Must ; mustn't C. Could; won't D. May; mustn't

11. The actress is already 50,but she looks _____ than she really is .

A. young B .more young C. more younger D. much younger

12.As the 2010Asian Games get closer , Guangzhou is becomimg _____ than ever .

A. beautiful B. most beautiful C. more beautiful D. almost beautiful

五、写作 (满分30分)

第一节、单词拼写 (共5小题,每题1分,满分为5分)


1. Have you got any t_________ of the concert ? Can you give me one ?

2. I bought a p_________ for my mother on Mother’s Day .

3. Please help me s________ the English problem .

4. You can’t sit here , These s_________ are for your teachers .

5. My n________ is very nice , they often send some delicious food to us .




The work __________ ________ _________ before 8 o’clock in the morning.

2. 爸爸告诉我的消息真是激动人心啊!

__________ __________news my father has told me!


He got up ________ _________ ________ he couldn’t arrive at school on time this morning.74.她


She is a new mother. She doesn’t know __________ ________ ________ ______- of the baby.

5. 老师告诉Sally即使是没有时间也不要放弃弹钢琴.

The teacher told Sally _______ ________ __________ _________playing the piano even though she had no time.

6. 熬夜对身体不好。It is not good for our health to _________ ________ _________.

7. 我会尽我的努力学好英语。I’ll ________ _______ _______ ______ study English well .

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