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1. She spoke to me in a very ______________ (friend) way.

2. Winter holiday is a ___________ (year) vacation.

3. ___ English have wonderful sense of humor.

4. She is really a _____ girl, because she does everything _____. (care)

5. Lilin is the _____ of these three man, and he has the _____ ways to deal with problem. (old)

6. This question is ___ from of my ability , maybe you need another person to explain it in a _____ way.(far)


1. One day they crossed the _____ bridge behind the palace.

A, old Chinese stone B, Chinese old stone C. old stone Chinese D Chinese stone old

2. ----How was your recent visit to Qingdao?

-----It was great. We visited some friends, and spent the _____ days at the seaside.

A. few last sunny B. last few sunny C. last sunny few D. few sunny last

3. I can carry _________you can.

A, as many as things B, as many things as C. the same things D as much thing as

4. Tom is the tallest of _______

A, the three brothers B, his three brothers C, these three brothers D, those three brothers

5. After the new technique was introduced, the factory produced _____tractors(拖拉机) in 1988 as the year before,

A, as twice many B as many twice C twice as many D twice many as

6. He has not ______ to face this trouble, because of lacking of independence. A, much courage B lots of courage C enough courage D courage enough


1. 一件棕色的又旧又脏的T恤

2. 这个房间和那个一样大

3. 与其说你不懂得照顾人还不如说你自己本身就还是个孩子

7. 南方降雨量比北方多(降雨量:rainfall)

5. 你工作越努力,所获得的进步就越大

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