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1. If ___ knows what his shortcoming is, ___ would not fell so confused.

A, he, Jone B, Jone, Jone C, Jone, he D, he, he

2. Harry was engaged to ___ last weekend.

A, that girl B, that C, her D, both A and C

3. It’s time to class, but the teacher ___ is not in class.

A, himself B, Mr. Li C. who D. that

4. No one can break the traffic regulations, _______?

A, is it B. does he C. doesn’t he D isn’t it

5. I was once taken to be she, but now there isn’t any similarity between ___ and ___. A, she I B her me C I she D me her

6. My winter vocation is filled with homework, and my friend Jelly , ____ is also the same way. A, her B she C hers D it

7, Nick has a cold today and feels not comfortable, he said, “I’m not ____ today.”

A. me B good C I D myself

8. My mother always tell me that I should be proud of ____

A, herself B himself C myself D me

9. It is easy to see that the people of different cultures have always copied ____.

A one by one B each other C one to another D from each other

10. I can’t make out ___ he is trying to tell.

A what B which C whose D whom

11. He came back for the book ____ he had forgotten.

A what B which C whose D whom

12. Much of ____ you say I agree with, but I cannot go all the way with you.

A what B which C whose D whom

13. Would you like ____ coffee?

A any B some C much D a little

14. Here are three novels , you may read ____

A any B some C much D one

15. There is only one girl in our class, _____ are boys.

A other B others C the other D the others


1、 并非每个人都诚实, 真正善良忠厚的人总是少之又少的。

2、 这不是集团主席所要求的会议精神,会议本身有了质的变化。

3、 尽管李林不再是主要的领导人了,但是他还是一如既往的继续自己的工作,并且工作得比以前更出色。


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