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My favourite season

Of all the seasons, spring is my favourite season. When spring comes, the sun starts shining, plants start growing, flowers start opening and birds start singing and making their nests. Spring makes me think of rain. It’s awful to walk in wet and dirty streets. Spring also makes me think of outings. It’s nice to have picnics in the park. What a beautiful season it is! I like spring best.

Life in the future

With the development of technology(随着科技的发展), our life will change a lot in the future. For example, if we are hungry, we can only take pills for three meals instead of cooking. When we are free, we will be able to travel to other planets in a UFO. It will be very cheap, just like taking a taxi. All of us will be able to live in beautiful houses under the sea. Perhaps there will be a lot of cities there. Maybe each family will have a robot. They can do all kinds of housework. Our mothers won’t be busy with housework, so they won’t be tired. I think the life in the future will be wonderful and interesting.

My school life

My school life is enjoyable, but I still want to make some changes to it. First, I want to study in an air-conditioned classroom because we feel too hot in summer and too cold in winter. Second, I’d like to have less homework. If so, we will have more time to relax ourselves. Third, I ‘d like to have more activities, because they make us happier and we can know each other better. I think these changes are necessary , they will make our school life more enjoyable.

The importance of water

Water is very important to us. Almost three quarters of the Earth is water. We can’t live without water. We can use water to do many things. For example, we can use water to drink, to wash clothes, to have a shower, to put out fires and so on. However, water resources(水资源) are limited(有限的). We must protect and save water. We mustn’t throw rubbish into the rivers and lakes. Some water can be reused. Before we flush(冲) the toilet, we can use water to wash something. Let’s protect and save water together.

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