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形 容 词 和 副 词

1. Don’t be_______.

A. angry B. anger C. angrily D. angrier

2. John was so sleepy that he could hardly keep his eyes____

A. open B. to be opened C. to open D. opening

3. I called on him, but he was______.

A. at home B. out C. absent D. not home

4. He has not ______ finished his homework.

A. still B. already C. yet D. all ready

5. It was_____ late to catch a bus after the party therefore we called a taxi.

A. too very B. much too C. too much D. for

6. Have you finished your report yet? No, I’ll finish in_____ ten minutes.

A. another B. other C. more D. less

7. He is learning_____ English and he speaks English_____.

A. everyday; everyday B. every day; every day C. every day; everyday

D. everyday; every day

8. ----When shall we meet again? ----Make it___ day you like; it’s all the same to me.

A. one B. any C. another D. some

9. The foreign guest arrived here______.

A. just B. just now C. now D. only just

11. Beijing is ten times as____ as my hometown.

A. big B. biger C. bigger D. biggest

13. Tiananmen Square was not____ it is now.

A. bigger as B. so big as C. so bigger as D. so big than

14. ----Are the new rules working? ----Yes._____ books are stolen.

A. Few B. More C. Some D. None

15. I have never seen_____ Guilin before.

A. as beautiful a place so B. so a beautiful place so C. so beautiful a place as

D. so a beautiful place as

17. Our classroom is ____ theirs.

A. as two times large as B. two times as large as C. as twice as large as

D. twice as large as

20. What he said sounds____.

A. nicely B. pleasantly C. friendly D. wonderfully

21. I have never read_____ book.

A. so an interesting B. such an interesting C. so interesting an D. such interesting a

22. How_____ can you finish the drawing?

A. often B. soon C. long D. rapid

23. Wang Ming is taller than____ in his class.

A. all students B. any student C. other students D. any 1

other student

24. These oranges taste_____.

A. good B. well C. to be good D. to be well

25. They found the book very_____.

A. interesting B. interested C. interest D. to be interested

27. We must do______ with_______ money.

A. little, little B. less, more C. more, more D. more, less

28. We decided not to climb the mountains because it was raining_____.

A. badly B. hardly C. strongly D. heavily

30. Do you remember____ he came? Yes, I do , he came by car.

A. how B. when C. that D. if

35. This was the first time that Adams had watched how ________ tea was picked.

A. famous Chinese green B. Chinese famous green

C. green famous Chinese D. famous green Chinese

36. He was disappointed that _________ were mostly in his class.

A. the hard boys to teach B. the boys hard to teach

C. the boys to teach hard D. the hard to teach boys

37. You should learn to work together. It takes a group of people to achieve _______.

A. something really amazing B. something amazing really

C. really something amazing D. really amazing something

38. Having had a cup of strong coffee, he stayed ________ and felt much refreshed.

A. awoke B. awake C. wakened D. woken

39. It’s exciting to watch the final of the World Cup on _______ television.

A. lived B. alive C. living D. live

41. The bridge across the channel will be open to traffic in ________ 2006.

A. latter B. later C. late D. lately

42. “You don’t look _____. Have you been overworking?” Mother looked ______ at her son.

A. good…sad B. well…sadly C. well…sad D. good…sadly

43. You will feel ______ to ask any question you feel _______ in.

A. freely…interestingly B. free…interestedly C. free…interested

D. freely…interest

51. They should have charged me 100 yuan just for a cup of tea and a dish of peanuts. It hurt me to pay ______ for ______ food.

A. so many…that little B. so much…so little C. such much…such little

D. such a lot …such a little

52. The ball hit me _____ on the head, and I nearly fell off my bike.

A. right B. very C. much D. justly

53. Take it _____. I bet everybody can finish the test paper _____.


A. easily…easily B. easily…easy C. easy…easily D. easy…easy

55. ----The dance is ______ good. What do you think? ----Good, all the dancers are ______ dressed.

A. pretty…pretty B. prettily…pretty C. prettily…prettily D. pretty…prettily

56. Mrs. Green noticed the noise coming from the classroom. Her students must have been talking _____ instead of reading French _____.

A. loudly…aloud B. aloud…loud C. aloud…loudly D. aloud…aloud

57. The tango is a dance which began in Argentina _______ around the last half of the 19th century.

A. sometime B. some times C. some time D. sometimes

60. ----I don’t understand why the shop closed. ----It had ______ customers.

A. such few B. such a few C. few such D. so few

61. ----This problem is _____ different for the students.

----I think so. If they’ve spent _____ time on it, they won’t be able to finish the whole paper.

A. too much…too much B. much too…too much C. much too…much too D. too much…much too

65. In US on the street, men always walk or cross the street at the side of the ladies which is _____ to the traffic.

A. close B. closest C. the closest D. closer

67. You seem to be troubled by something in your mind. You’d better get it off your chest. I’m sure that will make you feel ______.

A. good B. better C. the best D. best

68. ----We can take the subway to the Grand Theatre. ----But why not take a taxi? It’s _______.

A. a lot convenient B. the most convenient

C. a lot more convenient D. much the most convenient

69. ----The red dress is 85 yuan. ----That sounds good. Let me see. Size 8. Do you have ______?

A. a bigger size B. the bigger size C. a biggest size D. the biggest size

72. Doctors advise eating food with ______ fat and _____ salt.

A. the little…the little B. less…less C. least…least D. the least…the least

74. Let’s have ______ empty talk and ______ practical work.

A. less…more B. little…much C. the less…the more D. least…most


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