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Summer Palace

? 1749: Emperor Qianlong Qingyiyuan (the Park of Pure Ripples) ? 1860: the Second Opium War destroyed ? 1888: Empress Dowager Cixi rebuilt&enlarged ? Funds for the Chinese navy ? Yiheyuan (Garden of Harmonious Unity) ? 1900: Eight-Power Allied Force sacked ? 1901: Empress Dowager Cixi repaired ? 1924: Puyi 溥仪 (abdicated) open to the public


? Grant scale: The Summer Palace occupies an area of 294 hectares, composed mainly of Longevity Hill and Kunming Lake(about 220h). 园内建筑以佛香阁为中心,园中有景点建 筑物百余座、大小院落20余处,3555古建 筑,面积70000多平方米,共有亭、台、楼 、阁、廊、榭等不同形式的建筑3000多间 。古树名木1600余株

? three parts: the court reception 政治活动区 the imperial residential area 帝后生活区 the scenic area 风景游览区

the scenic area 风景游览区

万寿山 Longevity Hill
Rearing up by the side of Kūnmíng Lake and at the far end of the Long Corridor the slopes of this 60m-high hill are covered in temples and pavilions (The most prominent and important are the Buddhist Fragrance Pavilion and the Cloud Dispelling Hall ), which are connected by corridors.

the scenic area

Front Hill Area Lake Area Back Hill Area


Front Hill Area
The Hall of Dispelling Clouds 排云殿
(a religious structure)

(in celebration of Cixi’s 70th birthday)

Buddhist Fragrance Pavilion 佛香阁

The Sea of Wisdom 智慧海

(topmost, a well-known beamless Buddhist shrine) (one of the three best and largest bronze buildings existing in China)

Bronze Pavilion 宝云亭(铜亭)

佛香阁 Buddhist Fragrance Pavilion

排云殿 Cloud Dispelling Hall

Buddhist Fragrance Pav

排云殿 Cloud Dispelling Hall

Buddhist Fragrance Pav

On a clear day, there are splendid views of Běijīng from here.

Buddhist Temple of the Sea of Wisdom智慧海
featuring glazed tiles瓷砖 (many sadly damaged) depicting Buddha.

万寿山 宝云阁

The Long Gallery ( Long Corridor)
728-meter long longest corridor in Chinese classic gardens Emperor Qianlong’s present for his mother four elegant octagonal pavilions an exceptional art gallery the colored paintings museum Its beams, the pavilion walls and some of the ceiling are decorated with 14,000 paintings


Suzhou Street 苏州街 (the Emperor’s Shopping Street )
Emperor Qianlong’s tours of south Commercial prosperity Imitate the styles of shops along the waterways in Suzhou (“the Venice of the East”)

1860 destroyed 1888 rebuilt (Cixi) 1986 restored

Back Hill Area
The Garden of Harmonious delight (Xiequyuan)谐趣园
the fishing site of Empress Dowager Cixi eight settings An imitation of the famous Jichang Garden 寄畅园 of Wuxi, Jiangsu Province “a garden within the garden” 园中之园

eight settings
Zaishi Hall the Momiao Room Jiuyun Tower Dan

bi House Shuile Pavilion Zhiyu Bridge 知鱼桥 Xunshi Path Hanguang Hole

Lake area Kunming Lake
Yuan Dynasty : Weng Shan Pool瓮山泊 Ming Dynasty: West Lake Covers three quarters of the total area Southern Lake Island

West Causeway
Six bridges

西堤 West Causeway
which links the east shore to South Lake Island.
The causeway is lined with delightful willow and mulberry trees, and along the way you’ll come across the grey and white marble Jade Belt Bridge and then do a circuit of the lake by returning along the east shore.

西堤 West Causeway
玉带桥 Jade Belt Bridge


The Seventeen Arch Bridge
150 meters long based on the famed LuGou Bridge southwest of Beijing 498 carved stone lions

十七孔桥 17-Arch Bridge

十七孔桥 17-Arch Bridge which links the east shore to South Lake Island.

bronze ox


石舫“清晏舫” The Marble Boat

It is located at the end of the Long Corridor, near the Stone Pavilion. Emperor Qianlong built this Marble Boat based on a story that happened in Tang Dynasty

the court reception 政治活动区
Hall of Benevolence and Longevity 仁寿殿 ?The administrative area where Cixi held court and received foreign envoys

the imperial residential area帝后生活区
The Garden of Virtue and Harmony 德和园 Empress Dowager Cixi watched performances of the Peking opera

The Hall of Jade Ripples 玉澜堂
Emperor Qianlong (state affairs ) Emperor Guangxu (living quarters )

Yiyun House宜芸馆
Emperor Qianlong (collecting books) Emperor Guangxu (the abode of his Empress Longyu )

The hall of Joyful Longevity 乐寿殿
Emperor Qianlong (a gift for his mother's sixtieth birthday) the residence for Empress Dowager


? 从东宫门入园: route1(约1.5小时): 东宫门——仁寿殿——德和园——玉澜堂——宜 芸馆——乐寿堂——长廊——排云门--石舫( 也可从北宫门进入,先看石舫) rout 2(2.5小时): 东宫门——仁寿殿——德和园——玉澜堂——宜 芸馆——乐寿堂——长廊——排云殿——佛香阁 ——苏州街桥 route 3:(约1.5-2小时)北宫门--西堤 route 4:可绕昆明湖一周, 除以上景点,还可去看十七孔桥、铜牛、谐趣园、 后山后湖等。

讲解人:朱磊 小组成员:刘焕灵,韩艳丽,胡平

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