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I.失物招领与寻物启事书写格式 1.在启示上方中间的位置写上 “FOUND” “LOST” 字样. 2. 写上你 所捡到或丢东西的特征及名称. 3.在哪里去认领或联系方式.



A black pen was left at the library yesterday afternoon ( December 12th). Will the owner please ring 4016633.

Ex.1.请写一则 “失物 招领” 提示: 教研室拾到一串(a bunch of),有丢 失者请到办公室认领. FOUND A bunch of keys was left in the Teacher’s Room. Please the owner of it comes to Room 505 and ask. Teacher Zhang to recognize it. Or telephone the number 8675432.

LOST A green bag with a black hat and some books . Will the finder please come to Class 2,Grade 4.

Lucy King

Ex.2. 请写一篇“寻物启示”
提示: 你丢了一辆自行车和一个书包.请拾 到者和王海联系,或请到一年二班.谢谢!

A black bike with a school bag was lost yesterday. People who has found it please ring the number 894325. Wang Hai .Or you can come to Class Two , Grade One.

II. 如何写通知?

1.在正文的上方中间写上 “ NOTICE” 字样.
2. 在左上角上写所要发往的通知单位或人.

3. 通知的右下角写明发通知的单位或人.

例3. NOTICE All the students: We are going to hold a sports meeting at eight tomorrow morning. The students get together on the playground. You must get ready for your own lunch. Headmaster

Ex.3. 明天早上八点, 二年级同学要在校门外 集合, 请穿上旧衣服, 去人民公园种树.请根椐 所给条件写一通知. All the students of Grade Two

Tomorrow we’ll go to the People’s Park to plant tress. Please put on your old clothes and meet outside the school gate at eight o’clock tomorrow morning. March ,10th ,2001

III.电话信息: ( 看下面表格,填写相应的内容 )


Telephone Message

From:_______ To : ________ David Susan Date :_________ Time:______________ July ,21th 2 in the afternoon Message: David : Your mother is going to Shanghai tonight. She has no time to say “Good-bye” to you. Just let me say “ Sorry” to you. She will be back next Wednesday. Susan

Ex4 .根据给内容完成表格:

(Today is May the fifth. It is 10:30 now. Li Lei’s mother is answering the phone) A: Hi! B: Oh ,Can I speak to Li Lei, please?
A: Sorry , he isn’t in. Can I take a message?

B: Yes, please. This is Jim.
A: Hi! Jim! B: Hi! Next Sunday is my birthday. Could you tell him to my party please? A: OK. I’ll tell him. B: Thank you! Bye.

Ex5. Jim From:____

Telephone Message

Li Lei To: _____
Ten thirty Time: ________

May 5th Date: _______ Message:

Come to Jim’s birthday party next Sunday.

Ex6.读下面对话, 写一篇电话留言. A: Hello, 7-5-1 double 8-2. B: Oh ,hello. May I speak to Ann, please? A: Sorry, she is out . Who is calling? B: Jane. Could you take a message for me, please? A: Certainly. What is it? B: Please ask Ann to come to my birthday party at five tomorro

w afternoon. B: OK. A: Thanks a lot. Bye!

Telephone Message

From : ____ Jan

Ann To :____

/ Date :_______

/ Time : ______

Jane asked you to her birthday party at five tomorrow afternoon.


例: 假如你是李雷, 星期一早晨得了重感冒,给老 师写个请假条, 告诉老师医生建议你休息, 需请假 三天, 请老师原谅. Asking for leave Monday morning Dear Sir,
I’m very sorry I can’t come to school this morning because I’ve got a bad cold. The doctor advised me to stay in bed a few days . Could you apply for a three days’ leave. Li Lei

Ex.1.你感觉不舒服,要去看医生而不能去上学, 请以张明的名义给老师写个请假条. Asking for leave

May,20th ,2002
Dear teacher,

I’m not feeling well today. Mother will take me to see the doctor. So I can’t be at school. I want to ask for one day’s leave. Thank you.
Zhang Ming


1.在日记的左侧写出日期( 星期,日,月,年)
2. 在同一行的右侧写出当天的天气情况.


6月15日 星期天 阴

今天下午我的同学们去了动物园,他们玩的很 开心,但我没去,因为我姑妈病了,正住院,我在 医院照顾她.她感到比以前好多了.我祝她早日 康复

June 5

Sunday Cloudy

All my classmates went to the zoo this afternoon. They had a good time there. But I didn’t go with them, because my aunt was ill and she was in hospital. I went to look after her. She felt much better than before. I hope she will get well soon.

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