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七年级上Unit 3 课堂达标题(每课时分ABC卷,有答案)

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A 卷

Unit 3 Section A 1a----2d

一 翻译下列短语

1 我的铅笔 2 你的双肩背包 3一把尺子 4她的橡皮 5一个红色的铅笔盒 6 那本词典

二 组句子

1 his is book this ___________________.

2 that ruler your is ____________________________?

答案 一 1 my pencil 2 your backpack 3 a ruler

4 her eraser 5 a red pencil 6 that dictionary

二 1 This is his book .

2 Is that your ruler?


Unit 3 Section A 1a----2d

一 选择适当的词填空

1 Is this____ eraser? (he his )

2 Is _____Mrs Li ? (she her)

3 That is ______pencil .(my I )

4 Is that _______dictionary ? (you your )

No,______ isn’t. ( it its)

5 Can_____ spell _____ name? (your you )

Yes, ____ can. (I my )

二 句型转换

1 、This is his pencil .(变一般疑问句)

____ ____his pencil ?

2 、 That is her ruler . ( 变否定句)

____ _____ her ruler.

答案 一 1 his 2 she 3 my 4 your it 5 you your I

二 1 Is this 2 That isn’t


Unit 3 Section A 1a----2d


your pencil sharpener?

B: yes, pen.. your pencil , Jane? .It’s my pencil . C: Thank you .

答案 1 Hi 2 Is 3 this 4 it 5 is 6 But 7 isn’t

8 Is 9 this 10 Yes 11 is 12 Here 13 you 14 are

Unit 3 Section A 3a—3c



1.Is this ________eraser? (he, his)

2.Is_________(she, her) Mrs Li ? Yes.

3.That’s________(my, I) pencil.

4.Is that _________(you, your) dictionary? No,_______(it, its) isn’t.

5.Can ________spell_______ name? (you, your) Yes,________(I, my) am. Ex.2.单项选择

1.( )—Is this a pencil ?


A. Yes, this is. B. Yes, this’s. C. Yes, it is.

2.( )_____________. Are you Mr Green?

A. Thank you. B. Excuse me. C Goodbye.

3.( ) ---Is this________ ruler?

----Yes, _______is ________ruler.

A, his, it, me B. your, this, his C. your, it, my

Unit 3 Section A 3a—3c



1.I am in Class 2. This is ________class.

2.Wang Hong, is this ________bag?

3.The boy is my friend.________ name is Tom.

4.This is a bird._________ name is Polly.

5.The girl is Lucy._________ bag is yellow


1.---Is this your pencil?


A. it’s B. it is C. its D. is it

2. Is that_________ pencil case?

A. he B . him C. his D. he’s

3. Is this_________________?

A. gold your ring B. your gold ring C. your ring gold D. you gold ring Ex.3 连词成句

1. his, is ,book, this


2. is, my, it, sharpener


Unit 3 Section A 3a—3c



1. This is a pencil case. (变一般疑问句)


2. Is that her key? (做否定回答)


3. not, is, my, this, book (连词成句)


Ex.2 补全对话,一空一词。

your pencil ? you. And that _6________ my pen.

A: 7_________ 8_________ your ruler, Jane ?

C: 9_________,it 10________. It’s my ruler. Thank you.


Ex.1 1.his 2.she 3.my 4.your , it 5.you, your, I

Ex.2 1.C 2.B 3. C


Ex.1 . 1.my 2.your 3.His 4.Its 5.Her

Ex.2. 1. B 2.C 3.B

Ex.3. 1. This is his book.

2. It is my sharpener.


Ex.1 .1. Is this a pencil case?

2. No, it isn’t.

3. This is not my book..

Ex.2. 1.Excuse 2. me 3.Is 4.this 5. thank 6. is 7.Is 8.this 9.Yes 10. is

Unit 3 Section B 1a—2c



1.________family name is Bush.(she)

2.Jim________(be) a good boy.

3.That’s________ID Card. ( I )

4.How do ________spell________ name? (you )

5.Is that _________eraser? ( he )


1.( )—What’s this_______ English?

___It’s a dictionary.

A. on B. in C. at

2.( )---How do you spell case?


A . It’s a case. B. No, it’s not a case.. C. C-A-S-E.

C Goodbye.

3.( ) ---What’s that in English?


A. Its a book. B. It’s pen. C. It’s a pencil.

Unit 3 Section B 1a—2c



1. It’s (就划线部分提问)


2. C-A-S-E , case. (写出问句)


3. (就划线部分提问) __________________________________________

4. 那是她的卷笔刀吗? (翻译成英语)

____ _____ ______ pencil ________?

5. ---这是你的双肩背包吗?


_____________________________________________ ______________________________________________

Unit 3 Section B 1a—2c


Ex.1 补全对话,一空一词。

A: Hi ! My name is Jiang Shan. ___1____ your name? B: Julia. Nice to meet you. A: Nice to meet you, ___2_____. What’s this in English? B: ____3_______ a book.

A: __4__ do you __5____ it?

B: B-O-O-K, book.

A: ___6_____ that a book, too?

B: __7_____ , it ____8_____. It’s a picture.

A: Is this a pen?

B: __9____ , ___10_____ is.

A: Your English is very good.

B: Thank you.


Ex.1 1.her 2.is 3.my 4.you, your 5.his

Ex.2 1.B 2.C 3.C


1. What’s it?

2. How do you spell case?

3. What’s this in English?

4. Is that her, sharpener

5. Is that your backpack? Yes, it is.


1. What’s 2. too 3.It’s 4. How 5.spell 6.Is 7.No 8.isn’t

Unit 3 Is this your pencil?

Section B 3a-Slef Check



1.What's this in E_____?

2.How do you s______ pen?

3.Is that her e______?

4.This is his w______.

5.What is your l_____ name?


( )1.-Is that your book? -______, it is.

A. Yes B. No C. Oh

( )2.How do you ______ it?

A. say B. spell C. listen

( )3.-Is this her watch? -________.

A. No, it is. B, Yes, it's. C. Yes, it is.

( )4.-____ is this in English? -It's an eraser.

A. How B. Who C. What

( )5.-Is that a car? -Yes,______.

A. that is B. is it C. it is

Keys:一:1.English 2.spell 3.eraser 4.watch 5.last 二:1A 2B 3C 4C 5C

Unit 3 Is this your pencil?

Section B 3a-Slef Check



1.笔记本________ 2.钥匙_____ 3.电脑_______ 棒球________ 5.戒指_____


1.It's an English map.(变一般疑问句) 9.Yes 10.it

____ ____ an English map? 2.Is that her computer?(作否定回答)

____, it _____.

3.It's a pen.(对画线部分提问)

_____ _____ it?


_____ _____ you spell case?

5.My name is John.(该为同义句)

____ ____ John.

Keys: 一 1. notebook 2.key 3.computer 4.baseball 5.ring

二 1.Is it 2.No isn't 3.What is 4.How do 5.I am

Unit 3 Is this your pencil?

Section B 3a-Slef Check



1. Do you play ______(棒球)?

2. That is my w______.

3.Is this y____ pencil case?

4.He likes ______ ______.


1. -What's that? -_______ is a pencil case.

A. That B. It C. it D. This

2. -Is this your chair? -_______.

Yes, it's B. Yes, it's not C. No, it is D. Yes , it is

3. This is ____ eraser, and that is ____ ruler.

A. a; an B. an; a C. a; the D. a; a

4. - Is that your pencil? - ______. That is her pencil.

A. Yes, it is B. No, it is C. No, it isn't D. Yes, it isn't

5. - How do you spell key? -_____.

A. It's a key B. K-E-Y C. A key D. It's a K-E-Y

Keys: 一 1.baseball 2. watch 3. your 4. computer game(s)

二 1. B 2.D 3.B 4.C 5.B




1.一串钥匙 __________ 2.身份证__________ 3.谢谢你 _________

4.电子游戏_____________ 5.在失物招领箱里_______________


1.What's this ______?

A. in english B. In English C. in an English D. in English

2.Is that _____ pencil case?

A. he B. him C. his D. he's

3.Her watch _____ in her backpack.

A. am B. is C. are D. be

4. Please call Jenny _____ 536-4428.

A.in B. to C. on D. at

5.How do you spell _____ baseball?

A, the B. a C. this D. /

Keys: 一. 1. a set of keys 2. ID card 3. thank you 4. computer game

5. in the lost and found case

二. 1.D 2.C 3.B 4.D 5.D



( )1.-How do you _____ the word? -M-A-P.

A. name B. spell C. white D. read

( )2. -Are you Lucy King? -No,______.

A. I'm B. I am C. I'm not D. I isn't

( )3.早晨在校园内遇见英语老师,你应对她说:

A. Good morning , Miss Gao. B. What's your name?

C. How do you do? D. What are you?

( )4.She is a student and _____ name is Kate.

A. she B. her C. hers D. his

( )5. -Is this her watch? - _______.

A. No, it is B. Yes, it isn't

C. No, it isn't D. No, it not


1. ______ family name is Bush. (she)

2. Colin _____ (be) a good boy.

3. That is _____ ID card.(I)

4. How do ____ spell _____ name? (you)

Keys: 一. 1.B 2.C 3. A 4. B 5.C

二. 1.Her 2. is 3. my 4. you ; your

C 卷


( ) 1. A. pen B. pencil C. eraser D. watch

( ) 2. A. five B. four C. nice D. six


( )1. Please call Mary ____ 7685528.

A. is B. at C. in

( )2.Found: a set of ____.

A. key B. keys C. keies

( )3. - Is this your ring? -Yes,______.

A. it is B. It's C. it isn't


提示:John捡到了一块手表。他的电话号码是368-1598。 ————————————————————————

———————————————————————— ———————————————————————— Keys: 一 1.D 2.C 二 1.B 2. B 3.A 三 Found: a watch.

Is this your watch?

Please call John at 368-1598.

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