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七年级上册Unit6 同步试题(1).doc

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Unit6 Do you like bananas? 姓__________

Ⅰ. 按要求写出下列单词

1. watch(复数)____________ 2. carrot(复数)____________ 3. sound(第三人称单数)__________4. tomato(复数)__________ A. are B. look C. very D. is

( )19. Do you have ___________ good friends at school? 

A. some B. a C. any D. an ( )20. She wants to ___________ some eggs. 

5. I(宾格)____________ 6. it is(缩写)____________ Ⅱ. 词汇

7 We have ____________(蔬菜)for dinner every day. 8. We have ____________(一些)clubs. Join us soon. 9.Tom like ____________(西红杮).

10. —Let's eat ice cream. —That ____________(听起来)good. 11. I like ______________(草莓)very much. Ⅲ. 选择填空

( )12. —Do you have fruit ____________ lunch?

—No, I don't. A. on B. for C. at

( )13. He likes hamburgers, but he ____________ French fries.

A. don't like B. likes C. doesn't like ( )14. ____________ you like apples?

A. Can B. Do C. Are ( )15. Do you want ____________ orange?

A. an B. a C. two ( )16. —What's that ____________ English?

—It's a hamburger. A. on B. in C. about ( ) 17. -- _______ they like salad?--No, they_________.

A. Do, don't B. Does, does C. Do. do D. Does, don't ( )18. The food ___________ good.

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A. eat B. drink C. do D. go ( )21. —For breakfast, let's have bread. 


A. That sounds great.  B. No, let's have fruit.  C. Let's have eggs.  D. He has a hat.  ( )22. —Do you like carrots? 

—___________. 

A. Yes, I do. B. I like them. C. See you later. D. I don't like them ( )23. Let's _____ the football match. A. going and watch B. go to watch C. go and watching D. go and to watch ( )24. _____ like French fries.

A. He and I B. I and he C. He and me D. I and him ( )25. _____ Song Yang like broccoli? Sorry, I _______ know.

A. Does, do B. Do, doesn’t C. Does, don’t D. Does, don’t



________________________________________________ 就划线部分提问) ________________________________________________ 28. We want some coke. (变成否定句)

________________________________________________ 29. My friend likes strawberries and bananas. (变成一般疑问句)

________________________________________________ 31.Jack and Paul like salad. (改一般疑问句)

_________________________________________________ 32 My grandparents have many nice pictures. (改否定句) _____________________________________________________ Ⅶ. 阅读下列短文,回答问题

My name is Windy. I'm thirteen years old. I like sports very much. I have a basketball and a football at home. They are under my desk. I often(经常)play balls with my friends. I like vegetables. I have tomatoes and carrots for lunch. I like ice cream, too. My parents are 33 My uncle has hamburgers for lunch. (改一般疑问句)

_____________________________________________________ (对划线部分提问)____________________________________________________ (对划线部分提问) _________________________________________________________ Ⅵ. 动词填空

36 Lucy ____________(like) tomatoes very much.

37 ______ (do)he __________(have) hamburgers for breakfast? 38 What __________you often ___________(do) after supper? 39They ____________(not have) many CDs, but they ____________(have) a lot of video cassettes. 40 Let's ____________(play) computer games. 41Hello, I (be) _________John Smith. 42 What (be) _________ your name? 二、用括号中的适当形式填空

43re these ________(you)pencils? Yes, they are ________(our).

44-Whose is this pencil? -It's ________(I). 45. love ________(they)very much. 46She is________(I)classmate.

47Miss Li often looks after________(she)brother

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doctors. They like watching soccer games on TV.

Answer the questions: ( )48.hat does Windy like?

A. English B. Chinese C. sports

( )49.hat does he often do with his friends?

A. play balls B. go to school C. have lunch ( )50.hat are his parents?

A. teachers B. workers C. doctors ( )51.hat do they like to do?

A. do sports B. go to school C. watching soccer games on TV ( )52 What does he often have for lunch?

A. A. eggs B. tomatoes and carrots C. ice cream

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