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基数词巩固与扩展(课堂练习): 一、选择题 ( )1.There are ___________ days in a year. A. three hundred and sixty five B. three hundred and sixty-five

C. three hundreds and sixty five D. three hundreds and sixty-five

( )2.Danny lives in __________.

A. room 404 B. Room 404 C. 404 room D. 404 Room

( )3.Jim is in __________.

A. class one,grade six B. grade one,class six C. Class One,Grade Six D. Grade One, Class Six ( )4.The bike cost me _________ yuan.

A. five hundred forty B. five hundreds fourty

C. five hundred and forty D. five hundred fourty

( )5.My telephone number is ____________.

A. eighty eight two forty four zero nine

B. eight eight two double four O nine C. eighty eight two forty-four zero nine D. eight eight two four four zero nine ( )6.More than nine____________ students are doing sports now. A .hundreds B. hundred of C. hundred D. hundreds of

( )7.Mary is _________ girl.

A. an 8 year old B. 8-years-old

C. the 8 years old D. an 8-year-old

( )8.—What day is today? — ___________ A. June B. Tuesday C. It is hot D. It’s fine

( )9.—What’s the date today? — ___________

A. It’s Saturday B. It’s July C. It’s fine D. It’s July 15 ( )10.—What time do you get up every day?

A. It’s seven o’clock B. Seven o’clock time C. At seven D. On seven ( )11. Please turn to ______. A. Page 11 B. the 11 st page C. page 11 D. page the 11 th

( )12. At night we can see ______ stars in the sky. A. thousands and thousands of B. thousand and thousands of C. a thousand and thousands D. thousand and thousand ( )13. There are one _____ in our classroom. A. hundred of books B. the hundreds of books

C. hundreds of books D. hundred of book

( )14. I have been to the village ________. A. a hundred time. B. hundred times C. hundreds of times D. hundred of times ( )15. There are ____ students in our school. A. four—hundred and forty—five B. four hundred and forty—five C. four hundreds and forty

—five D. four hundred and forty five


例: 7:25 seven twenty-five 或 twenty-five past seven

8:45 eight forty-five 或 a quarter to nine

1. 6:20 2. 5:10 3. 9:15 4. 4:55 5. 7:40

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