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如何锻炼身体保持健康 How to Keep Healthy 初中英文作文 中文翻译

发布时间:2013-10-20 12:40:03  

如何保持健康 How to Keep Healthy



Each of us should stay healthy, which is the foundation of our activities. Here are some ways to stay healthy.

First, we should spend one to two hours a day in regular exercise; try to walk instead of ride. Second, we should eat some healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits and so on. They are able to help us maintain a healthy body. When we are in trouble, try to relax our mood, listen to the soft music. It also enables us to maintain a good health. Finally there is a good sleep can also assure us a healthy body. We should sleep seven to eight hours a day to maintain adequate sleep. If we can do follow these advice, I believe we can have a healthy body, a better life.

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