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1. 【原文再现】

—How does Bob get to school?

—He takes the train. (p.19)




—_____ do they like to study?

—They like to study in groups. (2007宁夏)

A. When B. Why C. How D. Where

2. 【原文再现】

It takes about 25 minutes to walk and 10 minutes by bus. (p.20)


在此句中,take意为“花费”,它常用于It takes (sb.)

some time to do sth.结构中。“by + 表示交通工具的名词”表示乘坐某种交通工具,名词前不加任何限定词。


(1) It _____ Mike twenty minutes to walk to school every day. (2007贵州贵阳)

A. spends B. pays C. takes

(2) —Will you get there by _____ train?

—No, I’ll take _____ taxi. (2007天津)

A. 不填; a B. a; the

D. the; a C. 不填; 不填

3. 【原文再现】

In China, it depends on where you are. (p.23)


在此句中,depend on意为“视??而定、决定于”。



Try to give its meaning when you meet a new word. Don’t _____ your dictionary all the time. (2007辽宁沈阳)

A. work on

C. keep on

4. 【原文再现】

That must be a lot more fun than taking a bus! (p.23)




You _____ be tired after working for eight hours without a rest. (2007广东)

A. can B. may

5. 【原文再现】

However, we both enjoy going to parties. (p.33)




She enjoys _____ to music. It makes her relaxed. (2007吉林)

A. listen

C. to listen

6. 【原文再现】

He can’t stop talking. (p.36)


stop doing sth.表示“停止正在做的事”;stop to do sth.表示“停止正在做的事去做另一件事”。


—There goes the bell.

—It’s time for class. Let’s stop _____. (2007福建福州)

A. talk B. to talk C. talking D. not talk B. listening D. listens C. must D. need B. take on D. depend on


1. C 2. (1)C (2)A 3. D 4. C 5. B 6. C

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