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3l 第一册期末考试题3ls Final Exam 初一

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Final Test for Junior One

Part A:

I. Phonetics & spellings (20%)

1. Find out the correct phonetic transcriptions of the words given:

1. doctor A. /?????????B. ???????????C.

???????????D. ?????????

2. station A. /stei???????B. ???????????C. ??????????

??D. ???????????

3. noise A. /n???????B. ??????????C. ?????????

?D. ??????

4. count A. /c???????B. ?????????C. ???????

??D. ???????

5. professor A. /pr?????????B. ????????????C.

????????????D. ??????????

2. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the

other three. 11. [ r ]

12. [au ]

13. [ u: ]

14. [ ai ]

15. [ ? ]


20.s_l_nce A why A blow A wood A nippy A. sugar A. id A. er, a A. a A. si A. i, i B white B town B food B lucky B. sweet B. ed B. ir, e B. er B. isi B. e,e C write C snow C wool C lovely C. sandwich D which D throw D football D nylon D. listen 3. Find out the word which contains the phonetic given 4. Choose the right letter or letters to complete the following words. C. ie D. i C. ar, e D. ar, a C. ai C. ci D. ici C. i, e D. e, i D. ei

II. Multiple choice: (30%)

21.Billy was wearing a new suit ________ hour ago, but now he is wearing ______ old coat.

A. a, an B. an, a C. an, an D. a, a

22.There are two children ________ in the playground.

A. run B. running C. are running D. runing

23.Father?s tea is not very nice because there isn?t any milk _____ sugar in it.

A. or B. and C. but D. with

24.Sue is a good girl. She can _______ the bread for mother.

A. cutting B. cuts C. is cutting D. cut

25.There are ______ on the teacher?s desk.

A. some chalk B. three chalks C. six pieces of chalk D. a piece of chalk

26.When you hear “I?m sorry,” you can?t say “ _________.”

A. It?s all right B. Yes, you are C. It doesn?t matter D. Never mind

27.Tom is holding a big orange ______ his left hand.

A. in B. on C. at D. to

28. _______ it look like?

A. How is B. How does C. What does D. What is

29.What?s the matter? There is a lot of flour ______ the floor.

A. on B. in C. at D. out of

30.Hurry up, children. It?s time _______ class.

A. to B. in C. of D. for

31.________? It?s hot.

A. What?s the weather in summer B. How?s the weather like in summer

C. What?s weather like in summer D. How is the weather in summer

32. Sandy and Sue _______ at home.

A. both are B. are both C. are all D. all are

33.The clock doesn?t work. What can you do ______ it?

A. for B. to C. on D. with

34. Sandy ____ a spoon and Sue ___ a bowl, but they don?t ____ flour.

A. have, have, have B. has, has, has C. has, has, have D. have, have, has

35.Miss Williams is going home. ______ the way, she has a flat tyre.

A. In B. On C. At D. With

36.This dress looks pretty. ________.

A. Try it on B. Try on it C. Try on them D. Try them on

37.Don?t look ______ the window. Please pay attention _______ me.

A. out of , to B. to, for C. /, to D. out of, /

38. There _________ some cheese on the table yesterday but there ________any now.

A. were, aren?t B. was, isn?t C. was, is D. were, are

39._______ your father always _______ a glass of milk for breakfast in the morning?

A. Does, have B. Has, / C. Do, have D. Is, have

40.___________ tubes of toothpaste do you want?

A. How many B. How much C. What D. How long

41.It looks ________ chocolate but it tastes _______funny.

A. /, like B. /, / C. like, / D. like , like

42.What day was it? It was _________.

A. July B. January 1st C. Tuesday D. 12 o?clock

43.I am fixing ________ watch now.

A. my own B. own my C. me own D. own me

44.Billy isn?t at school today. He has _________.

A. a flu B. a mumps C. a measles D. a temperature

45.I?m going to wait for you _ ______ 9 o?clock. _____ Monday morning.

A. on, on B. on, at C. at, on D. at, at

46.Mother must go to the dentist_________ she feels terrible.

A. so B. that?s why C. because D. why

47.You __________ here. It says ? No _______?.

A. mustn?t smoke, smoke B. don?t smoke, smokeing

C. don?t smoke, smoke D. mustn?t smoke, smoking

48.She wants _______ TV. Can she __________ now?

A. watch, watch B. to watch , watch C. to watches, watch D. to watches, watching

49.Who _______ at the seaside yesterday morning? The Clarks ________.

A. was, were B. were, were C. was, was D. were, was

50.___________ was he in Britain? He was there 10 years ago.

A. How many B. How much C. How long ago D. How many years III. Choose the part which is not right. (5%)

51.A B C D A B C D

53.A B C D

54.Mary A B C D A B C D

IV. Cloze Test (10%)

Kate is from America. There _56___ four people in her family. They are __57__ in Beijing now. They ___58___ English. Kate and her brother know ___59__ Chinese. They study(学习) in the _60___ class of a middle school. They often ___61__ their mother do shopping __62__ Sundays. Their father __63___ English. Their mother ___64__ in Beijing,too. And they like China and Chinese people __65___.

56. A. is B. have C. has D. are

57. A. four B. two C. all D. any

58. A. say B. speak C. talk D. take

59. A. a little B. a half C. well D. good

60. A. one B. two C. other D. same(相同的)

61. A. ask B. help C. help D. asks

62. A. on B. in C. at D. from

63. A. teach B. teaches C. teachs D. teaching

64. A. is

65.A. very

B. are B. very well C. were D. was C. very friendly(友好的) D. very much

V. Reading Comprehension (10%)

A: Breakfast or Lunch ?

I never get up early on Sundays. I sometimes get up at lunch time. It is Sunday. I get up very late. I look out of the window. It is raining again. It looks like seven o?clock. At that time, the telephone rings.(电话响了) It is my aunt (阿姨) Lucy. “I arrive(到达) here by train” She says. “ I?m going to see you.” “ But I?m having breakfast.” I say. “ What are you doing?” she asks. “ I?m still having breakfast.” “ M Goodness,” she says. “Do you always get up very late? It?s one o?clock!”

True (A)or False (B)

66.( ) I usually get up late in the morning.

67. ( ) My aunt Lucy calls me this Sunday .

68.( ) My aunt arrives by train.

69.( ) I?m having my breakfast when the telephone rings.

70. ( ) I get up at one o?clock in the afternoon .

B: An American boy and his family

Do you know Jim Brown? He?s my friend. Look at the photo. It?s him. He is an American boy. He is thirteen. This is his father. He is a teacher. And this is his mother, she is a teacher, too. Who?s the girl? She is Jim?s sister. Her name is Kate. Jim and I are in Class Two, Grade(年级)One. His sister is fifteen. She is in Class Three, Grade Three. Where is the boy? He is in China. And his family is in China, too. Who?s our English teacher? Mr Brown is. Who?s Mrs Brown? Please guess(猜)?

71. Jim and his family are __________________.

A. English B. American C. Japanese

72. Jim and I are in the _________ class.

A. same(相同的) B. different(不同的) C. old

73. Jim is Mr. Brown?s _______________.

A. brother B. father C. son

74. Kate is a __________________.

A. teacher B. policeman C. student

75. Jim?s ____________ is our English teacher.

A. father B. mother C. sister

Part B:

VI. Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets. (5%)

76.Billy ______________(be) in bed yesterday .

77.Sandy usually __________ (stay ) at home on Sunday.

78. Who _________________ (fly ) the kite tomorrow afternoon?

79. Look, Liz and Lily_____________________ (skip) in the playground.

80. Does he often _______ to the cinema? (go)

VII. Pattern Shift. (10%)

81.The shelf is made of

84.It looks fine and dry today. ( Question with how )

85.Billy has a toothache , so he must see a doctor. ( Question with why.)

86.How does the soup taste? ( Sentence transcription ) does the soup taste 87.Sandy is drinking the milk. ( Sentence transcription ) Sandy is a of milk.

88.They were at the stationer?s the day before yesterday. ( Question with where )

89.Sandy must have some medicine. ( Negative sentence )

90.I can see a dog in the garden . It is running after a cat.( Combine the two sentence into one )

VIII. Text: (10%) Revision Lesson 5 A pair of sunglasses

Narrator: Mother is at a shop with father. She wants to buy a pair of sunglasses.

Mother: 91________________________________________________, please.

Assistant: 92___________________________________, madam.

Mother: Do you like them Jim?

Father: No, I don?t like them at all. 93_______________________________.

Father: Take them off. 94______________________________________.

Mother: Do you like them?

Father: Yes, dear.95___________________________________________.

I. Phonetics and spellings: 6. [ ? ] A south B teeth C with D thank

7. [ ?? ] A today B holiday C birthday D Sunday

8. [?: ] A were B here C there D chair

9. [ n ] A hang B dangerous C sing D doing

10. sc__ntist A. ie B. ee C. ai D. ei

y A. rir B. rar C. ri D. er

A. er B. re C. ere D. ra

II. Multiple choice:

13.We are tired. Let Sandy _______ up these tyres.

A. pumping B. pumps C. is pumping D. pump

14.Who always has _________ tea after lunch?

A. any B. 3 cup of C. some D. a

15.________ season do you like better, winter or summer?

A. What B. Whose C. Which D. When

16.There are four tomatoes in the refrigerator. Go and bring me ________ of them.

A. all B. both C. much D. little

17.There is _______ ink in my pen. Do you have some?

18. A. a little B. few C. a few D. little

19.I?m going to send _________________.

A. that parcel to my brother?s B. my brother that parcel

C. my brother to that parcel D. that parcel my brother

20.Look _______ the mirror, Sandy. Your face is very dirty.

A. out of B. at C. in D. with

21.Look at Billy. He is looking ________ the window.

A. of B. for C. about D. out of

22.Look! There are some girls ________ outside the classroom.

A. are skipping B. skipping C. skip D. skips

23.She?s having ______________at the moment.

A. a swimming B. a drink milk C. a run D. wash

24.The little boy was in bed ____________.

A. a hour ago B. yesterday night C. the day before yesterday night D. a short time ago

25. We are going to have _______ dinner at the restaurant ______ next Sunday.

A. a, on B. /, on C. a, / D. /, /

26.. They aren?t _____ church now. They are _______ barber?s.

A. at , in the B. at the , in the C. at , in D. at ,at the

27. I don?t want this pair. It _______ me.

A. isn?t suit B. doesn?t suit C. suits D. isn?t suiting

28.Is your name Fritz? Yes, _______.

A. it is B. I am C. you are D. he is

29.Tom often gets to school _____ time. He is rarely late or early.

A. on B. for C. to D. in

30. Let?s go to the ______ to buy some ________.

A. stationer?s, stationers B. chemist?s, cakes C. greengrocer, fruit D. grocer?s ,


III. Fill in the blank with the proper forms of the verbs given.

31.You ______________________(not) play with the matches, because they are dangerous.

32.It never _________ in summer. (snow)

33.The Clarks are at home this morning, but they ________ in the mountains yesterday morning. (be)

34.I can play hopscotch, and Lily can ____ too. (play)

35.He hasn't any ink now, but he _____ a lot a minute ago. (have)

IV. Find out the only mistake in the sentence.

36. A B C D A B C D A B C D A B C D

V. Patterns

40.Sue needs two bottles of ink. ( Question with how much )

41.The children are watching a football match in the playground ( Replace the underlined part with a few hours ago )

42.?There was a cake in the tin a minute ago. ( Change the sentence into plural form ) 43Miss Grant usually drives her car to school every day. ( Question with when )

44.There was a cat in the garden a few minutes ago. ( Question with how many )

VI. Dialogue

Mother: ______________________________________________?

Father: It feels nippy outside today.


M: ___________________________________--- 38 ?c

Doctor: Show me your tongue, Sandy. You are better today.

But you must stay in bed and ___________________

Sue: Does it taste like strawberries, Sandy?

Sandy: No, _____________.

Tom is a naughty boy. He is very careless __1___. This morning, Miss Grant is giving her class a lesson. But Tom is not _2____, he is __3___with Jack now. “Where?s my rat(老鼠),Jack? he __4___ here a minute ago.” “I don?t know.” Jack answers. Miss Grant looks at them, “Don?t __5___ please, you _6____ talk now.” “I?m sorry .” Tom says. __7___ , Miss Grant shouts, “Oh, my goodness, there?s a rat _8___ on the desk, whose is it?” “ I?m sorry Miss Grant, it?s my rat. I know you _9___ at all.” Tom says. “No! Tom, I like rat very much. _10___ I have a look after class(课后)?”

1.A in the class B in class C at class D at the class

B naughty C quiet D careless

B is saying C talks D says

B isn?t C was D wasn?t

B make noise C make some noises D make a noise

B mustn?t talk C must don?t talk D must can?t talk

B At once C Suddenly D Then

B stands C standing D is stands

B isn?t like C like D am like

B Am C Must D May

How Clever He Is

John likes chocolates very much, but his mother never gives him any, because they are bad for his teeth. John has a very nice grandfather(祖父). The old man loves(喜欢)his grandson(孙子)very much, and sometimes he brings John some chocolates when he comes to visit him. Then his mother is going to let him eat them, because she wants to make the old man happy. One evening, a few days before John?s birthday, he is saying his prayers(祷告)in his bedroom before he goes to bed. “ Please, God,” he shouted, “make my grandfather give me a big box of chocolates for my birthday on Saturday.” His mother is in the kitchen, but she hears the small boy shouting and goes into his bedroom quickly. “Why are you shouting, John?” she asked her son. “God can hear you when you talk quietly,” “I know,” answers the boy with a smile, “but grandfather can?t. He is in the next room now.”

Choose the best answers according to the context.

1, John?s mother never gives him any chocolates because __________.

A. John doesn?t like to eat them B. John?s mother doesn?t like chocolates

C. They doesn?t taste sweet D. She thinks they are bad for his health.

2. Grandfather brings John _____ when he comes to visit him.

A. apples B. chocolates C. oranges D. nothing

3. John wishes (希望) ______ give him a big box of chocolates for his birthday.

A. his mother B. his grandfather C. God D. his grandmother

4. Where does mother hear the small boy shouting?

A. outside the house B. in her bedroom C. in the kitchen D. in the sitting-room

5. Tom is a ____ boy.

A. stupid B. tall C. interesting D. clever

A Cold Welcome (欢迎)

On Wednesday evening, we go to the Town Hall. Tomorrow is the first day of the new year, so a lot of people are under the Town Hall clock. It is twenty to twelve. After fifteen minutes, the clock stops. But we don?t know. We still wait and wait, but nothing (没什么事) happens. Suddenly a man shouts, “ it?s two minutes past twelve! The clock doesn?t work. .” I look at my watch. . He is right. The big clock doesn?t want to welcome the New Year. At that moment, all of us begin to laugh and sing.

1. What date is it today?

A. It is January the first. B It is December thirty-one. 2.A pay attention 3.A is talking 4.A is 5.A make noises 6.A must talk 7.A Quickly 8.A is standing 9.A don?t like 10.A Do

C. It is December the thirtieth D It is December the thirty first. ?

2. Where are we?

A. We are at home. B We are in the street.

C. We are standing under the big clock . D. We are in the shop.

3. When does the clock stop?

A It stops at five to twelve. B It stops at fifteen to twelve.

C. It stops at twenty to twelve. D It stops at five past twelve.

4. Who finds the clock stops?

A. a teacher B. a dentist C. a woman D. a man

5. Why do we laugh and sing after we know the clock stops?

A. Because it is funny and the New Year comes. B. Because we like laughing and singing.

C. Because it is five past twelve. D. Because the clock stops.

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