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( )1.He ________to the mountains with his friends last month.

A. go B. goes C. went

( )2.Where did your family go______ vacation?

A. for B. on C. in

( )3.----Jack, is there ______in today’s newspaper?

----No, nothing.

A. something important B. important anything C. anything important

( )4.----______does your mother go shopping?

----About once a week.

A. How long B. How often C. How far

( )5.Reading in bed isn’t good _____your eyes.

A. for B. at C. to

( )6.My art teacher played such a big______ that I won first in the competition.

A. game B. role C. action

( )7.Our classroom is bigger than______

A. they B. their C. theirs

( )8.I was surprised that she could run ______I could.

A. as fast as B. as faster as C. so fast than

( )9.Which do you think is ______, my jacket or your jacket?

A. much cheaper B. more cheaper C. cheap

( )10.He wears the same clothes______ Jerry.

A. to B. on C. as

( )11.Light music makes us ______

A. to relax B.relax C. relaxing

( )12.Leo is ______than me.

A. funnier and outgoing B.more funny and outgoing C.funnier and more outgoing

( )13.Claire looks very talented _____art.

A.with B.in C.about

( )14_____it’s late at night,______my father is still working.

A.Though;but B. Because;/ C.Though;/

( )15Mary is very similar _____me,but she is a little different______me.

A. to;from B. for;with C,from;to

( )16.Sanya is very famous.It has_____beaches in China.

A.beautiful B.more beautiful C,the most beautiful

( )17.My home is close_____a supermaket,so I often buy something.

A.at B.in C. to

( )18.The man looked at me with a______smile.

A.friend B. friendly C.friends

( )19.Now the computers are getting_____in our lives.

A.more and more important B.importanter and importanter

C.more and more importanter

( )20.All the TV plays have one thing_____common.

A.on B. in C. for

( )21.I don’t ____if she can buy some clothes for me.

A.mind B.stand C.like

( )22. The police _____how the traffic accident happened last week.

A.find B.find out C.found out

( )23.I think I can learn to swim _____her sister.

A. about B.from C. to

( )24.How about ______the funny movie tonight?

A.watch B. watching C. watches

( )25.What’s happening_______Ms.Green?

A.on B. with C. to

( )26.They plan_____Lijiang on National Day of 2013.

A.go to B.to go to C.going to

( )27.The Great Wall is a______of China.

A.capital B.symbol C.culture

( )28.Cindy is a girl_____long hair.

A. of B.with C. about

( )29.The talent show is______.We all like watching it.

A.boring B. meaningless C.wonderful

( )30.The successful news made us very_______.

A.exciting B. excite C. excited

( )1.Lily stay at home because of the bad weather.

A.had to B.must to C.must D.should

( )2.There is junk food here,and it is terrible.

A.too much,too much B.much too,much too

C.too much,much too D.much too, much too

( )3.—Do you enjoy here? —No,I want there by bike.

A.walking,to go B.to walk, to go C.walking,going D.to walk, going

( )4.We couldn’t see the road clearly the heavy snow.

A.because B.because of C.so D.though

( )5.We stopped and because we were tired and thirsty.

A.working,to drink B.to work, drinking

C.to work, to drink D.working,drinking

( )6.— do you go to school by bike? —Only four times a week.

A.How many times B.How often C.How long D.How soon

( )7.He likes playing tennis,and he dislikes playing drum.

A.\, \ B.\, the C.the,\ D.the,the

( )8.Lisa is than her sister.

A.more smarter B.much smarter C.more smart D.very smarter

( )9.She often pratices English by to the foreigners.

A.speaking,talking B.to speak, to talk

C.speaking,to talk D.to speak, talking

( )10.He is different his brother,but he is similar his father.

A.from, from B.to, to C.from, to D.to, from

( )11.We don’t need a lot of driends they are good.

A.as many as B.as much as C.as long as D.as more as

( )12.When did you home yesterday?

A.reach to B.get C.arrive at D.arrive in

( )13.He often jokes and makes us A.talks,laugh B.tells, laugh C.talks, to laugh D.tells, to laugh

( )14.Thanks me!

A.for tell B.to tell C.to telling D.for telling

( )15.— is it from your home? —10 minutes by bus.

A.How far B.How long C.How often D.How soon

( )16.It’s interesting other people their talent.

A.to watch, to show B. to watch, show

C.watch, to show D.watch, show

( )17.Parents usually a role in their kids.

A.play,helping B.make, helping

C.play,help D.make,help

( )18.Students should study hard to make their dreams A.come out B.come up C.come true D.come on

( )19.I can’t stand the noisy music,let him it.

A. hearing, stop B.to hear,stop

C.hearing,to stop D.to hear, to stop

( )20.—Would mind —No, I enjoy it.

A.watching, watching B.to watch, to watch

C.watching, to watch D.to watch, watching

( )21.Mickey Mouse was the first cartoon sound.

A.and B.of C.with D.in

( )22.—Who can sing the most beautifully? —.

A.It’s up for B.That’s up to you

C.It decides for you D.It decides to you

( )23.If I have ,I can do .

A.enoght time, enogh well B.enough time,well enough

C.time enough, enough well D.time enough,well enogh

( )24.We had a good time because of the fine weather.

A.to dance B.at dancing C.dancing D.of dancing

( it rained heavy, went on visiting.

A.Though, but B.But, though C.Though, \ D.Because, \


2.There are many (different) between them.

3.I can’t stand (hear) the bad news. 4.Lucy and Lily are the (win) of the talent show.

5.This shirt isn’t as (good) as that one. 6.He is the (bad) student in his class. 7.The news (be) so terrible that we all can’t stand. 8.I really enjoyed (walk) around town. 9.It is good to relax by (use) internet.

10.Did you have fun (play) at the party?

46.Little Tom was _______(surprise) because there was a toy car in front of you.

47.Eating vegetables every day is a _______(health) lifestyle.

48.Please listen to the teacher ________(care) in class.

49.It’s difficult for a quiter person ______(make) friends.

50.Do you know the _______(say) of “A friend in need is a friend indeed”?

51.The supermarket is much too________(crowd). I don’t like it.

52.As a mother, you should make your children read more________(education)books.

53.Be quiet! Let’s have a_________(discuss) about the trip.

54.Every expects _______(get) the first prize in the match.

55.Those players may ________(have) a short meeting there.


1.I had a w_________vacation last week and saw many intereting places.

2.----What’s your father’s favorite p__________?

---Animal World.

3.For us all,Lei Feng is the e________that we should learn from.

4.His father is t_______,so he is very rich.

5.Steve has some c________works.We should learn from him.


1. 那天晚上,她除了玩电脑游戏之外别的什么也没有干。

She had ______much to do _______play computer games that evening.

2. 同学们在山顶上拍了相当多的照片。

The classmates took ______ a _____ photos on the top of the hill.

3. 吉姆总是在咖啡店里静静享受时间。

Jim always _______his time _______at the coffee shop.

4. 这部电影比那部电影更有教育意义。

This movie is ______ ________than that one.

5. 所有学生都同意老师的观点。

All the students______ ______their teacher.

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