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命题人:王宁 审核人:夏泳 班级__________姓名_______学号_________ (友情提醒:请家长督促孩子在复习完当天课堂所讲内容后,完成下列作业)

【家长反馈】是否复习后独立完成作业(是、否) 是否完成课前预习(是、否)

作业完成时间_____________( 分钟 ) 家长签字_________________




1. 浏览_____________________________2. 自愿给予某人帮助 ___________________________

3. 一周两次_________________________ 4.仔细地倾听我的问题____________________________

5. 像看电视___ ______________________ 6. 一个男女混合制学校____________________________


8.一个收藏有许多有用书籍的大图书馆 _____________________________________________



( )1. A. American B. vacation C. badminton D. arrive

( ( ( ( 二、根据所给中文或英文提示完成单词。(每空一词) 语言) well.

2.Let’s go to Paris for our summer _________________________(假期 ).

3.English is different from ________________(法语) in many ways.

4.What are those students ___________________________(讨论 ) over there?

5.The boys in our class often play ___________________(棒球 ) after class.


1. Among all his ___________________(subject),he likes physics best.

2. You ______________ (real) shouldn’t spend so much money on clothes.

3. I can throw the ball ____________________( far) than you.

4. The class meeting is the ___________________(week) activity of our class.

5. If you keep on ___________________(work) hard, your dream will come true.


( )1. My sister has a pen friend. She is a _________________girl.

A. American B. America C. British D. Britain

( )2. ---What do British people say “_______________”?、

--- They say “film”.

A. eraser B. movie C. fall D. store

( )3. Every summer, he spends lots of time _______________ around our country.

A.travel B. travels C. travelling D. to travel

( )4. Who has ____________ bread, Jim, Kate or Lucy?

A. fewer B. less C. the fewest D. the least

( )5. --- John played ______ with his friends at the park yesterday.

--- Yes, he had a _______ day. We should take him out more often.

A. happy; happily B. happy; happy C. happily; happily D. happily; happy


1.我们最多能在海滩呆两个小时。We can stay on the beach for _________________________ two hours.


You must _________________ this magazine before this weekend.

3.坐公交时,我经常浏览一些报纸。I often ________________________ some newspapers on the bus.

4.Daniel是我班最细心的学生之一。Daniel is _____________________________________ in our class.

5.艾米的发夹比玛丽少。Amy has ____________________________________ Mary.


If you are like me and you love drawing a lot, then I’m sure you’ll love “Drawing with Mark”. “Drawing with Mark” is a great show and Mark is really helpful. He gives kids some tips(窍门)on how to draw and often teaches kids some history about the things they draw. Kids can also learn three or four fun facts about what they are drawing.

“Happy Tails” is about cats and dogs. Mark shows how to draw them and talks about how to look after them, too.

In “A Day with the Dinosaurs(恐龙)”, Mark visits the Museum of Boston and speaks to an expert(专家)to learn how the dinosaurs lived, what they ate and how long they lived.

In “Reach for the Stars”,Mark is also at the Museum of Boston. He speaks to another expert about the stars. I learned how far we are from the stars. I thought that the stars were just about 100 miles from us, but they are millions of(数百万的)miles from us. That’s really far!

If you love drawing, you can watch this show. You can have fun with the tips Mark gives you. The tips will help you to become an artist.

( )1.What’s “Drawing with Mark”?

A movie. B.A book. C.A show. D. A magazine.

( )2.How does Mark learn how long the dinosaurs lived?

A.By reading a book. B. By talking with an expert. C. By surfing the Internet D. By watching TV

( )3.Where does Mark go to learn about the stars?

A.To a zoo. B. To a museum. C. To a library. D. To a gym.

( )4.Which of the following is True according to the passage?

A. Kids can’t learn any history about the things they draw. B. Mark thought the stars were very far from us.

C. The writer likes “Drawing with Mark” a lot. D. Mark can’t draw any kinds of animals. 任务型阅读(B)根据短文内容,用正确的信息填空,完成表格,每空一词。

The students in Class 3, Grade 8 are talking about the subjects they like and dislike in class.

Ann: I like History very much. I think History is more interesting than the other subjects. I often read some books about Chinese history. I can learn about lots of interesting stories in the past. I don’t like Maths or Biology at all though (尽管)I know they are important. I think they are too difficult.

Simon: I’m interested in Computer Studies. I usually search for some information and chat with my friends online. But I don’t like History or Geography. They are so boring.

David: I think Geography is the most interesting. I like travelling around the world. In the Geography class, I can learn about lots of things about places in the world, such as the climate(气候)and some interesting places.

Judy: I enjoy Art very much. I dream to be a famous artist when I grow up. But I don’t like PE. I have no interest in it because I am not good at any sport.

Cindy: I don’t agree with you, Judy. I do well in sports. Doing more exercise is important for us. It can make us strong and have enough energy to study. So I like PE very much. I am not interested in English,




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