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总分:100分 考试时间:90分钟 命题人:初三英语组教师 审核人:初三英语组教师

一.单项选择(在A B C D四个选项中选出正确答案填在题前括号内, 每题1分,共15分)

( do you study for a test ? reading the textbook.

A.What….By B. How….By C. Which… .By D. That….By

( )2.They get excited about something and then end up ___in Chinese.

A. talk B. speaking C. say D. speaker

( )3. We should ____the problems _____ challenges.

A. regard ….with B. regard….as C. regard….about D. regarded…..as

( )4.Did you ___ to play the piano?

A. used B. use C. uses D. using

( )5.My life _____ a lot in the last few years.

A. have changed B. has changed C. changed D. changes

( )6.His mother looked after him as ____ as she____

A. well could B. good can C. well can D. good could

( )7.Teenages shouldn’t be allowed to get their ears____

A. pierced B. pierce C. piercing D. pierces

( )8.Your classroom must ____after school.

A. clean B. be cleaned C. cleaned D. cleans

( )9.If it ____ ____ tomorrow, I ____ go to Luzhou.

A. doesn’t rain will B. doesn’t rain would C. didn’t rain must D. didn’t rain will

( )10.If I ___you ,I ___ wear a shirt and tie.

A. am will B. were would C. was would D. is would

( )11.I’d rather stay at home than ____ to a movie.

A. going B. go C. goes D. went

( )12.____ do you _____ the problem?

A. What…deal with B. How…deal with C. How….do with D. Which…do with

( )13.This pair of shoes _____ Marry.

A. belong to B. belongs to C. belonging to D. belonged

( )14.There must ____ someone____.

A. be…..crying B. is….. crying C. is ….. cries. D. is….cried

( )15.Be____ of the dog that does not bark.

A. careful B. careless C. cares D. cared



Cars are very popular in America. When the kids are fourteen years old, they dream of having their own a car. In most places , learn to drive in high school. They have to take to get a license. Learning to drive and getting a driver’slives. For many, that piece of paper is an important symbol(象征)that they are now grown-ups. Americans seem to love their cars almost more than anything else. People almost never go . But they will take cars to a “hospital” at the smallest sign of a problem.

most of the time in washing and waxing(

打蜡) their cars. For some families, it is not enough to have 9 car. They often have two or even three. Husbands need a car to go to work. Housewives need a car to go shopping or to activities.

( )1. A. cars B. computers C. bikes D. houses

( )2. A. borrow B. buy C. lend D. sell

( )3. A. old B. tall C. strong D. young

( )4. A. language B. listening C. driving D. body

( )5. A. address B. license C. driving D. body

( )6. A. sick B. healthy C. pleased D. angry

( )7. A. his B. her C. your D. their

( )8. A. cost B. take C. spend D. pay

( )9. A. no B. one C. some D. several

( )10. A. other B. another C. others D. else



In England, people often talk about the weather because they can experience (经历) four seasons in one day. In the morning the weather is warm just like in spring. An hour later black clouds come and then it rains hard. The weather gets a little cold. In the late afternoon the sky will be sunny, the sun will begin to shine, and it will be summer at this time of a day.

In England, people can also have summer in winter, or have winter in summer. So in winter they can swim sometimes, and in summer sometimes they should take warm clothes.

When you go to England, you will see that some English people usually take an umbrella (伞)or a raincoat with them in the sunny morning, but you should not laugh at them.

If you don't take an umbrella or a raincoat, you will regret (后悔) later in the day.

( )1. Why do people in England often talk about the weather?

A. Because they may have four seasons in one day

B. Because they often have very good weather

C. Because the weather is warm just like in spring

D. Because the sky is sunny all day


( )2. From the story we know that when _________come, there is a heavy rain.

A. sunshine and snow B. black clouds

C. summer and winter D. spring and autumn

( )3. "People can also have summer in winter." Means "it is sometimes too ______in winter."

A. warm B. cool C. cold D. rainy

( )4. In the sunny morning some English people usually take a raincoat or an umbrella with them because ________.

A. their friends ask them to do so B. it often rains in England

C. they are going to sell them D. they are their favorite things

( )5. The best title (标题)for this passage is ________.

A. Bad Seasons B. Summer or Winter

C. The Weather in England D. Strange English People


On Christmas Eve ─the night before Christmas Day(圣诞节) ─children all over Britain put a stocking at the end of their beds before they go to sleep. Their parents usually tell them that Father Christmas will come during the night.

Father Christmas is very kind and hearted. He gets to the top of each house and climbs down the chimney into the fireplace. He fills each of the stockings with Christmas presents.

Of course, Father Christmas isn't real. In Jim and Kate's house, "Father Christmas" is really Mr Green. Mr Green doesn't climb down the chimney. He waits until the children are asleep. Then he quietly goes into their bedrooms and fills their stockings with small presents. When they were very young, Mr Green sometimes wore a red coat. But he doesn't do that now. The children are no longer young, and they know who "Father Christmas" really is. But they still put their stockings at the end of their beds.

( )6. Christmas Eve is __________.

A. the night of Christmas Day B. the evening of Christmas Day

C. Christmas Day D. the night before Christmas Day

( )7. Father Christmas often puts presents ________.

A. into children's hats B. into children's stockings

C. under children's beds D. into children's shoes

( )8. When the children were very young, __________.

A. they didn't know who Father Christmas was

B. they knew that Father Christmas wasn't real

C. they thought their father was Father Christmas

D. they knew who put the presents into their stockings

( )9. When the children are older, they __________.

A. know that Father Christmas is real

B. ask their mother to fill their stockings with presents


C. know that Father Christmas is really their father

D. know that Father Christmas is really their friend

( )10. Father Christmas comes into the house through the ________.

A. chimney B. back door C. front door D. window.


An old man died and left his son a lot of money. But the son was a foolish young man, and he quickly spent all the money, so that soon he had nothing left. Of course ,when that happened, all his friends left him. When he was quite poor and alone, he went to see Nasreddin, who was a kind, clever old man and often helped people when they had troubles.

"My money has finished and my friends have gone," said the young man. "What will happen to me now?"

"Don't worry, young man," answered Nasreddin. "Everything will soon be all right again. Wait ,and you will soon feel much happier."

The young man was very glad. "Am I going to get rich again then? " he asked Nasreddin. "No, I didn't mean that," said the old man." I meant that you would soon get used to being poor and to having no friends."

( )11.An old man died and left his son_______.

A. nothing B. some gold C. much money D. only a house

( ) 12. When the son was________, he went to see Nasreddin.

A. short of money B. quite poor and sick

C. in trouble D. quite poor and alone

( )13.The young man was very glad because Nasreddin said that________.

A. he would become rich again B. he would soon feel much happier

C. he would become clever D. he would have more friends

( )14.Nasreddin meant the young man______.

A. would get rich again B. would be used to having nothing

C. would get used to being in trouble D. would get out of poorness

( )15.What this story tells us is________.

A. that money is everything B. that money makes the mare (母马)go

C. to save each penny(分)

D. that misfortune(不幸) tests the sincerity of friends


If you won a lottery and had lots of money, what would you do? Some people would start by buying themselves things, such as a new car or a big house.

Many people who win lots of money may suddenly find that they have a lot of so-called(所谓的)friends. At that time people usually don’t know the reason, and they just feel good. In fact, the friends just want the lottery winner to give them some money. Besides that, they can’t decide what to do with the money, so they try to think what they want. In the end, most people usually decide to save the money.


There are some lottery winners who decide to quit(辞职)their jobs. Some big lottery winners make even bigger changes—they end their marriages. They think that winning a lot of money has suddenly made them more intelligent and more attractive(有吸引力的).So they feel that they have to be with a younger or more attractive man or woman. They don’t know their money is just a bit of luck. can’t change everything. Next time when you buy a lottery ticket, think about what you would like to do with the money if you won.

( )16. A lottery winner may suddenly find himself with many so-called friends, probably

A. he wants to make lots of friends

B. he doesn’t know what to do with all the money

C. these new friends are usually kind to the lottery winner

D. these new friends want the lottery winner to give them some money

( )17. Some lottery winners want to be with a more attractive man or woman because

A. don’t like their husbands or wives any more

B. think winning a lot of money has made them more intelligent and more attractive

C. have some new friends

D. don’t know how to spend the money

( )18. What do most of the lottery winners do with all the money?

A. They buy lots of houses. B. They find better jobs.

C. They spend the money on their marriages. D. They save the money.

( )19. The underlined word“It”refers to(指的是

A. the lottery B. the next lottery ticket

C. the money that they win D. everything that has changed

( )20. The author wants to tell us that ________.

A. money can’t change everything

B. most lottery winners usually decide to save the money they win

C. some lottery winners might decide to move to a bigger house

D. some lottery winners end their marriages when they are rich


After we looked at 7 for a moment, we found it seemed that it had wings, but it was it there was an alien in it. But soon it disappeared. I guessed we scared it off.

Do you believe me? It's a true story.


A: Look! There’s a dictionary on the ground. 1_________ dictionary is it ?

B: Let me have a look. It 2_________ be Lily’s . It has her name on it.

A: Lily? Is she the girl who won the English speech contest?

B: Yes, it’s her. She is my best friend.

A: How does she learn English?

B: By 3__________ conversations with her friends.

to be shy ! She was afraid to speak in front of people.

B: Yes, but now she is outgoing. People sure change.

A: That’s right. By the way, the winter holiday is coming. Where would you like to go? B: I’d like to go somewhere warm. What about you?

A: I’m stressed out. I’d like to 5 on a beach.

B: That sounds good.



1.我是Sam,十五岁,现在是一名中学生(Middle School student)。在护国中学学习。(Huguo Middle School )

2.有很多种学习英语的方法(there be, many ways ),我过去通过听磁带学习英语(used to, listen to tapes) ,现在通过阅读报刊杂志学习英语(read newspapers and magazines )。我认为阅读是有益的(be helpful )。它对我的帮助很大(help a lot )。

3.我过去喜欢打网球(used to,play tennis),现在我对游泳感兴趣(be interested in,swim),是游泳队的一员(on the swim team)。我每天花半小时游泳(spend, half an hour)。

4.现在在我的家里有很多规章制度(lots of rules ),我认为学生应该被允许和朋友一起做作业(students, be allowed to)。但我的父母亲不同意(disagree),他们认为我们讲话而不是做作业(talk, instead of, do homework)。

5.我的梦想是变得很富有(dream,become rich),假如我有很多钱(much money),我会帮助贫穷的学生和周游世界(help poor students, travel around the world )。


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