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Topic The Olympics ( 奥运会 )

Teaching aims (教学目的): 1. Learn something about the Olympic Games , including time, mottos , five rings, places and the places of every Olympic games. 2. After learning this lesson, let students learn more about the knowledge of the Olympics and care more about it.

Teaching process 教学过程

Step 1. Presentation ( 引入)

Do the following quiz on the Olympic Games: 1)How often are the Olympic Games held ? A.two years B. five years C. four years 2 ) The Olympic Games are divided into ___ parts. What are they called? three B. two C. Four the Summer and Winter Olympics

3. When did Chinese people first take part in the Olympic Games ? A. In 1910 B. In 1932 C. In 1978 4. Who won the first Olympic gold medal for China ? A. Xu Haifeng B. Deng Yaping C. Fu Mingxia

( 播放许海峰夺冠视频)
在1984年举行的第23届洛杉矶奥运会上, 许海峰仅以一环优势夺得了中国奥运历史 上的第一枚金牌,实现了零的突破,成为 当年“体育精神提振民族精神”的标志性 事件……

5. 2008 Beijing Olympic Games were the _____Olympic Games. A. 28th B. 29th C. 30th 6. How many gold medals did China win in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games? A. 51 B. 28 C. 24 7. In 2012, where did the Olympic Games be held ? A. In London B. In New York C. In South Africa

Step 2: Color the rings in the box

Step 3: Match the rings with the continents they stand for:

blue black red yellow green

Europe Asia Africa Oceania America

Step 4: The mottos of the Olympics: (奥运箴言):

Swifter, Higher, Stronger

更快, 更高, 更强

Step 5: Reading(阅读)
Read the passage on page and then finish the following chart ( 阅读118页的短文,完成 下列表格)

1) Finish the following charts:
Name of the games


Host Host city country Spain

Gold medals won by the Chinese team

the 25 th Games
July 19--Aug.4,1996

16 Atlanta 28

the 27th Games
Aug13--Agu29, 2004



the 29th Games

Aug.8---Aug. China 24,2008

2) Check answers:
Name of the games


Host Host city country

Gold medals won by the Chinese team

the 25 th July.25--Spain Aug.9 1992 Games the 26th… July 19--USA

16 16 28

Atlanta Sydney

the 27th Games the 28th the 29th Games

Sept.15— Oct.1.2000
Aug13--Agu29, 2004


Greece Athens


Aug.8---Aug. China 24,2008

Step 7 Sing together

you and me 你和我 from one world 同一个世界下 heart to heart 心连心 we are one family 我们是一家 for dreams we travel 为了共同的梦想 thousands of miles 我们跋山涉水 we meet in Beijing 来到北京相聚 一起来吧让我们一起 come together the joy we share 分享奥运的喜悦 you and me 你和我 from one world 同在一个世界 forever we are one family 我们永远是一家

Step 7 Homework
Make a colorful poster about Olympic Games or some sports which you know about.

一张图文并茂的手抄报,可 以是关于奥运会或者你所了解的运 动话题。

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