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Would you mind down your radio a little, please? 你把收音机音量调小一点,好吗 The squirrel was lucky that it just missed being caught. 这松鼠幸运得很,刚逃避了被逮住的




I. Find the choice that best completes each of the following sentences:

1. She refused ___ use her dictionary.

a. to let me b. me to c. me using d. letting me

2. Don’t forget ___ goodbye to her, will you?

a. to say b. saying c. being said d. having said

3. Fifty miles up the air is too thin ___ sound.

a. carry b. to carry c. carrying d. to carrying

4. We have much work ___ this afternoon.

a. to do b. doing c. do d. to


5. He is used to ___ hard work.

a. do b. did c. doing d.


6. The pupil was afraid of ___ scolded by the


a. being b. be c. been d. to be

7. Could you tell me ___ the machine?

a. how working b. how to be worked c. how work d. how to work


8. I would have finished my composition by

now if I had not stopped ___ with him.

a. talking b. to talk c. talked d. talk

9. I’m so sorry to have kept you ___ for a long


a. waiting b. waited c. to wait d. wait

10. The peasants have been busy ___ the rice

in the past few days.

a. get in b. to get in c. getting in d. for getting in

11. When the storm comes all windows ___.

a. ought to close b. ought to be closing c. ought to be closed d. ought to closed

12. We heard nobody ___ the room.

a. entered b. to enter c. would

enter d. enter

13. Xiao Wang likes ___ harder work.

a. being given b. be given c. to

give d. gives

14. He opened the window ___.


a. for the fresh air to come in b. for the fresh air come in

c. for the fresh air coming in d. for the fresh air to coming in

15. Here are some knives for them ___.

a. to cut b. to cut by c. to cut from d. to cut with

16. ___ work means moving a body through a

distance by a force.

a. Having done b. Done c. Doing d. Being done

17. It is no ___ arguing about it, because he

will never change his mind.

a. use b. help c. time d. while

18. “Why were you so late for work today?” “___ to the office was very slow because of the traffic.”

a. To drive b. Driving c. I drove d. That I drove

19. It is no good ___ to come now. He is



a. if you ask him b. that you ask him c. to ask him d. asking him

20. Is there any use ___?

a. to try to phone him b. trying to

phone him

c. tried to phone him d. to trying to

phone him

21. I would appreciate ___ it a secret.

a. you to keep b. that you would keep c. your keeping d. that you are keeping

22. He didn’t seem to mind ___ TV while he

was trying to study.

a. their watching b. them to watch c. that they watch d. their watch

23. I vaguely remember ___ something like


a. him having said b. his saying c.

for him to say d. that he say

24. She apologized for ___ to come.

a. her not being able b. her being not


c. not being able d. that she’s not able



25. It’s no use ___ me not to worry.

a. you tell b. your telling c. for you to have told d. having told

26. I love ___, but I hate ___ in a crowded

swimming pool.

a. to swim, swimming b. swimming, swimming

c. to swim, to swim d. swimming, to swim

27. He was lucky to escape ___ to prison.

a. being sent b. sending c. to be sent d. sent

28. I don’t like ___ bills, but if I have

received some I like ___ them immediately.

a. pay, paying b. to pay, paying c. paying, pay d. paying, to pay

29. The problem requires ___ into


a. looking b. being looked c. to look d. looked

30. I meant __ it but I forget to tell you.


a. your getting b. you to get c.

you getting d. you get

31. The house needs ___, but we plan to wait

until next summer to do it.

a. to paint b. being painted c.

painted d. to be painted

32. Jenny said it was not right to punish her

about ___ this time.

a. her to be late b. her to have been late c. her being late d. she being late

33. One of the machines stopped ___ and

caused a blockage in the assembly line.

a. to work b. working c. having

worked d. worked

34. I used ___ a lot of pocket money when I

was young.

a. to get b. that I got c. to getting d. to have got

35. No one thought that John’s suggestion

was worth ___.

a. to consider b. considering c.

to be considered d. of consideration


36. We must have an engineer ______ the

workers build the house.

a. to see b. see c. seeing d. seen

37. Induction means ______ a general

conclusion from special facts.

a. to come to b. to coming c. coming to d. came

38. Since she is angry, we ______.

a. had better leaving her alone b. should leave her alone

c. might as well leave her alone d. had rather leave her alone

39. You should remember ______ from the

point when you are writing a composition.

a. don’t wander b. not to wander c. no wandering d. not wander

40. You should really avoid ______ at home

alone as he is old and ill.

a. your father stay b. your father to stay

c. your father’s staying d. your father who stays

41. John didn’t want to risk ______ wet as he

had only one suit.

a. getting b. to get c. being got d. to be gotten

42. It won’t be any use ______ to borrow any 8

more money.

a. you to try b. of your trying c. trying you d. your trying

43. The law requires all cars _______ for

safety and efficiency.

a. being tested regularly b. to be regularly tested

c. be regularly tested d. regularly tested

44. I remember ______ to the zoo by my

father when I was little.

a. being taken b. taking c. have been taken d. to have taken

45. I completely forgot ______ the front door

last night and feel fortunate that nothing is stolen.

a. locking b. being locked c. to lock d. to have locked

46. I regret ______ you that your application

has been refused.

a. informing b. being informed c. to be informed d. to inform

47. I didn’t mean ______ anything, but these

apples looked so good I couldn’t resist ______ one.

a. to eat…trying b. to eat…to trying c. eating…to try d. eating…to trying


48. I know it isn’t important but I can’t help

______ about it.

a. but to think b. thinking c. think d. to think

49. Uncle Dick has already arrive. Do you

expect ______ to see him?

a. Going b. go c. to go d. that you go

50. While she was shopping, she kept ______

the list to make sure she hadn’t forgotten anything.

a. checked b. checking c. to check d. check

51. You’d better ______.

a. to have your shoes mended b. to have mended your shoes

c. have your shoes mended d. having your shoes mended

52. The machines are made ______ at full


a. work b. working c. to work d. to be worked

53. It is certain that men will never stop

______ new energy sources to power their growing industry.

a. finding b. to find c. having found d. found


54. Professor Smith is said ______ another

important discovery in chemistry.

a. having made b. having been made c. to have made d. to make

55. There are plans ______ a number of

atomic power stations in this regions.

a. to build b. to be built c. building d. being built

56. All of us are looking forward to ______ a

trip to the Ming Tombs.

a. make b. making c. to making d. have made

57. I would like ______ that I don’t have a

very high opinion of you.

a. to have you know b. have you know

c. to have your known d. having you know

58. The famous scientist was easy _______

along with.

a. to get b. for getting c. getting d. got

59. The match was cancelled because most of

the members ______ a match without a standard court.

a. objected to having b. objected to have


c. were objected to have d. were objected to having

60. I like watching TV ______ to the


a. more than to go b. more than going c. than going d. rather than to go

61. Mrs. Brown is supposed ______ for Italy

last week.

a. to have left b. to leave c. to be leaving d. to have been left

62. There’s one thing I dislike about him: he

will never admit ______ a mistake.

a. having made b. making c. being made d. have been made

63. The chairman insists that there be a

meeting _______ within the shortest possible time.

a. to hold b. to be held c. to have been held d. to be holding

64. When they met, Leonards and his enemy

were fighting ______.

a. killed each other b. to kill each other

c. killing each other d. to be killed each other

65. At last they succeeded ______ the job.

a. to persuade him to take b. in 12

persuading him to take

c. to persuade him taking d. in

persuading him taking

66. He listened to me ______ what Mr. Smith

had said the day before.

a. to repeat b. to be repeated c. to

repeating d. repeat

67. Would you be ______ to help me with my


a. enough kind b. kind enough c. too kind d. kind too

68. The father advise ______ the

second-hand car.

a. his son to not buy b. his son not to


c. his son’s no buying d. that his son not

to buy

69. It takes a whole year for the earth ______

round the sun once.

a. traveling b. to travel c. traveled d. travels

70. The factory ______ next year will be one

of the largest in this city.

a. to build b. to be built c. being

built d. having been built

71. “Where should I send my application?”

“The Personnel Office is the place



a. to sent it b. sent it to c. to send it to d. for sending it

72. Although John was the oldest in the

family, he always let his sister _____ charge of the house.

a. to take b. taking c. take d. taken

73. It is impossible for the plan ______.

a. to put into practice b. not to put into practice

c. to be put into practice d. to be not put into practice

74. ______ is what she wants to know.

a. Who to do it b. Whom to do it c. Who does it do d. Whom doing it

75. My wife suggested ______ to Scotland

for a holiday, but I favor ______ Wales instead.

a. to go…to visit b. going …visiting c. to go…visiting d. going …to visit

II. From the four underlined parts in each of the following sentences choose the one that is wrong:



2. They didn’t







5. “with you?” he aske













I. 1 – 35 A A B A C, A D B A C, C D A A D, C A B D B, C A B A B, D A D A B, D C B A B, 36 – 75 BCDBC, ADBAC, DABCB, CCACA, BAAAB, AABBB, DBBBB, CCCAB II. 1 – 10 B C B C C, C C C D D


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