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1. The wild flowers are so special that I would do ______ I can to save them.

A. whatever B. that C. which D. whichever

2.I drove to Zhuhai for the air show last week.-Is that ____ you had a few days off?

A. why B. when C. what D. where

3. It is generally considered unwise to give a child ____ he or she wants

A. however B. whatever C. whichever D. whenever

4.Jt was a matter of ___ would take the position.

A. who B. whoever C. whom D. whomever

5. ____ we can’ t get seems better than ____ we have.

A.What what B.What;that C. That; that D.That;what

6. ____ we’ll go camping tomorrow depends on the weather.

A.It B.Whether C.That D.Where

7. ____ caused the accident is still a complete mystery.

A.What B.That C.How D.Where

8.Sarah hopes to become a friend of ___ shares her interests.

A. anyone B. whomever C. whoever D. no matter who

9.-Do you remember ____ he came? -Yes, I do. He came by car.

A.how B.when C.that D.if

10.1 don’t know ___ he gets along well with his lessons.

A.how B.that C.who D.what

11. He is pleased with ____ you have given him and ____ you have told him.

A.what;that B.which;which C.what;when D.what;all that

12. Then, after lunch, you can have a chat, have a sleep, have a walk _______you like.

A. whenever B. wherever C. however D. whichever

13.Dr Black comes from either Oxford or Cambridge, I can’t remember _______.

A.where B.there C.which D.that

14.-Do you mind if Jim will come to help?

-I really don’t know ____ a person like him can help with.

A.what B.that C.how D.if

15. Mr Smith was soon told ____ he found was not important to them all.

A.that why B.why that C.what why D.why what

16.Go and get your coat. It’s ____ you left it.

A. there B. where C. there where D. where there

17. ___ happens,. I must be calm and quiet.

A. What B. Whichever C. However D. Whatever

18. The reason for his absence is ____ he had to look after his sick wife.

A.why B.because C.whether D.that

19. ____ Sarah said showed that she didn’ t decide ____ to stay or not.

A.What;if B.How;whether C.How;if D.What;whether

20.-Do you remember ____ he came? -Yes. He came to attend the meeting.

A.why B.how C.when D.if

21. He was lucky enough to sell his car for exactly ____

A. where he had paid for it B. what he had paid for it

C. what he was paid for it D. which he had paid for it

22. Nobody knows ___ he mentioned that at the meeting.

A.that B.where C.why D.what

23. He told me the news ____ the Queen would visit China the next month.

A.that B.which C.when D.where

24.Do you know him?-Yes, but I can’t remember ___ I met him for the first time.

A.where B.why C.that D.if

25. Do you know __ Mr. Black’s address is?

He may live at No. 18 or No.19 of Bridge Street. I’m not sure of ___

A.what;which B.where;which C.where;what D.what;where

26. ___ was known to all that William had broken his promise ___ he would give us a rise. A.As;which B.What;that C.It; that D.It;which

27.-Who cooks supper at your home? Your mother?-Oh! ___ gets home first is to cook supper.

A.Who B.Whom C.Those who D.Whoever

28. ____ all the inventions have in common is ____ they have succeeded.

A.What;what B.That;that C.What;that D.That;what

29. Please tell me ____ you would like to have your coffee-black or white?

A.what B.where C.when D.how

30. I rang you at about ten, but there was no reply.

-Oh, that was probably ___ I was seeing the doctor.

A.when B.why C.what D.that

31.Maria has to baby-sit.That’s ____ she can’t come out with us.

A.why B.how C.when D.what

32.You have no idea ____ then.

A.how worried I am B.how I was worried C.how worried was I D.how worried I was

33.The reason why she couldn’ t come to the meeting was ____

A. because she had not been invited

B.which she had not been invited

C.that she had not been invited

D.because of her not having been invited

34. They decided to turn to ____ can help them out of difficulty.

A.who B.whoever C.anyone D.someone

35. ___ surprised me most was ___ he was too late for the important meeting, for he was chairman of it. A.What;why B.That;how C.What;that D.That;why

36 The difficulty we now meet with is ___ we can persuade him to tell the truth.

A.if B.that C.what D.how

37.There is something wrong with his watch and this is ____ he is late.

A.how B.which C.what D.why

38.-Have you found your book yet? No,I’m not sure ____ I could have left it.

A.whether B.where C.when D.why

39. Although most of them have no doubt__ he will pass the exam, I still think there is something about ____ he has really got everything ready.

A. whether; that B.that; whether

C. that; that D.whether; whether

40. -Have you found Jack?

-Yes, he is ____ you told him to go.

A. where B. which C. what D. when

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