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Evelyn, an Independent Girl.

Zhengzhou--Evelyn is a junior student who is just 20 years old. It is called flower age between 20 and 22.It will be better to have a boyfriend accompany. Evelyn doesn’t have one. For Evelyn, love can only be jumped into rather that being craved her. There ever had been some guys pursued her, she refused because of no sense of heart throbbing.

Evelyn wants to get married between 25 and 28. Many young girls think that marriage will restrain of their liberty and inhibit their career’s development. In Evelyn’s mind, marriage will not get in the way of her success. A man and a woman constitute a family through marriage. Marriage gives girls a feeling of safety.

Nowadays, many girls run after “high, handsome, rich” boyfriends. The modern girls should be independent. Evelyn looks more upon man’s quality rather than his looking. A man who has an open mind and responsibility is the ideal type to Evelyn.

In China, abortion is legal. When a woman get pregnant accidently, how will she deal with? Evelyn said, it depended on the conditions. Suppose that it was during the school life, it would be horrible, she would drop it without hesitation.

Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou are of the most prosperous cities in China. Working in these three cities, at the same time, means “high wage, busy life, be international trail connection”. Evelyn thought or a while and said BSG were not wonderful workplaces for her. She preferred to go to Nanjing or Hangzhou. These two cities both have beautiful environment, civilized citizens, and good opportunities. When asked, if she was admitted to both Beijing University and Nanjing University to study Master’s Degree, which Evelyn would choose, she sad Beijing University. Beijing is the centre of Chinese culture, it means more opportunities.

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