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新授课模板 3

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乡宁三中高中部“自主、互助、检测”大学堂学案 高一英语必修一 2013 年 9 月 25 日

课 题:必修1unit3 Travel journal

课 型:新授课

主备人:李霞 参与人: 审核人: 课时: 学习任务:

1、初步理解、掌握课文中关于旅游方面的词语,学习分析课文中的长难句子,初步感知课文中出现的的本单元 1 Dao Wei and Yu Huang belong to the Han nationality. 要学的语法现象。 2 Some of the Dai live in Western Yunnan. 2、运用略读和找读策略迅速获取信息,并能够精读文章获取信息和分析信息。 3. The Mekong River is in China and it includes the Lancang River. 3、通过阅读篇章的主要内容,使学生形成概括归纳能力,猜测能力和细节辨认能力。 4. Although it is not easy to travel along the Mekong River, Wang Wei insisted on doing so.

5. The Tibetan Mountain where the Mekong River begins is 5,000 meters high.

自学导读: I Fast-reading

问题探究:A Summary

Wang Kun and Wang Wei have _________ about taking a great bike trip. when they __________ from college. They _______ to _____ along the Mekong River with their ________. Wang Wei is very _________. Once she is __________ to do something she will never _______ her mind. Although it is difficult to travel along the Mekong River by bike, she ________ that they find the ________ of the river and begin their journey there.

1.Who are Wang Kun and Wang Wei? 2.What is their dream?

3.Who are Dao Wei and Yu Hang?

4.What do you think they will see when they travel along the Mekong River? 1. The source of the Mekong River is in _____ Province. A. Qinghai B. Yunnan C. Sichuan 2. The river’s delta enters _____ . A. the East China Sea B. the Yellow Sea C. the South China Sea

The main idea of each paragraph:

P1 Take a great bike trip along the Mekong River. P2 Different attitudes between them

P3 The preparation before the trip & details about Mekong River.

Detailed-reading;Read the text again, and fill in the following chart.


1自从? 11喜欢? 2梦想? 12当然 3说服某人做某事 13考虑?

4成长 14给某人一个坚定地眼神 5使某人对?感兴趣 15改变某人的主意 6从大学毕业后 16对?感到兴奋 7获得机会做? 17下定决心 8强调句式 18让步,投降 9从源头到终点 19起初,一开始 10制定计划 20流经?

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乡宁三中高中部“自主、互助、检测”大学堂学案 高一英语必修一 2013 年 9 月 25 日



1 Oh!It’s you! I’v never______meeting you here.

A.dreamt of B.dreamt C.dreamt up D.dreamt away 2 -- I ____ him to give up smoking. -- Did he agree to? -- No.

A.advise B.persuade C.suggested D.insisted 3. He_____finished all his work.

A.in the last B.at end C.finally D.to the final 4. It was in 1920 ___radio broadcast began. A.while B.which C.that D.since

5. He is energetic (精力充沛的) and ___________________ (喜欢打篮球) 6. He insisted that he___ it and that he____ free . A.didn’t do , was set B.hasn’t done ,is set C.hadn’t done ,be set D.hadnt done; should set 7. Everything should he____ before party.

A.realized B.organised C.recognised D.completed 8. I didn’t think Jack_____ what happens to his family.

A.care for B.cares about C.takes notes of D.care of

9. They determined on an early start . They determined ____ ____ early.

10. They have____ to take part in the sports meeting . A.made up their mind B.made their minds C.made into their minds D.made up their minds

11. You will be successful_____you have confidence(信心). A.before B.once C.until D.though 12. Finally I ____and accepted the job.

A. gave up B. gave off C. gave in D. gave away

2. Read the text again, find out the sentences and analyse them.

1)They are Dai and grew up in western Yunnan Province near the Lancang River, the Chinese part of the river that is called the Mekong River in other countries.


本句中的the Chinese part of the river that is called the Mekong River in other countries 作Lancang River 的_________, 另外,同位语中有一个that引导的________从句,修饰前面的名词_________.

2) It was my sister who first had the idea to cycle along the Mekong River from where it begins to where it ends. 译:_________________________________________________________________________.

本句是一个_________句式,it was?that (who) ?,强调my sister。from where it begins to where it ends还含有两个_______引导的__________从句.

3) Although she didn’t know the best way of getting to places, she insisted that she organize the trip properly. 译:_________________________________________________________________________.

本句中that she organize the trip properly为__________从句,作动词insist的宾语,使用了“should+动词原形”形式的虚拟语气,其中省略了________。

4) (1) It becomes rapids as it passes through deep valleys, traveling across western Yunnan Province. 译:_________________________________________________________________________. (2) she gave me a determined look - the kind that said she would not change her mind.

译:_________________________________________________________________________. (3) Once she has made up her mind, nothing can change it. Finally, I had to give in.

译:_________________________________________________________________________. 5)Find out the sentences in the text which have similar meanings with the following ones.

My sister Wang Wei first put up the idea that we could travel along the Mekong River from its source to its ends. ____________________________________________________________________________.

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乡宁三中高中部“自主、互助、检测”大学堂学案 高一英语必修一 2013 年 9 月 25 日

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