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The Feedback of the Pursuit of Happiness

You won’t like it.

I didn’t like it.

But we have to face the truth. And then go to work to turn things around.

What these sentences said just show the plight of Chris Gardner, a poor farther, who was the protagonist of the movie “The Pursuit of Happiness” and had his wife left him. He’s really a poor guy. He’s in a devil of a hole. He had paid all his money for the “bone density” scanner, which the doctor think is a kind of luxury. He could hardly sold one of them, so he and his family were short of money. And also because of this, his wife always quarreled with him and finally leaved him. Moreover, he can neither put his son to a better daycare nor paid the taxes or the rents. And it seems that the God had abandon him. But, I believe that after extreme bad luck, comes good luck. So Chris got a internship of a stock company. He fought for this and at the same time he had to try his best to sell the scanner and even to sell blood to boil the pot. Just like the saying goes: nothing in the word is difficult for one who sets his mind to it. Chis finally got the job and everything is gonna be okay.

It’s really a good movie. I was really touched by it. Moreover, I was impressed by some of the scene.

1.When his was having his interview, the interviewer ask him a question: “what would you say if a man walked in here with no shirt, and I hired him? What would you say?” Chris answered:”he must have on some really nice pants.” I think it’s really a wise answer.

2.The moment he told his son “don’t ever let someone tell you you can’t do something.” Maybe it was said to himself too, when he was felt underrated and unappreciated.

3.Chris won’t work unless he take good care of his son no matter what. Even when he have to fix the scanner before the lights out. Even when he have to sell the scanner, he also played basketball with his son. Even when he have to prepare for the text of the job. He’s really a good farther. And by contrast, many of our father always forget the children because of the work. It’s not so good. I think the fathers should learn something from here.

4.The moment when Chris and his son was in the church, the choristers sang:”Lord, don’t move that mountain, give me strength to climb it. Please don’t move that stumbling block but lead me. Lord, around it. My burdens, they gets so heavy, seem hard to bear, but i won’t give up. Because you promised me. You’d meet me at the altar of prayer.” Everyone in the church cried

include me . Maybe their life was grim and difficult.

5.When the light of the scanner light up, it seems that the light of Chris’s life light up.

It’s said that this movie was inspired by a true story, and I want to say, it does encourage me a lot. It told me that if I want something, just go get it. And never give up even if the whole world had given up me. Maybe happiness is something that we can only pursuit. And maybe we can actually never have it. We still have to believe that we’re gonna came out of the difficulties and everything is gonna be fine.

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