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( ) 1. What are they doing?

A. They are playing in the house

B. they are talking on the phone

C. they are building a house

( ) 2. How will they go to cinema?

A. by bus B. on foot C. by taxi

( ) 3. Who knows the way to train station?

A. The man B. The woman C. Neither of them

( ) 4. When can people visit the zoo?

A. at 9:00 am on Friday

B. at 5:00 pm on Sunday

C. at 5:30 pm on Monday

( ) 5. How’s the weather now?

A. cloudy B. snowy C. rainy


听下面一段对话 回答6-7 小题

6. How long has it rained in the man’s hometown?

A. for about week

B. for about two weeks

C. for about four weeks

7.How do some people feel about the heavy rain?

A. sad B. happy C. rainy

听下面一段对话 回答8-10 小题

8. Where will the girl go tomorrow?

A. to a library B. to a hospital C. to a park

9. When will the girl go there?

A. at 7:00 B. at 7:30 C. at 8:00

10. What will the boy do tomorrow?

A. cheer the sick kids up in the hospital

B. do some cleaning in the park

C. help policemen at the crossing

听下面一段独白,回答11-13 小题。

11. What did Jack’s grandma do when she was young?

A. she taught in a school

B. she worked in a bank

C. she ran a factory

12. Why didn’t Jack’s grandma keep money in the bank?

A. because she thought her money would be lost

B. because others often borrowed her money

C. because she thought her money would be wasted

13. Who tried to find out the place where Jack’s grandma kept the money?

A. Jack’s neighbors B. Jack’s relatives C. Jack

听下面一段对话 回答14-15小题

14. Whose coat is it?

A. It may be Paul’s

B. It may be Sam’s

C. It may be Lucy’s

15. Who does the magazine belong to?

A. Lucy B. Anna C. Maria



A. light showers

B. sunshine, with the highest temperature of 36C

C. cloudy but no rain

D. soft wind

E. Sun, with the highest temperature of 33C

16_______ 17_______ 18______ 19______ 20_______


21. -----Have you ever been to Australia?

----- Yes, I ___ there with my father last year.

A. went B. have been C. have gone

22. ____ of the students in my school ___ girls.

A. 45 percent; are B. 45 percents; are

C. 45 percent; is D. 45 percents; is

23. Dick and Bob are twin brothers. Dick likes reading novels after school, _____ Bob likes basketball.

A. or B. if C. while D. so

24. ------ Is ____ ready for the journey?

------ No. we still don’t have a camera.

A. nothing B. everything C. something D. anything

25. I _______ in this factory since I ____ here in 2001.

A. have worked; have come B. worked; have come

C. have worked; came D. worked; came

26. John has done all he could____ this model plane.

A. repair B. to repair C. repairing D. repaired

27. ---- fine weather!

----- Yes, we can go climbing today.

A. How a B. how C. what a D. what

28. I’m not sure if he _____ tomorrow. If he____, I’ll call you.

A. will come; comes B. comes; will come

C. will come; will come D. comes; comes

29. --- Can you help me, please?

--- Sure. _____ your teacher’s advice, and everything will be ok.

A. Follow B. Following C. to follow D. Followed

30. The Internet sometimes may have a bad___ on people, especially for kids.

A. harm B. behavior B. influence D. cause

31. ----Did you talk to anyone else____Joan?

---- No, I didn’t talk to any others____ Joan.

A. besides; except B. except; beside

C. besides; besides D. except; except

32. When I called the bus service, I ___ that there was no more bus.

A. told B. was told C. has told D. have told

33. Try to study ____. Then you will make much _____ progress.

A. hard; great B. hardly; greater C. hardly; great D. hard; greater

34. ___ is supposed to protect the environment. However, not __ of us does well enough.

A. everyone; everyone B. every one; everyone

C. everyone; every one D. all people; every one

35. The teacher asked us_____.

A. when did we finish my work

B. why didn’t we tell him about it earlier

C. what we were interested in

D. where we are going to have a picnic


When I first came to this school, I felt a little like a mouse in front of an elephant. I didn’t understand them when they___ to me. My only answer was “yes” for everything.

I ___ knew anybody in the school. I could not get on well with my schoolmates. One day, my teacher Miss Tang asked me some____. But sometimes my answers were not to the questions. I was very ___. During my first week here everything ___ terrible. It was already June. But it often rained and felt like winter. I was really a(an) ___ dog. Nobody

talked to me. I ___ my family, my friends and my school in my hometown. Last week Miss Tang told me that there were bilingual classes (English-Spanish) in our school, and I could go there and learn

Spanish___ two hours every day. Hey, I was so lucky to have the chance to go to the bilingual classes. I met many classmates from my own

country. I made a lot of ___ soon. It seemed that the weather here in New York City turned better, and my mood turned ___, too. I was very thankful to my teacher Ms tang. She seemed to know how I felt. 36. A. talked 37. A. ever 38. A. problems 39. A. happy 40. A. were 41. A. lonely 42. A. thought 43. A. since 44. A. trouble 45. A. better



At midnight Mr. King coughed again. He got up and took some medicine. Before he lay down again, he smoked. And he couldn’t go to sleep any longer. He found the medicine book and began to read it. He was afraid he had lung cancer. He seemed to see death was waiting for

B. said B. hardly B. places B. excited B. was B. alone B. missed B. before B. friendship B. well

C. told C. still C. questions C. interested C. changed C. brave C. liked C. for C. things C. worse

D. cried D. only D. advice D. sorry D. got D. strange D. felt D. after D. friends D. best

him. Tears ran down his face. He didn’t see his wife was standing by him.

“What’s wrong with you, dear?” asked the woman.

“ Nothing,” the old man answered and covered his face with his hands.

The old woman opened the book and understood at once. She said, “ You must stop smoking right now.”

“I began to smoke when I was nine, you know. How can’t I do that?”

“But I think health is more important.”

Mr. King coughed again and his wife said, “Go to see a doctor tomorrow. He will be able to help you, I think.”

The doctor told Mr. king to have an X-ray examination of his lungs. And then he looked at the X-ray carefully for a long time.

“Tell me the truth, doctor.” said Mr. King, “Do you see any shadows in my lungs?”

“No, I don’t see anything.”

“Yes?” the old man said happily. “Really?”

“Yes, Your lungs are turning black. How can I see any shadows?”

46. Mr. King got up to _____.

A. smoke again B. talk with his wife

C. read the medicine book D. take some medicine

47. Mr. King coughed because _____>

A. he couldn’t go to sleep B. he was afraid to die

C. he smoke too much D. he was too old

48. ____, so tears ran down his face.

A. Mr. King thought he had lung cancer

B. Mr. King couldn’t understand the book

C. Mr. King was too sad to sleep

D. The doctors refused to help Mr. King

49. The doctor told Mr. King to have an X-ray examination because___.

A. he was sure the man would die soon

B. he wanted the man to stop smoking right now

C. he wanted to know if there was something wrong with his lungs

D. he was sure the man would soon be all right

50. Which of the following is true?

A. There was nothing serious with Mr. King

B. Smoking too much shadows in Mr. King’s lungs to turn black

C. the doctor found some shadows in Mr. King’s lungs

D. Mr. King decided to stop smoking at once


When you cut your skin, you bleed(流血). If a person loses a lot of blood(血),he will become ill and may die. Blood is very important.

People have known that. At one time, some people even drank blood to make them strong!

When doctors understand how blood goes around inside the body,

they try ways of giving blood to people who need it. They take blood from the healthy people who need it. This is called “blood transfusion”. The blood goes to the arm of the sick person.

But there are two problems. First, it does not always work. Sometimes people die when they have blood transfusion. Later, doctors find that we do not all have the same kind of blood. There are four groups --- o, A, B and AB. We all have blood of one of these groups. They also find that can give of blood to people of group AB. But they find that they must give A group blood to A group people and B group blood to B group blood people. I have O group blood and the doctor told me that I could give blood to anyone else safely.

There is another problem. To give blood of the right kind, doctors have to find a person of the right blood group. Often they can not find a person in time. I f they have a way to keep the blood until someone needs it, they can always have the right kind of blood. At first they find they can keep it longer. In the end of they find a way keeping blood for a very long time.

We call a place where we keep money a “bank”. We call a place

where we keep blood a “blood bank”. One day, when you grow up, you

may decide to give blood to a “blood bank”. In this way you may stop someone from dying. Or perhaps one day you become ill. You may need blood. The “blood bank” will it to you.

51. From the passage, we learn that sometimes people die when they have blood transfusions because they _______________.

A. are unhealthy people B. have lost a lot of blood

C. are not given the right kind of blood

D. are AB group people

52. Which of the following is true?

A. Doctors can give any kind of blood to the writer

B. The writer can give blood to B group people

C. The writer has never had a blood transfusion

D. The writer has the same kind of blood as his father

53. People set up the “blood bank” so that they can _____.

A. give the right kind of blood to the people who need it in time.

B. keep different groups of blood as much as possible.

C. make it easier to sell or buy blood

D. keep blood for more than twenty hundred years

54. From the last paragraph of the passage, we learn that ____.

A. the writer thinks it’s good to give blood to a “blood bank”

B. we may become ill if we give blood to a “blood bank”

C. many people died because they lost a lot of blood

D. blood is more important than money

55. The writer doesn’t talk about ______ in the passage.

A how important blood is to us

B. the four groups of blood

C. where the blood bank is

D. What “blood transfusion” is


56.My friend Mara wants to learn Scottish dancing. She can call___.

A. 86464211 b. 86469869

c. 86486789 D. 86464122

57. If one teacher with four students goes to visit Green Museum, they will pay _____.

A. $100 B. $125 C. $150 D. $250

58.Sun hotel and rose hotel are open for ____ months of the year.

A. nine B. ten C. eleven D. twelve

59. You have $128 and you can _____ in March.

A. watch Scottish dancing

B. go to Green Museum

C. stay in sun hotel for a night

D. stay in rose hotel for a night

60. You may not see the advertisement ___________

A. in a textbook B. in a magazine

C. in a supermarket D. on the internet


阅读下面5段材料 从A-E 中找出与他们相对应的标题

It’s everyone’s duty to protect our environment. Here are the five Rs for us


66.____ him broken umbrella, and then he took them to a big shop in London. They were____ there.

One day Mr. Brown went to London by train. He 68____ to take an umbrella with him that day. Sitting in front of him was a man with an umbrella standing 69_____ the seat. When the train arrived in London, Mr. Brown 70.____ up the umbrella as he often did during his journey, “That’s 72____ !” Mr. Brown’s face turned red and he gave it back to the man at once.

When Mr. Brown got to the big shop, the shopkeeper had got his six umbrellas ready. After a good look at 73 ___ of them, he said, “You’ve mended them very well.”

In the afternoon he got into the train again. The 74._____ man was in the same seat. He looked at Mr. Brown and his six umbrellas, “You’ve had a 75____ day.” he said.




A:Good afternoon. What can I do for you?

B: I’d like to buy a washing machine.

A: Well, 76_____________. Some are made in china, and some are made in other countries.

B: This one looks very nice.77____________

A: In Germany

B: 78________________________?

A: Sure. You put the clothes in the machine, close the door and press this button.

B: It’s easy. How much is it?

A: 4000yuan

B: wow, that’s too expensive! 79_______________

A: How about this one?

B: oh, this one looks very good. And the price is ok.



当今我们所生活的地球面临着各种污染的迫害。请你A Greener Planet, 短文。

要求: 1. 短文内容包括 污染的种类,他们的危害以及我们改如何做



4. 80字左右






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