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一. 单项选择

A) 选择意思相近或相同的选项替换括号内的词。

( ) 26 Ten minutes later, the sun (started) to come up .

A. made B. makes C. begins D. began

( ) 27 He often reads English for (more than) two hours a day.

A. above B. over C. about D. Less than

( ) 28. Exercise such as playing basketball is fun.

A. for example B, as C. like D. seem

( ) 29. She is (so) young (that) she can’t go to school.

A. too; to B. enough; to C. so; such D. too; that

( ) 30 We (had a good time) at the party.

A. were surprised B. enjoyed ourselves C. felt excited D. had funny

B) 从A ﹑B﹑ C﹑ D 四个选项中,选出可填入空白处的最佳选项。

( ) 31 ---Did you buy anything for ___________?

----No, I bought nothing for __________

A. yourself, myself B. myself , yourself C. me, myself D. you, yourself

( ) 32. ---- Where__________ he go on vacation ?

----- He went to the mountains.

A. did B. is C. does D. has

( ) 33. ---- Did you decide__________a bicycle to school ?

---- Sure

A. ride B. riding C. to ride D. rode

( ) 34. ---- My brother works__________

---- Yes , so he __________ ever plays computer games.

A. hard; hardly B. hardly; hard C hard; hard D. hardly; hardly

( ) 35. -----What do you think of the book?

-----It is so __________ , and I feel__________

A. excited, boring B. boring , excited C. boring , bored D. bored ,boring

( ) 36. ----- Is there__________ in today’s newspaper?

------ Sorry, I don’t know _______

A. something new B anything new C. new something D new anything

( ) 37. ---- Why was he late, Tom ?

-----He was late_______he was ill, not _______ the bad weather .

A. because, because of B. because of , because C. because , because D. because of , because of

( ) 38. ----_______does your cousin go to the gym ?

----Twice a week.

A. How long B. How soon C. How much D. How often

( ) 39.--- Frank lives a simple (简朴) life_______he has lots of money. ----I think so.

A. although B. because C. SO D. if

( ) 40. ---Where is John ? ---He isn’here . Try_______his home number.

A. to phone B. phoning C. called D. to call


( ) 41. ---I’m sorry to keep you_______too long.----It doesn’t matter.

A. to wait B. waiting C. waited D. wait

( ) 42 -----Who went to Beijing in our class ? -----_______

A. Never B. No C. None D. No one

( ) 43 ------Why_______she angry now ?

--------Because he_______at her just now.

A. is , shouted B. was shouted C. are shouted D. is, shouts

( ) 44. ------Tom’s life is_______from Bob’s -------Yes , There are some_______.

A. different; different; B.difference; different; C.different; differences D. differences ,differences

( ) 45 ------What do you think of math ? -------I find _______difficult to learn it.

A. that B. it C. this D. is


One day Mrs Wilson went shopping 1______ Tracy and Ben . They went to the

supermarket in the new shopping center .

“Why do you buy things here” Tracy wanted to know . “Because things are 2______ here than those at the corner store near our home,” Mrs Wilson said . “Help me check the 3______ , please.”

The Wilson were not rich and Mrs Wilson was always 4_______ her money . She

looked 5____ at the prices of things . She bought 6______ things in the supermarket . When they got home, the children said , “We don’t think you saved money by going to the supermarket.”

“Of course I said,” Mrs Wilson sai. “Everything was cheaper there .”

“We know”, The children said , “But we came home by taxi because we had 7_____

things to carry .The taxi fare was 8______ than the money that you saved !”

Mrs Wilson added everything 9______ . Her children were right . “Well done.” She

said , “Next time we’ll do the shopping 10_______ .”

1. A. to B. for C. with

2. A. cheap B. cheaper C. cheapest

3. A. a price B. price C. prices

4. A. for B. with C. of

5. A. carefully B. careful C. care

6. A. a lot of B. lots C. lot of

7. A. too much B. many too C. too many

8. A. more B. much C. most

9. A. to B. up C. on

10. A. nearly B near C nearby



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