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1. —What?s in the cupboard?

—A few ________, but little ________.

A. apples; coffee B. coffee; apples C. apple; coffees D. coffees; apple

2. —I want to buy the book “Cold Mountain”. Do you know its _______? —Not really. Maybe three dollars.

A. cover B. size C. color D. price

3. —You look worried. What?s your ______?

—I have trouble learning English.

A. name B. question C. problem D. job

4. The man is ________ father.

A. Lily and Lucy B. Lily?s and Lucy?s C. Lily?s or Lucy D. Lily and Lucy?s

5. This is not my dictionary. It?s ________. She lent it to me this morning.

A. my sister B. my sisters C. my sister?s D. my sisters

6. —___________that new bike over there?

—I think it?s________

A. Who?s; Sam B. Who?s; Sam?s C. Whose is; Sam D. Whose is; Sam?s

7. I?m talking to you, jack. Please listen to carefully.

A.me B.mine C.you D.yours

A.at B.in C.on D.to

9. Hurry up, you will miss the plane.

A.and B.but C.so D.or

10. We have a lovely room. It?s one of in the hotel.

A.nice B.nicer C.nicest D.the nicest


We are lucky to live in a rich country where we have many things. However, most of us usually 1._____ some things.

Electricity is one thing 2.____ we waste most. Lights, TVs, 3.____ and other things are often kept on even when no one is using them. We should turn them off when we do not need them. It 4.____ less than a second to do it. Anyhow, not wasting electricity save money, because we do not have to 5._____ the electricity we do not use.

The second thing that we often waste is water. Fresh water is precious, 6.____ it shouldn't be wasted. It is only a simple matter of turning off a tap. I am sure 7.____ can do this easily if he wants to.

8.____ big waste is food. My mother 9.____ cook so much food that much of it




was thrown away. I told her we had wasted so much 10._____. She thought I was right and now cooks __11_ what we can eat.

It is not 12.____ to be wasteful. I find there is a simple way of not wasting things. That is to use only what we need. Do not touch what we do not need. In this way we can stop being wasteful.

1. A. use B. wash C. waste D. forget.

2. A. what B. that C. whose D. who

3. A. radios B. apples C. bikes D. doors

4. A. brings B. costs C. keeps D. takes

5. A. afford B. save C. pay for D. care for

6. A. though B. because C. so D. but

7. A. nobody B. something C. everybody D. nothing

8. A. Others B. Other C. Another D. The other

9. A. planned to B. used to C. was able to D. was afraid to

10. A. electricity B. water C. food D. money

11. A. mainly B. only C. mostly D. specially

12. A. right B. fine C. bad D. necessary


You may know about “ junk food” like French fries. But do you know about “junk sleep”?

Recently, a British survey found that electronic products in teenagers bedrooms are affecting their sleep.

The survey was done among 1,000 British kids from 12 to 16. It found that 30 percent of them got just 4 to 7 hours sleep every day. But doctors say they need 8 to 9 hours.

Almost a quarter of the kids said they fell asleep more than once a week while watching TV, listening to music or using other electronic products.

“This is very worrying.” Said Dr Chris, a British expert, “We call it ?junk sleep?, It means you don?t get enough sleep and the quality of the sleep is bad, too. If you don?t get good rest, you don?t perform well in school the next day.”

The survey found that 40 percent of the kids felt tired each day, with girls between 13 and 16 feeling the worst. Nearly all the teenagers have a phone, Mp4 or TV IN THEIR BEDROOM. And many of them have all three.

1. This passage is mainly about______.

A. junk food B. junk sleep

C. electronic products D. the importance of sleep

2. _______of the children in the survey sleep only 4 to 7 hours a day.

A. 200 B. 300 C. 500 D. 1,000

3. “Junk food” and “junk sleep”are similar to each other in the way that_______.

A. they are both low in quality B. they are both produced in factories




C. people enjoy both in their spare time D. they are both good to people?s health

4. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

A. Teenagers need 4 to 7 hours of sleep each day.

B. Many teenagers have a phone in their bedrooms.

C. Teenagers spend too much time on electronic products.

D. Girls between 15 and 16 spend the least time on electronic products.

5. Which of the following is the best solution to the problem?

A. Parents watch TV together with their children

B. Forbid teenagers to use any electronic product.

C. Teenagers limit (限制) their use of the electronic products.

D. The use of mobile phone and Mp4 is not allowed at school.



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