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Class:_12级英师3班_ Name:_刘靖雯_ Number:_20120201153_

My writing teacher, Cissy, was the most meticulous and the strictest teacher I had ever seen.

Pursuing a nearly perfect class, she had high requirement in our photos’ presentation. Although the

presentation was limited within three minutes, from selecting the photos to organizing the

language to thinking about the nuclear idea, all of the processes should be prepared a long time

and couldn’t be dealt with causally; otherwise, you would receive her merciless comment. Any

unsatisfactory words occurring in the presentation, breaking in without waiting for the students

finishing their speech, she pointed out their faults by sharp words, making you heartbroken and feel like suffering a heavy rain suddenly in a sunny day. Although in simple recital, her strict style

still played an important role in it. Disappointed and sad, everyone had experienced the criticism

from Cissy, because she thought that not only did we lack right rhythm, but also we couldn’t

express our emotion completely and adjust our volume. As a result, receiving her praise was seen

as the great honor in our class. A meticulous attitude should be kept in her class. To show respect

to the speaker, she didn’t allow us to whisper and after every presentation, genuine applause

should be given. It was as a punishment that anyone who forgot to take her picture in the

presentation would be cut down her scores and delayed her presentation in the last class. Indeed,

being her students made you in risk of being engulfed by her sharp words, but in the same time,

due to her strict and meticulous attitude, you would be greatly improved in writing.

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