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On Saturday, we went camping, with our teachers. First we pitched the tent. then our older brothers and older sisters played game with us. At noon, we all had a delicious lunch followed by a barbecue for dinner. At night, we had bonfire and sang and danced. We didn't sleep until 10:20 at night. But some of the boys were so noisy we couldn£§t fall asleep. I only slept for three hours. the next morning, everybody woke up very early. After exercising in the morning, we all went to see the small pigs. On the way there, we saw a lot of geese. At 10:00, we went back to eat ice cream. It was so cold. then, we all played games together. We ate lunch at 12:00. In the afternoon, we played musical instruments and sang. After that, camp was over. We had a lot of fun at the summer camp. I am looking forward o going to another summer camp soon.

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