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9A U5期中复习

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9 A Unit 5期中复习


1. She insisted on ___________(finish) the task by herself.

2. Many film stars had been ______(sing) before they entered the film industry.

3. Although she is not a beauty, many people find her ________ (attract).

4. She would like _______ (help) others in need.

5. You’d better _______ (not play) on the road.

(short)after she finished her college,she worked as an English teacher.

7.A sudden shout broke the_______(silent)and we all felt frightened.

9.Zhang Yimou ________ (consider)as one of the greatest directors in China.

10. She is an___(experience) teacher. She has ways of making her classes lively and interesting.

11. --- Why didn’t you watch the film yesterday?

--- Because I ___________ (watch) it before.

12. The rain has stopped. Why not ___________ (put) away the raincoat?

13. The woman devoted all her time she had ___________ (help) others.

14. Before he knew the answer, Li Hua ____________ (give) the right answer already.

15. Deng Xiaoping played a very important role in ____________ (develop) China.

16. The first one ___________(own) the watch is an Englishman.

17. She _____________ (honour) with a number of awards because of her charity work last year.

18. By the time the film ______(be) over, the rain had stopped.


( )31. ---Did you catch the train yesterday?

--- No. It _______ when I _______ to the station.

A. left; got B. had left; got C. left; had got D. was left; was getting

( )2. You can see flowers on ________ side of the road.

A. both B. each C. all D. every

( )3. Jackie Chan was one of the most famous _________ in the world.

A. actress B. actresses C. actor D. actors

( )4. The traffic accident _________ a large crowd.


A. charmed B. signal C. call D. attracted

( )5. The workers insisted that they ____ a free lunch every noon and the boss had to give in.

A. be given B. being given C. will be to give D. would be given

( )6. I’m sorry, I ______go now. My father told me on the phone that my mother was ill.

A. can B. may C. have to D. could

( )7. By the time my parents reached home yesterday, I ______ already ______ the dinner.

A. had; cooked B. /; cooked C. have; cooked D. did; cook

( )8. —______ I hand in my homework now, Mr Zhao?

—No, you______ . You ______ hand it in tomorrow.

A. Shall; may not; have to B. Can; mustn’t; need

C. Should; can’t; may D. Must; needn’t; can

( )9. The old man lived alone all his life and he ______ a rainy winter evening.

A. passed away in B. past away in C. passed away on D. past away on

( )10. Jackie Chan is one of the most famous _________ in the world.

A. actress B. actresses C. actor D. actors

( ) 11. He found ______ very interesting _____ an actor.

A. that; to be B. it; being C. it; to be D. it is; to be

( ) 12. Lucy writes as ______ as Lily. They are both good students.

A. careful B. carefully C. more careful D. most carefully

( )13. My hobby is collecting stamps. I need ______ before I have 3,000 stamps.

A. more four B. any more four C. four more D. than four

( )14. By the time he was eighteen, he_________ three foreign languages.

A. learn B. learned C. has learned D. had learned

( )15. Violence (暴力) in films has a bad effect ____ people.

A. in B. to C. with D. on

( )16. Susan put her effort _______ volleyball training _______ a very young age.

A. into, in B. to, in C. into, at D. to, at

( )17.The play _______ for 10 minutes when we arrived at the theater. A. had begun B. has been on C. had been on D. began

( )18. She was happy because she _______ act in a Hollywood film.

A. chose to B. was chosen C. was chosen to D. has chosen to

( )19. Tom went home in a hurry because he _________his English book at home.

A. forgot B. had forgotten C. left D. had left

( )20. The number of the students in our school _________ about 2,500.A number of them

_________ from the country.

A. are; are B. is; are C. is; is D. is; comes

( )21 Girls are _________ interested in shopping around.

A. special B. especial C. specially D. especially

( )22. Mary devoted as much time as she could _________for the elderly.

A. care B. caring C. to care D. to caring

( )23. I don’t know if it _______ next Sunday. If it _______, we won’t go to the cinema.

A. will rain; will rain B. rains; rains C. will rain; rains D. rains; will rain

( )24. She is _________ at the _________ news.

A. surprising; surprising B. surprised; surprised


C. surprising; surprised D. surprised; surprising

( )25. He doesn’t like _________very much. He’d rather _________a director.

A. action; become B. acting; be C. action; to become D. acting; to be

( )26. —Thank you for your help. Without your help, I couldn’t work out the problem last


—_________ . A. with pleasure B. My pleasure C. All right D. No, thanks


In 1996, Subaru sailed (航海) alone the Pacific Ocean (太平洋). Many other people did this before Subaru, but he was special. At age 14, he was the person to sail across the Pacific by himself.

Subaru left Tokyo on July 22, 1996. In the boat, he had food and water for a trip. He also had a radio and other modern machines for sailing.

The of the trip went very well. Subaru often talked to his parents radio. He didn’t have any with his boat. Then, on August 11, the engine (发动机) in his boat stopped. This made difficult to go on with his trip. Then, five days later, his radio stopped. Now he was out of contact (联系) with anyone. And he was

By the end of August, many people believed that Subaru was expected him to arrive in San Francisco on September 3, but he didn’t. Then, on September 13, Subaru sailed into San Francisco. After 55 days in his boat, his trip was finally

( ) 1. A. cross B. across C. through D. over

( ) 2. A. smallest B. biggest C. youngest D. shortest

( ) 3. A. two months B. two month’s C. two-month D. two-months

( ) 4. A. first B. beginning C. ending D. process

( ) 5. A. on B. over C. from D. by

( ) 6. A. questions B. problems C. difficult D. wrong

( ) 7. A. him B. it C. that D. it’s

( ) 8. A. already B. ever C. still D. only

( ) 9. A. dying B. successful C. lost D. disappeared

( ) 10. A. end B. finish C. all D. over


Everyone k___1____ that smoking is not good for health, but still more and more people begin to smoke. Every year about millions of smokers die from s __2__ . Most of the smokers are men. But more and more w __3__ also begin to smoke. The n__4__ of smokers is becoming larger and larger each year. Every year the government has to spend lots of money l__5__ after the people with illness caused by smoking, a__6__ it also has to pay lots of money for the great loss(损失) in the fire caused by smoking. So the government wants people to stop smoking, but the tobacco (烟叶) companies want more y__7__ people, even students in middle schools, to smoke because they want to make m____8__ money from tobacco sales. Why do many smokers find it hard to stop smoking? The answer with tobacco is that it has a drug called nicotine (尼古丁). The drug gets them into the habit(习惯) of smoking and m__9__ them find it d to stop.


1.k__________ 2.s__________ 3.w__________ 4.n__________ 5.l__________

6.a_________ 7.y__________ 8.m___________ 9. m_________10.d_________

五、根据提示, 以“My Favorite Film Star”为题写一篇90词左右的文章来介绍刘














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