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1、 你最喜欢的人,可以是名人;是你的家人;老师,同学,朋友

等。请以The person I like Best 为题写一篇80个词左右的短文。

The Person I Like Best

I have many friends. But I like Li Lei best. He is a good student. He helps others, he likes reading books, he knows many things, he is very helpful to us. He often helps me with my study, we are good friends, we often play games and do sports together. We enjoy ourselves every day. Li Lei is the person I like best.

Notes to the Composition:

2、My Good Friend

Tome is my good friend. He is 16 years old. He comes from America. He lives with his parents in China. He likes playing football, singing and drawing. He is good at English, but his Chinese isn’t good. He often helps me with my English, and I help him with his Chinese. We go to play football every Sunday. We always feel happy when we get together. Notes to the Composition:

3、 My Day

On weekdays, I get up at 6:30. I have breakfast at seven o’clock. And then I go to school. Usually I go to school by bike and get to school at about 7:30. I don’t like to be late. We begin our classes at 8:00. I have 1

lunch at school. In the afternoon we have two classes. We often play games after school. I get home at about six o’clock. We have supper at seven o’clock. In the evening I do my homework. Sometimes I watch TV. I go to bed at about ten o’clock.

Notes to the Composition:

4、 My Family

There are three people in my family. They are my father, my mother and I. My father works in a factory. He is a clerk. My mother is a doctor. She likes her work. I am a middle school student. I like English, but I am not good at it. Every morning my parents go to work and I go to school. In the evening we have a good meal. Then we go out for a walk. We often talk about the sun, the moon and many other things during the walk. After we come back, my father often does some reading, mother watches TV and I do my homework. I feel very happy when we get together. I love my family. I love my parents.

Notes to the Composition:

5、 My English Teacher

Mr.Hu is our English teacher. He has taught us for three years. He is a tall man. I think he is thirty years old. He likes wearing a white shirt and black trousers. He is one of the most popular teachers in our school. He 2

works very hard. He always comes to school early and goes home late. We enjoy his teaching. He is strict with us, but we love him very much. Notes to the Composition:

6、My Favorite Sport

I like basketball best. I began to play basketball when I was seven years old. So I have been playing basketball for eight years. My parents think it’s good for my health. My father taught me to play. I can play it well now. I often play it with my classmates after school. Basketball

makes me athletic and happy. At the same time, I also make many friends. Notes to the Composition:

7、My School Life

I am a student in NO.3 Middle School. I go to school from Monday to Friday. I often get up at six o’clock, and then do morning exercise. After breakfast I go to school. There are four lessons in the morning and two in the afternoon. Of all the subjects can help me. I am getting on well with my classmates. After school we have colorful activities, such as sports, drawing pictures, singing songs. My friends and I enjoy playing football. Because sports not only keep our health, but also make us brave. My teachers are friendly to us and teach us very well. We love them very much. I make my mind to learn all the lessons well so that I can enter 3

senior middle school. I am sure my dream will come true.

Notes to the Composition:

8、Self-taught Learning

There are many ways to things. In school, teachers do their best to teach us what they know. At home, my parents show me how to do the housework. I can learn somethings not only from books but also from life. Of all the ways of learning, I think it is the most important to learn

knowledge by myself. I can read many interesting books and think over the main ideas. I always keep asking questions, then try to answer them by myself . It’s helpful to keep a diary. I often discuss questions with my classmates so that I can solve them. I believe self-taught learning is a good way to learn everything.

Notes to the Composition:

9、How to Learn English Well

The best way of learning a language is using it. If you want to learn English well, you should talk in English as much as possible. Then, I think an interest in English is very important. If you are interested in English, you will find everything easy. Finally, reading English stories, jokes and easy novels is also necessary. From these you will know English is not only interesting, but also useful. If you can do these, you 4

will be a good English learner.

Notes to the Composition:

10、The Love from My Parents

My parents are very kind and helpful. They cook meals and wash clothes for me every day. On weekends, they often prepare some of my favorite food. Sometimes they help me with my lessons. They are very strict with me, but when I make a mistake, they first listen to me and then have a talk with me instead of just complaining about it. They always try to understand me. I think that is good way for a child to grow up. With their care, I’m living and studying happily.

Notes to the Composition:

11、My Favorite Star

My favorite star is Jackie Chan. He is one of the most popular stars in the world. I like him very much not only because his movie are exciting but also because he very friendly. I like his new movie Rush Hour 3 best. I think it is a successful action movie. Jackie Chan lives in Hong Kong now. He likes doing sports very much. His favorite color is white .He also likes Beijing Opera. He has many fans at home and abroad. I hope he is happy all his life.

Notes to the Composition:


12、Animals Are Our Friends

There are many animals in the world. I think most of them are very lovely. But many people don’t think so. They put the animals into the cages. I think it’s bad for animals.

Animals are our friends. If there are no animals in the world, men will die. So let’s help the animals and let’s help ourselves.

Notes to the Composition:

13、My Hometown

Ming Xing City is my home town. It lies in the north of Lin Jiang Province .It has a population of over 5 million. There are many places of interest and historical sites. In the past, it was poor and dirty. Most of the people here lived a hard life. But great changes have taken place in my hometown these years it has wide roads. On both sides are many tall buildings. You can see tall trees, beautiful flowers and green grass everywhere. The historical sites are protected well and our city has become a famous tourist place. The people’s living conditions have improved a lot. I’m sure it gets richer and more beautiful. I love my hometown. Welcome to our city.

Notes to the Composition:


14、My Dream

When I was a child, I lived in a mountain village. There was no hospital there. When farmers were ill, they couldn’t see a doctor. If they were not badly ill, they just stayed at home. If they were badly ill, they had to go to the city to see a doctor, but it was difficult for them. So some farmers died because of this. From then on, I made up my mind to help them.

I think I should be a doctor. If I study well and can go to study medicine, then I can become a doctor. Then I can help the ill farmers.

So what is my dream? To be a doctor.

Notes to the Composition:

15、My Bedroom

Because I am the only child in my family, I can live in a room by myself. I like my bedroom very much. It is not very big, but it is my own world. When I do homework, I stay in my bedroom. When I am free, I stay in my room. In my bedroom, I listen to music, play computer games and read some books. When I am unhappy, I will lock me in the room and think it ove3r. When I come out, I will smile again.

There are not many things in my bedroom. There is a small desk, a bed and a bookshelf. I clean my room every day and make my room clean and tidy.


Notes to the Composition:


Happiness means different things to different people. For example, some students believe that if they have much money, they will be happy. They will be able to do anything they want to do. Some students wish to be rich with the help of their parents. Then they don’t think money means happiness. We can’t buy many of the things with money, such as health and knowledge. I love knowledge, which makes me happy. Although different people think happiness differently, my happiness comes from my study.

Notes to the Composition:

17、Protect the Environment

Hi everyone,

It’s our duty to protect the environment and save energy. We can do some small things in our daily life. When we are leaving a room, we should turn off the lights. We can turn off the shower while washing our hair. When we go shopping, we should take our own bags. We can try to ride our bicycles instead of driving cars or taking buses. We should stop using paper napkins and think of good ways to recycle paper. I think three are many things we can do. If everyone makes a contribution the world 8

will become more and more beautiful, and our life will be better and better.

Notes to the Composition:

18、Our School Rules

Good morning, Tome. Welcome to our school. Now please allow me to introduce some of our school rules to you. As junior school student firstly, we are supposed to wear school uniforms when we are at school. Secondly, we should never be late for class or leave school before it is over. Thirdly, the school is a place for us to live and study in, so we must keep it clean. Finally, if you want to go to school by bike, you must have a bike permit.

We will try our best to make you study here a pleasant experience. Notes to the Composition:

19、How to Get Along with Others

How to get along with others? This is a good question. Many of my friends asked me this question.

I think if you want to get along well with others, you must be kind and friendly to others.

If you are kind and friendly enough to others, they would like to make friends with you. But if you are bad, I think none of them would 9

like to be your friend. And if you have no friends, you will feel very lonely and sad. So be kind and friendly to others. And I am sure you can get along very well with others.

Notes to the Composition:

20、Believe in Yourself

When I was ten years old, I didn’t feel happy. I liked drawing, but my mother kept on shouting, “If you have time, work hard at your lessons!” I enjoyed playing football, but my grandmother often cried, “Aren’t you a girl? Can’t you be quiet?” I was fond of fishing, but my teacher frightened me by saying, “You will fall into the river some day.” So it seemed to me that everyone around me thought that I was going foolish things.

One day my father asked me, “Are you happy?” “No,” I said, “I am foolish and always do wrong things. No one likes me.” “But I am proud of you,” Father said. “You draw well, you play football and fish well , don’t you?” “Yes” Then I said sadly, “But I can’t get the highest marks!” “Never mind, Cheer up and believe in yourself.”

After that talk, I felt I was happy again. I began to enjoy my life. “Believe in yourself.” I said it to myself again and again in my mind. Notes to the Composition:


21、Which More Important, Money or Friends?

When we are in trouble, our friends can help us. They won’t make us feel like a lonely bird. Only friends can make us really happy in our everyday life.

Money can change our lives. I f we don’t have money, we can do nothing, and may starve to death.

Money and friends are in one family, they can’t leave each other away. If we only have money and don’t have friends, we will feel lonely.

In this way we will be unable to live on happily. So money and friends are both important.

But as a middle school student, I think friends are more important, we must take care of each other. W e must help each other and we should love each other. And when we have after class only friends can play with us and we can talk with them about some interesting things we are both interested in.

Notes to the Composition:









I think good habits are very important to us. As we know, we must have enough food to keep us healthy. Breakfast is necessary. It gives us energy in the morning. We must also have the right kind of food. Remember to eat more fruit and vegetables but less junk food. Don’t forget to wash your hands before meals. We should go to bed early and get up early, too. Staying up late at night is bad for our health. Of course, it’s necessary for us to take exercise. Exercise will keep us active and strong.

Notes to the Composition:



Dear Dad and Mom,

Thanks for your love for me. You’ll be surprised when you read this letter. Do you want to know why? Well, let me tell you! I can always remember my birthday, but I’ve forgotten your birthdays; I have many stars’ photos in my notebook , but there isn’t a photo of you in it; you’ve done so many things for me, but I’ve never said “Thank you.” to you . Dad and Mom, I know you don’t mind, because you love me. But I should really say sorry to you, because I love you in the same way. Notes to the Composition:


I have many dreams. When I grow up, I will try my best to work hard. If I were a teacher, I would make friends with my students first, I would allow them to practice what they were interested in after school. If I were a doctor, I would think much of my patients . I would chat with them with a smile and they would not spend much money on their illness. If I were an actor, I would bring happiness to every family. If someone 13

wanted to take photos with me, I would be pleased.

Notes to the Composition:

25、最近,昆明是加大了城市道路的安全管理措施,但是仍然有不少市民违反交通规则。请你写一篇80词左右的短文,短文必须包括以下内容:1、你对交通安全重要性的认识;2、市民违反交通规则的现象:闯红灯、无驾照驾驶、不戴头盔等;3、提出倡议:倡议大家遵守交通规则。提示词:hit (碰撞) helmet (头盔)

Traffic rules are very important for our safety. If people don’t follow the traffic rules, they will be hit by running cars, and the traffic will be a real mess. If so, there will be no safety for all of us. Unfortunately, there are so many people who don’t want to follow the traffic rules. They don’t wait for the green lights; they drive without a driving license or a helmet. I don’t think they are doing the right things. I believe that if everyone follows the traffic rules, there will be fewer and fewer traffic accidents. Notes to the Composition:


Now lots of children like to eat hamburger. They think hamburgers are really delicious, so they eat more and more hamburgers, hot dogs and 14

so on. And they become fatter and fatter. But in fact, hamburgers are junk food , which are bad for our heath . So if you want to keep health, you shouldn’t eat too much junk food, but have more vegetables and fruits. And you’d better do some sports to keep your body strong. For example, you can get up early to run or to do morning exercises. If you want to have a strong body, you’d better eat less junk food and do more sports. That is good for your health.

Notes to the Composition:


Nowadays, there are more and more cars on the road. Cars are very helpful to us. I think cars can help us to save a lot of time. No matter how far it is, we can go anywhere we ant to go. They are convenient. However, cars make the traffic worse and worse. There is much noise and the air pollution is becoming more and more terrible. We should make our contribution to protect the environment. For example, we can go out without cars as much as possible.

Notes to the Composition:



Recently our school has held a discussion about whether it is proper for middle school students to go to the Internet cafe. Most of the students think that middle school students shouldn’t go to the Internet cafe because it’s a waste of money. Some students often stay up too late when they go to the Internet cafe, so it will have a bad effect on their daytime study. What’s worse, the content in some webs is bad for teenagers.

But a few of the students don’t think so. They think it’s good for middle school students to surf the Internet. They can get some

information helpful for their study and improve their ability in computer operation.

In my opinion, students can go to the Internet cafe but they should learn to control themselves.

Notes to the Composition:

29、How to Face Pressure

Many students work very hard but we are unhappy. We are under great pressure. We are always being told by our parents and teachers to study harder so that we can go to a better high school. Though this may be a good idea for those bright students, it can have terrible results for many students because most of us are not gifted enough.

There is only one month left before the exam. I know my parents care for me very much and I won’t let them down. I think it is very 16

important for us to keep fit. In order to keep health, we should exercises more and take part in sports games every day. Secondly, we must keep ourselves in high spirits. If we are too nervous, we may fail in the exam. So, I often listen to some pop music during my spare time. On the other hand, we must review what we learned systematically.

In a world I believe we will pass the entrance examination to high school successfully if we can handle the pressure properly.

Notes to the Composition:

30、Do Your Parents Always Understand You?

My parents always understand me. They are both my parents and my good friends, I think. If they don’t understand me one day, I won’t be angry with them, either. Because I know they are friendly to me. Their words are good for me. So I will talk to them until they understand me.

Now, I’m at school and don’t live with my parents. So I know the feeling of living without my patents’ love. I also know that parents’ love is the greatest love in the world. And I know I must understand my

parents, too. They always work very hard every day to let me go to school, and to give me food and clothes. I’m very thankful to them. So I must study as hard as possible. I think my parents will be very happy to see my good results.

Notes to the Composition:


31、Lighten the Burden on Students(减轻学生负担)

I would like to play with my friends in the open air. I’m on my

winter holiday, but I have too much homework to do. Besides that I have to play on the computer for an hour a day. I must write a daily diary. I go to an art school twice every week to learn painting and handwriting. When I try to tell mother that I want to go out with my friends, she gets very angry. She seems disappointed. I’m very sorry to see that, but mother, I really want to go out for a while. I want to feel, hear, see and find real life. I know it is very important for us students to study hard, but the meaning of knowledge is very wide. I don’t want to be a bookworm. Mother, please don’t put so much pressure on me. I need to go outside for sports, singing, dancing and other activities.

Notes to the Composition:

32、现在越来越多的中学生拥有了自己的手机。中学生带手机有利有弊,作为一名中学生持有手机有什么看法?写一篇80左右的短文。要求:表明自己的看法并提出建议。提示词:more and more, mobile phone, offer a lot of convenience, send short messages, some trouble, necessary

Now more and middle students have their own mobile phones. On the one hand, mobile phones are very useful for us. They offer us 18

a lot of convenience. If we have mobile phones, we can find our friends easily. We can also send short messages to our friends. And sending messages is getting more and more population now.

On the other hand, they also bring some trouble. Some students send messages to their friends in class. Some of them even cheat in the exams by sending messages. Some of them may show off their new expensive mobile phones to others. I think it’s pretty terrible.

I think we can have mobile phones. And we should study hard as well. A mobile phone is useful and our study is important.

Notes to the Composition:

33、Smoking is Bad for Health

Nowadays some students start to smoke because they think it makes them look cool. But smoking is harmful to their health. People who smoke a lot are likely to get lung cancer and die earlier than expected. Smoking also pollutes the air. If someone is smoking, others can be harmed by the polluted air. What’s worse, once they start, it will be hard to give it up.

I hope more and more students will realize the problem and refuse to smoke. The best way to fight against smoking is never to start. Notes to the Composition:


34、Talking about whether students should wear school uniforms at school.

Just now, we talked about whether students should wear school uniforms at school. Some students think that it is good for students to wear school uniforms. People can tell which school a student is from easily from their school uniforms; and they look nice when in a school group. Wearing school uniforms also prevents students from wearing strange clothes and comparing with clothes with their classmates.

However, some students don’t think it is good for students to wear school uniforms. First, school uniforms are expensive. Second, they need to buy again when they grow out of them. Third, school uniforms can only be used at school. Fourth, everyone looks the same in school uniforms.

Notes to the Composition:

35、I hope…

每个人都有自己的心愿,有自己的希望,有自己的想做的事情,例如:“I hope to be a good football player/a singer.”, “I hope that I can make more good friends”等等。请写一篇短文或写一篇对话,表达你的意愿。

I Hope That I can Make More Good Friends

I have had many good teachers in my school life. They give me 20

a lot of knowledge. They show me how beautiful the life is and how strong we’ll be if we have knowledge. Because of them, I love

school and I love books. I’ll go to a new school in two months’ time. I hope I’ll meet more good teachers and good friends. I hope they’ll help me when I have difficulties. I also hope all my teachers have a good luck and a happy life.

A: Good morning, Li Lei.

B: Good morning, Wei Fang.

A: What are you doing these days?

B: I’m busy getting ready for the exam. What about you? A: Me, too. I hope I’ll have a good result.

B: Good luck! You work very hard all the time. I’m sure you will.

A: Thank you. The same to you. What are you going to do after the exam?

B: I hope I can have a good sleep. I’m too tired. And you? A: I hope I can visit my grandparents in the country.

B: Have a good time.

A: Thank you.

Notes to the Composition:

36. I Love My Hometown





I Love My Hometown

My hometown is beautiful. White clouds can be seen in the blue sky. Each season is like a beautiful picture. When spring comes, the whole world turns green. Birds are singing and the rivers run happily ahead. Everything grows fast in summer. When autumn arrives, my hometown is coloured golden. In winter, sometimes snow covers the top of the

mountains. My hometown is colourful all the year round. I really love my hometown.

A: Is this your first visit here?

B: Yes. I’ve never been here before. It’s very beautiful.

A: Sure. In my hometown, you can always enjoy fresh air, green trees and the blue sky.

B: I find the white clouds very nice.

A: Yes. In Chinese, “Yunnan” means “the Southern Part of the Coloured Clouds.”

B: Oh, it’s interesting. And it’s not hot in summer, is it?

A: No. People call my hometown “The Spring City.” We don’t have 22

hot summers or cold winters.

B: That’s great. I like the warm weather here.

A: Well, you will find people here are warmer than the weather. When you need help, they will be ready to give you a hand.

B: So, it’s a beautiful place with nice weather and kind people. Notes to the Composition:

37. 你将来可能会很富有,请你就以下这个题目用英语表述你一旦富有后,你将如和帮助他人。

If I Have a Lot of Money, I will…


(1) 根据所给题目写一篇短文或一篇对话,分值相等。

(2) 写短文:自数不少于60个。

(3) 写对话:与一位知心朋友交谈,表述自己拥有财富后将如


(4) 抒发真情实感,词语连贯正确,语言流畅,书写规范,卷


If I Have a Lot of Money, I will…

Last Monday afternoon we had a class meeting, Mr Li asked us what we would do if we had a lot of money. He told us to discuss in groups. In my opinion, if I have a lot of money, I will build a Hope School, I known that many poor children can’t go to school now because they don’t have a 23

lot of money. They hope that we can help them. They want to go to

school very much, but they can’t. If I build a Hope School, they can come here and learn much useful knowledge. In the future, they can make a great contribution to our country and make our country more beautiful.

A: Hi, Li Ming What are you doing here?

B: I’m reading a newspaper.

A: Is there anything interesting? Tell me some.

B: Ok, Listen! Here is a piece of news about some poor children. They can’t go to school.

A: Why? Why don’t they go to school?

B: It says, “They can’t go to school because they don’t have money. They have to leave school.”

A: Oh, how poor children! If I have a lot of money, I will build a Hope School for them.

B: I agree with you.

A: If they have their own school, they can learn much useful knowledge and they can also learn English.

B: Yes. In the future, they can make a great contribution to our country and make our country beautiful.

Notes to the Composition:

38. What can I for…


(1)写一篇短文:人人都有责任感,作文一名中学生,你能为社会或他人做些什么事呢?例如:“What can I do for my teacher/parents…”或者 “What can I do for my school/the 2008 Olympic Games…”


What can I for Our Environment

My friend, Li Ming, has just been to New Zealand. He was very lucky. He went there to have a meeting about the environment. They discussed something about how to protect our environment. It’s true that taking care of our environment is very important. All of us should do something for it. We mustn’t throw any litter onto the ground. That’s not enough. We mustn’t draw pictures on public walls. We shouldn’t spit in a public place, either. Of course, we shouldn’t cut down trees. It’s our duty to keep our environment clean and tidy. If everyone makes a contribution to protecting the environment, the world will become much more beautiful.

A: Oh, hello, Li Ming! I haven’t seen you for a long time. Where have you been?

B: Hi, Li lei! Glad to meet you. I’ve just been to New Zealand. A: Oh, How lucky! What did you go there for?

B: I went there to have a meeting about the environment. And we discussed how to protect our environment.

A: Really! Glad to hear that. Taking care of our environment is very 25

important. We must do something for it.

B: We mustn’t throw any litter onto the ground. Do you agree with me? A: Yes, of course. But that’s not enough.

B: We mustn’t draw pictures on public walls. We mustn’t spit in a public place, either.

A: Anything else?

B: Certainly. We mustn’t cut down trees. It’s our duty to keep our environment clean and tidy.

A: If everyone makes a contribution to protecting the environment, the world will become much more beautiful.

Notes to the Composition:

39. Highs and Lows In My Life

提示:在学习和生活中,你曾经遇到过高兴愉快的事情(highs,也可能遇到过令你难过伤心的事情(lows),请你用英语描述这样的经历。 要求:

(1) 根据所给题目写一篇短文或一段对话,你可以写“highs”, 也可


(2) 写短文:词数不少于60个。短文的头句已经给出。

(3) 写对话:与朋友交谈,双方对话不少于5项。

(4) 叙述亲身经历,真情实感,词语连贯正确,语言流畅,书写规



Experience n. &v. 经历、经验 unhappiness n. 不快乐 confidence n. 自信心

We all have experienced highs and lows in our lives…

Highs and Lows In My Life

We all have experienced highs and lows in our lives. I will never forget the experience when I began to learn English. I liked English but I couldn’t get the right way in learning. The more I wanted to remember, the harder I found it was. I was in a low spirit. I almost gave it up.

Luckily, my English teacher encouraged me and helped me find a good way. By and by, I realized English was not such a terrible thing. I became brave enough to open my mouth to speak English. How excited I was! My confidence came back to me. Believe it or not, I won the first prize in Spoken English Competition in our school. It was the first time I experienced the highs in my life!

A: Hi! You’re reading an English story, aren’t you? I remember your English was poor before.

B: Yes. But I’m interested in English now. I really experienced lows in my English study.

A: How did you improve your English? You know I’m not good at it. B: My English teacher helped me find a good way.

A: I tried my best to remember the words, but I couldn’t write or speak it. B: Just believe yourself and open your mouth to speak it as often as you 27


A: My classmates always laugh at me when I speak English. I am always in a low sprit, I’m too afraid to open my mouth.

B: You must have self-confidence. Don’t care about what they say. Try more and you’ll experience the highs in your English study.

A: Thanks a lot.

B: Good luck to you.

Notes to the Composition:

40. Dear…Thank You for Love


在你的成长过程中,的道了家人、老师及朋友的关爱,你一定对他们心存感激。请你补全题目(如:Dear Mum, Thank You for Your Love),用英语写一篇短文,叙述他们所做的一件令你深深感动的事情,并表达你的感激之情。

Dear Mum, Thank You for Your Love

Dear mum, I always feel I am the luckiest child in the world,

because I have you as my mum. You are such a great parent.

I still remember the day when I failed my maths exam. I was so frustrated when I got home. You were not angry with me. Instead, you praised me for my hard work and encouraged me to keep on. Tears came into my eyes when you took me in your arms. I came to know how much 28

you love me. Whether I am successful or not, you love me all the same. With your love, Mum, I will become a nice person as you always wish. Thank you for your love.

Notes to the Composition:

41. I Believe I can Do It

Sometime we don’t know if we can be successful. But if we keep trying and never give up, we’ll succeed in the end. After reading Passage A, you might think of something about yourself, and you must have your own story. Please write it down.


I Believe I can Do It

I still remember it was my exciting day when I got a bicycle. It was a present from my parents on my 13th birthday. The next day I began to learn how to ride it. I tried several times to get on it, but failed. I didn’t give up. I tried over and over again to keep balance. At last, I learned how to ride the bicycle. I was very happy. From it I know if I want to be

successful, I will never give up. I should believe myself because I can do it.

Notes to the Composition:


42. A Gift

提示:你一定也收到过许多礼物,其中你最喜爱的礼物总会不断地呈现在你的记忆中,它可能来自于你的亲人、朋友或老师,在礼物中有他们对你的爱和期待。请你以“A Gift” 为题,用英语写一篇短文,叙述你收到礼物后得到的启示和你的感动之情。

A Gift

I have received so many gifts on my birthdays But I love the book named Beautiful English best. It was given to me by my mother last year. I like to read it in my spare time. From the book, I have learned that the world is full of love and beauty. I also know people should help each other, understand each other and love each other. I think I’ll grow up with the gift because it is not only a book but also my mother’s deep love.

43.Our out-of-class activities

Our out-of-class activities are rich and colorful. We often go to the libraries to read all kinds of books. We learn a lot more in this way. We also do sports. They can help us keep healthy and strong. The most

popular sport in our school is volleyball. I often play volleyball with my classmates. Sometimes we go outside school to learn the world. For example, we go to the country to study flowers. Through these

out-of-class activities, we learn a lot of things that we can’t learn in class. Notes to the Composition:


44.为了提高英语口语表达能力,假定你班明天下午将召开一次以“Keep Our School Clean”为主题的班会,请根据以下要点用英语写一篇简短的发言稿。1、不随地吐痰、不乱扔垃圾。2、不在墙上乱涂乱画。3、坚持每天认真打扫室内外卫生。

Good afternoon, everyone!

We are studying in this school. It’s our duty to keep it clean and tidy. It’s not good to spit in public places, such as in the library, in the

classroom, in the school yard. We should neither draw anything on the walls nor throw any litter onto the ground. I think we must make it a rule to do some cleaning everyday. If everyone tries his best to do something useful for our school, I’m sure our school will be more beautiful. Notes to the Composition:

45. Learn to Smile

Smile is an attitude to life. In our life, there may be something unpleasant. For example, you fail in an exam; or another time, you are misunderstood by your friends. These unpleasant things may make you feel bad. Then what will you do? Why not learn to smile? Smiling to yourself can bring back your confidence. Sometimes, the greatest enemy is yourself; that’s to say, sometimes, you are beaten by yourself. We should also learn to smile to others. It will help us to get closer to others. So, smile is the most widely understood language.


Notes to the Composition:


My neighbour is an old man. He lives alone. I am going to do

something for him when I am free. I will wash clothes, clean the window and sweep the floor. I will also read the newspapers and write letters for him. Sometimes I can play chess with him. After supper, we will have a walk outside. On Sundays, we go shopping together. I am glad to help him. I hope he’ll be happy every day.

Notes to the Composition:


Zhang Feng is a teacher in No. 66 Middle School. He was born on

June 2, 1965 in Fuzhou, Fujian Province. He is in good health. He has medium build and short hair. He wears a pair of glasses. He is good at 32

English and knows some French. He has eighteen years’ teaching

experience. His lessons are always lively and interesting. He gets on well with his students. He often helps his students with English. He is not only the students’ teacher but also their friend. Everyone likes him very much. Notes to the Composition:

48. 中国自古就有尊师重教的优良传统,“程门立雪”就是一个典型例子。请根据以下提示写一篇短文,叙述这个故事,并简单谈谈你的看法。词数60左右。短文开头已给出,不计入总次数。参考词汇:thick 厚的 respect 尊敬

Long, long ago in China, there was a young man called Yang Shi. One day he went to visit his teacher Cheng Yi. It was snowing heavily. Cheng Yi was sleeping then, so Yang Shi waited in the snow outside. He kept waiting in the snow until his teacher woke up. Then they found that the ground was already covered with thick snow!

We should learn from Yang Shi and respect our teachers. A good education makes country strong!

Notes to the Composition:


49. 6月6日是“全国爱眼日”(National Eyes Caring Day),请根据以下提示写出一份宣传稿,让全校的学生关爱自己的眼睛。内容包括以下内容:1、爱眼日主题为保护视力。2、保护视力对中学生很重要。

3、视力不好会给生活和学习带来不便。 4、呼吁同学们都养成良好的用眼习惯以保护视力。

Love Yourself Love Your Eyes

June 6th is National Eyes Caring Day. The topic is Caring for


It is believed that have good eyesight is very important to everyone especially to us middle school students during our growth time. Poor eyesight may result in many difficulties in our daily life and study. We hope every student can from now on from good habits when using eyes.

Rem4ember, a clear world is only for bright eyes.

Notes to the Composition:

50. A Letter

提示:汶川大地震牵动了我们每一个人的心,请你围绕“To Be Strong”这一主题,用英语给汶川初三的同学写一封信,鼓励他们要坚强,并告诉他们你在赈灾活动中所做的一切以及你的感想。

Dear friends,

I’m terribly sorry to learn that an earthquake hit your hometown. My heart was broken when I learnt that some of you had lost your family 34


I’m sur4e the earthquake will never beat us Chinese people. I hope you’ll be strong enough to face the difficulties. We have decided to do our bit to help you. Some of us have given away our books and clothes. We have also collected some pocket money from the students. We’ll spend all these to you through the Red Cross.

We’ll stand side by side with you and rebuild your hometown. I’m sure your hometown will become more beautiful than ever before.

Best wishes!

Yours, Zhang Hua


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