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基础写作 What is the most important thing in the world?I think it is health.It is necessary for us to have a good health,and one can enjoy the pleasure of human life as long as he leads a healthy life.In order to insure good health we must pay attention to three factors,which contain nourishing food, fresh air and proper exercise.To eat healthily,we should avoid eating food with high calory,like Frech fries or sweets,and eat a lot of vegetables and fresh fruit which are full of vitamins.Meanwhile taking exercise every day helps us build a strong body,which in an important part of keeping healthy.

读写任务 The author mainly tells us something about the relationship between stress and illness.Despite the different views about whether stress can contribute to physical illness ,there is a recent finding which shows there is a indeed a link between them. With the rapid development of economic,there are an increasing number of people who can easily get stressed.There is no doubt that too much stress can result in a serious health problem.On one hand,it can reduce people’s

ability to fight disease;on the other hand,some people may begin to smoke ,drink alcohol,or even take drugs to rid themselves of stress ,which is undoubtedly harmful to their health.Take my friend Tom for example,Tom works very hard with the hope of becoming the top student in our class. Under great stress seldom does he spend time doing sports or something else to relax himself, making him feel tired and in a sleep-like state all the time.Rapid progress as he has made,he feels unhappy.

My life is also full of stress ,especially the pressure from my study results,which disturbs me a lot .Whenever faced with stress,I will always keep saying to myself:there is no big deal.After all life pleasure lies in the process of struggling for our dream rather than the result.As long as I have made every effort.I will feel no regrets.Therefore, no matter in what case ,we should hold an optimistic attitude towards life,which ,in my view, is a good way to free ourselves from stress.

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