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Reading—A Bright Way to A Better life Knowledge may be acquired through many ways, the best of which is reading. In the age of high technology, reading deserves to be paid attention to.

To begin with, it is the most flexible way of getting information. Many people think it not only helps them better understand society as well as nature, but also broadens their horizon. Additionally, reading, to some degree, is of great benefit to interpersonal communication apart from self-improvement. It can also enrich our life and bring people pleasure. What’s more, reading is also regarded by many as a means of better survival.

Books are to mind what food is to body. However, not every book is worthy of being read. Some may mislead readers. So keep in mind that choosing a good book is like making a good friend. Besides, reading is supposed to be done in a proper period of time, for example, in our spare time, thus not disturbing our work or study. As long as we insist on reading, we can get improved gradually.

Personally, I appreciate reading classical literature in my spare time, which provides me with a thorough understanding of life and society. Through practicing reading between the lines and beyond the lines, I find my comprehension ability stably improved. Perhaps in the near future, I’m not merely a reader but also a writer.

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