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You may use the patterns like: 1 I am against/ for/ in favour of celebrating western festivals because… 2 I (don’t ) think celebrating western festivals is meaningful because… 3 I think/ As far as I am concerned/ In my view /opinion celebrating western festivals is ..... because….


Sentences which can express the your opinion

①Such phenomenon shows us that the world people are getting closer gradually and the world is becoming smaller and smaller as well. ②in my opinion, it’s a normal phenomenon as well as a necessary trend. ③To sum up, the trend has its great advantage to a certain extent. However, if we admire the western customs too much, it will be a disadvantage because China is our own country, all of us should enjoy a patriotic(爱国的, 有爱国心的 )heart.

Sentences which can support your opinion

⑴First of all, it shows that we Chinese have become much opener rather than clinging to some very old customs. ⑵Last but not the least, we may get closer and closer not only to our home friends but also to many foreigners. (3)We can never feel embarrassed for not knowing the other’s customs and manners. (4)And more misunderstandings can be avoided as well.

On the one hand, western festival celebrations are so colorful ,such as , the romantic atmosphere on St. Valentine’s Day, the fun on All Fool’s Day and the gifts and games at Christmas..

On the other hand, Chinese festivals have their own attractions. Think about the comfort of family reunion during Spring Festival.
So we should take the festival celebration seriously .we can take in some western festivals at the same time we should treasure our traditional festivals and pass them down.

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