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八年级上Unit 7 辅导

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八年级上Unit 7 单元测试题

一. 根据英文释义或汉语提示及句义,拼写下列单词,首字母已给出。

1. Mary finishes her homework f_______(at last).

2. She likes to eat a b_______(a kind of long yellow fruit)very much now.

3. Alice is very thirsty. She wants to d_______(take in water with mouth)something.

4. How m_______(a lot of, lots of)mushrooms do we need?

5. Please cut up these p_______(a kind of hot or spicy vegetables).

6. Can you m_______(混合)it all up?

7. Please put the pizza in the o_______(烤炉).

8. Would you like to p_______(倾倒)some milk into the glass?

9. Let’s make some fruit s________ (色拉)?

10. We need two t________ (茶匙).

二. 英汉短语互译。(5分)

1. 水果沙拉_____________________ 2. let me think_____________________

3. 削香蕉_____________________ 4. 多少酸奶_____________________

5. 混合在一起_____________________ 6. 切碎_____________________

7. how many_____________________ 8. put the pizza in the oven _____________________

9. two teaspoon of cinnamon _____________________ 10. one cup of yogurt ________________

11. 把……加到……上________________ 12. two slices of bread ________________

13. 三茶匙佐料________________ 14. 把每一样东西都放进果汁机中________________

15. 一杯蜂蜜________________ 16. Beijing Duck________________

17. turn on ________________ 18. cut up the tomatoes ________________

19. chicken sandwich________________ 20. 轮流________________

三. 句子翻译:根据中文提示,完成句子。(10分)

1. Don’t ___________(打开)the radio, the baby is sleeping.

2. Please ___________(把牛奶倒进果汁机中)。

3. If you want to make a fruit salad, please ___________(切碎)the fruit first.

4. ___________(多少酸奶)do they need?

5. They lived there ___________(大约5年).

6. Add some mayonnaise and ___________(把所有的原料混合在一起)

7. What is ___________(学英语的正确方法)

8. Do you know how to make chicken sandwiches, and turkey sandwiches, please write down the ___________(说明)

9. First, put ___________(一些调味品)on a slice of bread.

10. They needed ___________(两茶匙糖)just now.


1. -Would you like ________? -Thank you, but I’m not thirsty.

A. some sandwiches B. some mooncakes C. some bread D. some oranges


2. -What can I do for you? -I’m looking for _______.

A. a pair of shoes B. a pair of T-shirt C. two pairs of hat D. two pair of trousers

3. There are ________ on the table.

A. a glass of water B. a glass of milk C. two glasses of milk D. a glass of orange

4. How many _________ can you see in the picture? A. box B. books C. man D. woman

5. Lucy put a lot of ________ in ________ of tea.

A. sugar, the two cup B. sugars, the two cups C. sugar, the two cups D. sugars, the cups

6. I’m hungry. Please give me ________.

A. two turkey sandwich B. three turkey sandwiches

C. two turkeys sandwich D. three turkeys sandwiches

7. Here’s a recipe ________ super chicken sandwich. A. about B. at C. for D. of

8. I don’t like the color of the T-shirt. Would you show me _______ one?

A. other B. the other C. another D. others

9. He added three slices _________ chicken to it. A. from B. of C. for D. about

10. I want to see a TV play. Can you _______ the TV set?

A. turn on B. turn off C. turn up D. turn down

11. If you want to make a banana smoothie, you should _______ the blender.

A. open B. close C. turn on D. turn off

12. Can we _________ our books here? A. put B. puts C. putting D. is putting

13. We must cut _________ the tomatoes and put them _______ the blender.

A. off…in B. up…into C. down…into D. over…in

14. How to eat an apple? First _________ it, then eat it. A. cut B. peel C. turn D. drink

15. He is very tired and he ________ to have a good rest. A. need B. needs C. needed D. needn’t

16. All the ingredients are in the bowl. What do we do then?

It’s easy. Mix it all _______. A. on B. down C. up D. with

17. Give me two _______ of bread and a glass of milk. A. slice B. slices C. a slice D. some slice

18. Do you know ________ women teachers are there in your school?

A. how many B. how much C. how D. how often

19. Don’t ________ water everywhere. A. pour B. put C. pours D. puts

五以所给词的适当形式填空 (10分)

1.How __________(more) salt will you put in the dish? Only a little.

2.Tina___________(buy) some oranges and apples to make the milk shake.

3.I spent an hour_______(make) a bottle of delicious apple milk shake.

4.Fifteen minutes is enough for you ___________(cut) up some tomatoes.

5.You need _________(add) some red sugar to the soup.

6. Why not __________(turn) off the TV?

7. Would you like some __________(butter) on the bread?

8. What about 2

9. Could you please 10.Let’s _________(make) the milk shake together!

六、 阅读理解

(A)Ice Cream

Many years ago.People ate fruit with ice.Later, they began to eat cream with ice.This was called ice cream.

At first, ice cream was just for rich people.It cost a lot of money.But people found easier ways to make ice cream.Now it is for everyone.Ice cream is one of the beat-liked foods in the world.

1.Long ago ice cream was just for __________ people.

A.rich B.fat


B.only C.silly C.has changed C.even 2.This story tells about how ice cream __________. A.is sold A.fair 3.In the second part of the story, what does the word “just” mean?

4.Ice cream is for everyone now because__________.

A.everyone is rich B.fruit tastes good with ice

C.people found easier ways to make it

5.You can guess from the story that ice cream is __________.

A.a cold food B.good for you C.made with lemons


Many people like to travel by plane, but I don' t like it because an airport is usually far from the city. You have to get there early and wait for hours for the plane to take off and it is often late. You can’t open the windows. You can’t choose the food. Planes are fast, but they still take hours to go out of the airport and into the city.

I like traveling by train. I think trains are safe. Railway stations are usually in cities. When you are late for a train,you can catch another one. You can walk around in the train and open the windows. You can see many interesting things on your way. I know it takes a little more time.

I also like cars. You can start your journey when you want to,and you don’t need to get to a railway station or a bus stop. Also you can carry many things with you in a car. But sometimes there are too many cars on the road.

1. Why do many people like to travel by plane?

A. Because it is safe B. Because it is fast.

C. Because you can walk around in the plane. D. Because it is cheap.

2. Which is NOT the good thing about the train?

A. It is safe. B. It takes a little more time.

C. You can open the windows. D. You can walk around in the train.

3. If you want to take a lot of things with you , what do you take to go out?


A. A bus. B. A car. C. A train. D. A bike.

4. What is the bad thing about the car?

A. You needn’t go to a station.

B. You can start your journey when you want to.

C. There are too many cars on the road.

D. You needn’t go to a bus stop.

5. What does the writer think of the plane,train and car?

A. He thinks it takes a lot of time to go to and get out of the airport.

B. He likes to take a train because it takes a little more time

C. He likes to take a car because he has a car. D. He likes to take a plane because it’s fast.

The best known vegetable in the world is the potato. It grows in many places and does not need rich soil like many other crops. But until four hundred years ago the potato was not known to the Europeans. But today it’s one of the main foods in Europe. About half of the world’s potatoes are grown in Europe.

In France the potato was not grown for a long time. Here is a story about Louis. In 1778 he saw some potato flowers for the first time. He liked them so much that he picked one and put it in his buttonhole. He was interested in the flowers not the potatoes thmesleves.


( )1.Potatoes are grown and eaten in Europe.

( )2.The potatoes are grown only in the rich soil.

( )3.Louis was the first man to eat the potato.

( )4.At first the Europeans grew potatoes to eat.

( )5.Louis liked the potato flowers better than the potatoes.



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