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七年级上Module 5 Unit 1 Have you got any orange? 教学设计

11F英教2班 马淑芳 110312F02042

Background information:

Students:45 junior high school students,Grade7.There are 20 girls and 25 boys. They are from city.

Lesson duration:40mins

Teaching objectives : By the end of this lesson , Ss should be able to

1. understand and grasp the words: healthy, orange, drink, fruit, vegetable, beef, carrot, chicken, juice, melon, milk, onion, pork, potato, tomato,

2. use the structures “there be” and “have/has got” talk about the healthy food.

3.say the new words fluently.

4.know function of the healthy food and foster a good healthy habit. Main points: 1.Grasp the structure of language “have/has got”.

2. Grasp the usage of “some” and “any”

Difficult points:1. To understand conversations involving food and drink in listening. 2 Improve listening ability.

Teaching materials: Multi-Media (Tape recorder, video, handout some pictures, box

Type of the lesson: Listening and Vocabulary

Teaching Procedures:

Learning strategies: Bottom –up approach and listening to the tape and do some exercises.

Stage 1 : Revision

Task: Help students to revise what is learnt in last module. Stage2: Lead in: 1 .activity 3on page 26

Task: Look at the pictures. Learn the new words.

Step 1: Show them some pictures about the new words. Introduce to them the new words.

Step 2: Read through the words in the box and have the Ss. Repeat them after you chorally and individually.

Step 3: Ask the students to do activity 1and 2 on page 26. Check their answers with a partner.

Step 4: Call back the answers as complete sentences in a whole-class setting using the known prepositions or phrases such as next to, behind, in front of etc...

Step 5: Summarize:

Stage3: Listening and Vocabulary

Task: To understand conversations .Improve the students’ listening ability.

1 .activity 4 on page 26


Step 1: Explain that the students have to check the food and they

have got...

Step 2: Play the recording once while they just listen.

Step 3 Play the recording once again for them to Check the answers with a partner...

Step 4: Play the recording once again for them, then once again to check with a partner.

Call back the answer in a whole- class setting.

Step 5: Summarize: Ask the students to call out the answers with a partner.

Stage4: Listen and read:

Step 1: Play the recording and ask the Ss. to listen and read the conversation.

Step 2: Play the recording again and pause after each phrase, asking the Ss. to repeat chorally and individually.

Step 3: Put the Ss. into groups of 2 to practice the dialogue.

Step 4: They should repeat it several times, changing the roles each time.

Stage4 Listen again and underline the correct answers.

Step 1: Explain by saying “This activity is designed to check if you

have understood the main ideas of the activity.

Step 2: Ask the Ss. to listen and underline the correct answers.

Step 3: Play the recording once again for them, then once again to check. with a partner....Call back the answer in a whole- class setting.

Step 4: Ask different students to read the correct sentences.. Stage5: A test Listen to a story and translate it into Chinese. Part V: Homework

1. Listen to the passage again and remember the new words.

2. Recite the short passage as fluently as possible.

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