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Module 5 My school day

Unit 2 We start we at nine o’clock

Lesson stype:reading

Stage 1 Lead in (Pre-reading) :Have a short talk.

Step 1 T give some questions to Ss read together and then

answer T’s questions.

(1)When do you go too sleep/school?

(2)When do you have dinner?

(3)What do you have at school?

(4)Do you go to school on weekend?

Step2 Show some pictures(表1) to Ss,and then ask Ss to

answer the questions basic on the pictures.

(1)What can you see in the picture one?

(2)Where will they go in the picture 2?

(3)What is the girl doing in the picture 3?

(4)What are the boys doing in the picture 4?

(5)What are the boy eating?Egg? Bread? in the picture5.

(6)Where are they in the picture 6?

Step3 Add some different time to the pictures (表2)that

Step2.Ask Ss read the questions ,and then answer T’s


(1)When do they have lunch/go home/go to bed/play?

(2)When do they have breafast/start lesson?

After Ss answering T’s questions,teacher write the time on the

blackboard and teach all class read them:

(1) 7:30 am (2)9:00 am (3)12:30am

(4)3:30pm (5)8:00pm (4)10:00pm

Stage 2 While-reading.

Step 1.Ask Ss to read the passage as quickly as they can,and

get the general idea and main ideal.


Step1.Give each student one paper,which with some

Step 2.Ask Ss check the answer with their partner.And then answer

5-6 Ss express their answer,use sentece “She get up at ...”and ask all class to read their answersw loudly.

Step 3.Ask Ss read the passage silently again,and find the questions that they ununderstand[for example some new words].If Ss have questions,first,teacher should ask others answer the questions.When Ss can’t answer the questions,its turn to teacher answer.

Stage 4.Home work.

Aks Ss to write a plan about them.The plan includ;When they get up/have breafast/go to school...?






表1 (6)








11:00am (6)9:00am



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