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11F英教1班 温燕婷 教案

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110312F01024 11F英语教育1班 温燕婷 Topic: You like western classical music,don’t you? 1.The analysis of the teaching material:English Textbook of Junior High School Module 5 Unit1

2.The analysis of the students:There are 45 students in the class,Grade Two,about 13-14years old.

3.The teaching aims:

Step1:Students can use the structures directly after this lesson,You like …music,don’t you? Who is your favourite …? And so on.

Step2:Students can speak and answer about their favourite music/musicians in their lifes.

4.Teaching method:Interactive approach

5.Teaching aids:tape recorder

6.Teaching’keys and difficult points:

(1)the students can understand and can speak and read the words:blues,classical,pop…

(2)the students can use the language structure:What’s your favourite music?

7.Teaching task:Talking about the music you like best. 8.Teaching procedure:

Step1:Warming up:1.Greetings (Can foster the teacher and the students’ relationship.) 2.Free talk,ask the students “What’s your favourite music?” (Start with the students’ hobbies,it can lead to the topic directly.)

T:Do you like music?

T:What’s your favourite music?

T:Who’s your favourite…?

T:Ok!Thank you,my dear boys and girls.You all like some music,right?Now ,let’s begin our lesson,You like western classical music,don’t you?

Step2:Presentation:(can help the students are familiar with the knowledge will learn soon.)

Step3:Listening:(Through listen to the dialogue,can boost the students’ listening and their precognition.)

(1) Let the students listen and decide which type

of music the people in the photo play.(Activity


(2) Get the students listen again and match the

words with the music.(Activity 2)

(3) Check the answer.( Activity 3)

Step4:Learning the text:(can be familiar with the text) Let the students listen and read the text.

Step5:Practise:(Through the practise can let the students consolidate their knowledge.)

Listen to the speaker asking a real question:You like classical music,don’t you?

9.Summary:(can help the students understand the text more clearly.)

Summarize the music,students read the text and summarize the use of the structure.


1. Finish the exercises in your workbook P38-39.

2. Try to talk about “what kind of music do you like with your partner?”

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