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1. Don’t turn on the TV. Grandma now.

A. is sleeping B. will sleep C. slept D. sleeps

2. –Hello! Can I speak to Alice?

-Sorry. She isn’to the shop.

A. goes B. will go C. has gone D. was going

3. He’in Sichuan.

A. is arriving B. will arrive C. arrived D. arrives

4. –Who’s the little baby in the photo, Susan?

--It’ A. takes B. is taken C. took D. was taken

5. (东城一模19)—How long have you studied here?

two years. I’m used to the life here.

A. For B. Since C. In D. By

6. (东城一模26)—When did you become a volunteer?

A. have joined in B. have joined to C. have been in D. have been to

7. (东城一模29)—Many people will come to Beijing when the 29thon August 8th,2008.

A. will hold B. will be held C. are held D. hold

8. (丰台一模the book to you as soon as I finish it.

A. have returned B. return C. will return D. returned

9. (丰台一模back from Tianjin two days ago.

A. came B. come C. will come D. is coming

10. (丰台一模25)I’my homework. I’m free now.

A. finish B. finished C. have finished D. will finish

11. (丰台一模 A. sit B. are sitting C. sat D. were sitting

12. (海淀一模22)I’nice.

A. will be B. be C. is D. was

13. (海淀一模26)My grandma fell asleep while she A. watches B. watched C. was watching D. has watched

14. (海淀一模28)John’ A. goes B. went C. has gone D. will go

15. (海淀一模29)--When can we get the exam results?

to you next Monday.

A. will be sent B. are sending C. will send D. are sent

16. (宣武一模20)—middle school this summer? --He is going to work in a computer company.

A. finish B. finishes C. finished D. will finish

17. (宣武一模you him around the museum yet?

--Yes. We had a great time there.

A. Do, show B. Did, show C. Have, shown D. Will, show

18. (宣武一模27)— A. will tell B. have told C. was told D. will be told

19. (宣武一模28)—It’s dangerous to swim here, young man. Look at the sign.

notice it. Thank you for telling me.

A. don’t B. didn’t C. haven’t D. wasn’t

20. (宣武一模30)—I called you this morning, but nobody answered.

A. repair B. repaired C. have repaired D. was repairing

21. (大兴一模22)I must go now. Lily A. wait B. waiting C. is waiting D. waits

22. (大兴一模 A. get B. gets C. got D. will get

23. (大兴一模London for nearly two years. They all miss their hometown very much.

A. left B. will leave C. have left D. have been away from

24. (西城一模21)I phoned you an hour ago, but nobody answered.

A. am cooking B. cooked C. was cooking D. have cooked

25. (西城一模26)— --In March. I have had it for two months.

A. have you had B. have you bought C. did you buy D. will you buy

26. (西城一模32)—it comfortable?

--Yes. It’s made of cotton.

A. Is, felt B. Was, felt C. Does, feel D. Did, feel

27. (崇文一模21)—What are the children doing?

trees on the hill.

A. plant B. will plant C. are planting D. planted

28. (崇文一模26)—Where is Mr. White?

the washroom.

A. has been to B. has gone to C. is going to D. goes to

29. (崇文一模27)—I’ll go with you, mum.

--I’at home with your grandma.

A. will stay B. stays C. stayed D. stay

30. (朝阳一模22)—Did you see the traffic accident yesterday?

A. walk B. am walking C. will walk D. was walking

31. (朝阳一模 A. will work B. was working C. works D. worked

32. (朝阳一模26)Mum, Love Me Once Again A. see B. am seeing C. will see D. have seen

33. (朝阳一模28)—Have you told him the good news?

him tomorrow.

A. have told B. will tell C. tell D. told

34. (朝阳一模30)— --It’s very beautiful! Let’s make a snowman together.

A. is covered B. was covered C. is covering D. has covered

35. (东城二模26)—here soon.

A. will built B. is built C. will be built D. is buliding

36. (东城二模to the National Grand Theater?

--No, not yet.

A. Did, go B. Do, go C. Have, gone D. Have, been

37. (海淀二模21)—Where is Tom?

the Olympic Torch Relay in the street now.

A. watches B. watch C. watched D. is watching

38. (海淀二模26)— A. holds B. is held C. is holding D. was held

39. (海淀二模27)— A. has rained B. will rain C. rained D. rains

40. (海淀二模30)— A. learns B. learned C. has learned D. will learn

41. (西城二模28)—So far the government A. does B. is doing C. has done D. will do

42. (西城二模31)—When can I go to play basketball with my friends, Daddy?

A. don’t B. haven’t C. didn’t D. won’t

43. (崇文二模21)—What do you think of the new film?

--It’ A. saw B. have seen C. will see D. see

44. (崇文二模24)—May I speak to Jack, please?

--Sorry, he A. will have B. has C. is having D. had

45. (崇文二模28)If it A. will be B. has been C. was D. is

46. (崇文二模31)—I’ve never seen the tall building here!

--Oh, it A. was built B. was building C. builds D. built

47. (朝阳二模 A. listens B. will listen C. is listening D. was listening

48. (朝阳二模18)I’me another chance.

A. gave B. gives C. was giving D. will give

49. (朝阳二模a talk show on CCTV-4 at nine last night.

A. is B. was C. has been D. will be

50. (朝阳二模26)—Where is your father?

--He to Australia on business.

A. goes B. has gone C. was going D. will go

51. (朝阳二模in both cities and towns.

A. were using B. were used C. are used D. are using

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