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初三5单元测试 高级 老师完型阅读3+中考作文

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初三上unit 5 单元强化练习


C 1.—There is a pen on the ground. Is it Li Long’s?

—It Li Long’s. He went to Beijing many days ago.

A. can be B. can’t be C. must be D. might be

B 2. —Excuse me. Where is the zoo?

—Sorry, I don’t know. Ask that policeman. He know.

A. shall B. may C. need D. would

C 3. —Can I use your bike for a while?

—Yes. You may use bike. Tom’s bike is here. I can use .

A. my; mine B. mine; his C. my; his D. her; hers

C 4. This question is easy. All the students can answer it.

A. too much B. too many C. much too D. many too

B 5. —Your coffee, please.

—There must be in the coffee. It tastes good.

A. anything sweet

B. something sweet D. everything sweet C. sweet something

A. happens on B 6. If anything the machine, please let us know. B. happens to C. happened on D. will happen to

D. take C 7. The earth is our home. We must the land, air and water clean. A. get B. let C. keep

A 8. —Is David at school today?

—No. he is at home he has a bad cold.

A. because

A. sing B. if C. though D. sang D. until A 9. Lucy likes singing. We often hear her after class. B. to sing C. sings

C 10. It was a pity. The game wasn’t on yesterday the rain.

A. thanks for B. because C. because of D. as

B 11. A. How do you think of B. How do you like C. What do you think D. What do you like

C 12.This question is ______ easy, all the students can answer the question.

A. too much B. too many C. much too D. many too

C 13.This book ______ Tom’s father’s, because his name is on the book.

A. maybe B. may be C. must be D. must

C 14.Who does this T-shirt belong ______?

A. in B. on C. to D. of

C 15. He ______ be a history teacher.

A. used to B. be used to C. used to be D. be use to

B 16.Please try ______ English if you want to learn English well.

A. practise B. to practise C. practicing D. practices

A 17.We should talk in English as ______ as possible.

A. much B. many C. more D. a lot



D 18.Tonny is afraid ______, because he was bit by a dog.

A. fly B. to flying C. flying D. Of flying B 19.He doesn’t ______ to be a scientist.

A. wants B. want C. wanting D. to want C 20.The monkeys escaped ______ the zoo yesterday evening.

A. on B. of C. from D. Out 二、完形填空

Stuart and Steve were twin brothers. Stuart loved to play basketball. But Steve loved to read books.

One day Stuart was playing basketball he fell and broke his leg. When they took him to the hospital, the doctor said he wouldn’t be able to play for six months. Steve went him and brought him books on basketball. At first Stuart wasn’t going to read them. Then he began to read them and that there were ways he could play basketball better. He began to think that books weren’t that When Stuart’s leg started getting better, Steve would help him by going for walks with him. Stuart’s doctor said he could start playing basketball again. Then Stuart showed Steve how to toss (投) for baskets. Steve found that he enjoyed it.

Then Stuart was ready to the basketball games. Steve went to games and enjoyed himself. They then practiced basketball and read books together.

So you can see, when happens, something good may also happen. Steve showed Stuart about books and Stuart showed Steve about basketball. So you can also showing others something that you like to do and they can show you something that they like to do. you can find new things to do. ( B )1. A. until

B. when B. to call B. looked

C. after C. to visit C. read

D. where D. to look D. found

( C )2. A. on seeing (D )3. A. saw ( B )4. A. good ( C )5. A. But

B. bad

C. better

D. worse

D. So D. join in D. much D. anything wrong D. like


B. However B. win

C. Finally C. lose

( D )6. A. take part ( A )7. A. always

B. never C. seldom

( C )8. A. anything good ( A )9. A. try

B. something nice C. something bad

C. enjoy

B. practice

TEL:0592-7313100 ( D )10. A. On the way


A B. By the way C. All the way D. In this way

It was a very hot day, and there were no trees along the street. Mr Smith closed his shop earlier than usual for a very important appointment. He went out into the street and began walking to the bus stop. He was very fat. The sun was shining brightly down the street, soon he was sweating all over(浑身是汗).

A small boy came out of another shop in the street and followed Mr Smith. He stayed very near him all the time, and he kicked(踢)Mr Smith’s shoes for several times. Mr Smith looked at him angrily each time.

After the fourth time, Mr Smith stopped, turned round and said to the small boy, “What are you doing? Stop following me like that! You’re going to hurt my feet.”

“I’m sorry, but don’t stop me, please!” the small boy said, “ It’s very hot today and there isn’t any other in the street!”

If you were the boy, what would you do during such a hot day?

B 1. The story would most probably happen in _______.

A. spring B. summer C. winter

A 2. Mr Smith was a ___________.

A. shop owner B. bank clerk C. bus driver

A 3. Mr Smith was going to a appointment __________.

A. by bus B. on foot C. by car

B 4. The underlined word “shade” infers to a place which is ________.

A. wetter B. cooler C. hotter

C 5. The boy kept follow Mr Smith in the street because in his eyes Mr Smith was like _________.

A. the sun B. a map C. a tree


使用所给的词语,编写一个意义相对完整的语段。提示词:difficult, try, by, help, fun 要求:1.使用全部提示词,并在语段中用下划线“ ”标出提示词;



As for me, learning English is very difficult. I decide to try my best to improve my English . I always do a lot of English exercise by myself, and sometimes I may ask teachers for help. To my surprise, I find learning English is fun now.


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