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7A期中复习u1-6 复习背诵

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7A Unit1 dance-dancing swim-swimming hobby-hobbies glasses

1. read this book/the newspaper 看书/看报

2. Nice to meet you. /Glad to see you. 见到你很高兴 3. like/love/dislike/hate reading 喜爱/热爱/不喜欢/讨厌阅读 4. He is good at sports/playing sports. 他擅长于体育。 5. Millie has short black hair/Millie has short and black hair. 米莉有黑色的短发。 6. Let’s meet my new classmates. 让我们见见我的新同学。 7. The girl over there is in Class Five, Grade Seven. 那边的女孩在七年级五班。 8. I have some new friends./I don’t have any new friends. 我有些新朋友。 9. This is my cousin Andy. Glad to meet you. 这是我表弟安迪。见到你很高兴。

10. Daniel comes from Nanjing./Daniel is from Nanjing. 丹尼尔来自南京。

11. He lives with his family in Beijing. 他和家人住在北京。 12. My friends and I are all nice to Sandy. 我和我朋友都对仙蒂很好。 13. That girl wears glasses. 那个女孩戴眼镜。 14. What’s your hobby? I like dancing. 你爱好什么? 我喜欢跳舞。 15. What are your hobbies? I like swimming and dancing. 16. What’s your age?=How old are you? 你多大了? I am thirteen years old./I am thirteen. 我十三。 7A Unit2

really的确 once 一次 twice两次three times三次…

many times 许多次 some times 一些次数

enjoy-enjoys 喜爱 play(名词形式)player(s)

member成员 number数目 hope(同义词) wish true真的

weekends周末 dream梦想 table tennis乒乓球 tennis 网球

shop-shopping 购物 else(同义词)other其他的

fun 享乐volleyball 排球 walking散步 drawing 绘画 free 空闲的

of course 当然 match-matches比赛

hero-heroes英雄-hero’s –heroes’英雄(们)的

club 俱乐部 talk of\about 谈论关于某事 bowl 碗

at\on the weekend= at\on weekends 在周末 play(三单)plays

say(三单)says stay(三单)stays fly(三单)flies

study(三单)studies watches washes teaches dresses

fixes guesses goes does


1. I walk to my bowl many times a day. 我一天走到我的碗那儿许多次

walk home 步行回家 walk to my\his\her home 步行去我家、他家、她家

2. What’s your favourite sport? 你最爱的运动是什么?

3. He is a new member of Huanghe Football Club.他是黄河俱乐部的新成员。

4. He comes from Guangdong, but now lives in Beijing.他来自广东,但现在住在北京 (提问) How does he look?\ what does he look like?\what is he like?

6. He also enjoys listening to music.他也爱听音乐

7. It makes him happy\healthy\great.= It makes him feel happy\healthy\great.这使得他快乐、健康、特棒。

8. I hope his dream comes true.= I hope his dream will come true.= I hope his dream can come true.希望他梦想成真。

9. What else do you need to do?= What other things do you need to do?你还需要其他什么?

10. Reading is fun. 阅读有乐趣。

Watching TV too much is bad for your health.电视看得太多对你健康有害。

Taking a walk after dinner is good for your health.饭后散步对你健康又好处。

区别:Take a walk after dinner if you want to be healthy.如果你想健康,晚饭后散散步。

11. We often talk about basketball and watch basketball matches on TV.我们常谈论篮球,在电视中观看篮球赛。

12. He is my hero. 他是我的偶像 They are my heroes. 他们是我的偶像

The bags are the heroes’. 这些包是那些偶像们的

Unit 3 1. Which of the subjects do you like best? 这些科目中你最喜欢哪个? 2. Amy gets up early every day, so she is never late for school. Amy每天起得早,所以她从不迟到。 3. What’s the date today? =What date is it today? It’s 9 October. 今天几号?10月9号。 4. What’s the day today? = What day is it today? It’s Wednesday.今天星期几?星期三。 5. have a meeting / have meetings开会 The parents’ meeting begins at two o’clock in the afternoon.家长会下午两点开始。 6. Let’s meet at the school gate. 我们在校门口碰面吧。 7. It’s so big.真大。so clean真干净 so many modern buildings这么多新式大楼so much sugar这么多糖 8. show- shows -showing 引,领Let me show you around. 让我带你四处看看。 9. Our playground is in front of / behind the classrooms. 我们的操场在教室前面/后面。 There is a blackboard in the front of / at the back of our classroom.我们教室前/后会有一块黑板。 10. on the ground floor = on the first floor 在一楼 11. keep a diary keep diaries 写日记 12. look at the pictures on the wall看墙上的照片 13. let me see让我想想 14. Pardon?(= Sorry, can you say it again?)什么,请再说一遍 15. I can’t hear you well on the phone. 在电话里我听不清你的话。 16. I want to say hello to her. 我想向她问好。 17. It’s a long way from my home to the school. 从我家到学校是一段很长的路。 18. -When is it open? -It’s open from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. 什么时候开放?从早上8点到下午5点半开放。 19. take-takes-taking 费时 It takes me about an hour to get to school. 我到学校大约需要一个小时。 20. kind 种类 kinds all kinds of 各种各样的 21. borrow- borrows- borrowing借 borrow books from the library从图书馆借书 22. letter 信,字母 Thanks for your letter.谢谢你的来信。 the letter A 字母A 23. few少数(的)a few一些, 少量 a few students 几个学生,少数学生 24. away远离far away from远离 She lives far away from the school. 她住得离学校远。 25. on foot步行 go to school on foot = walk to school步行上学go home on foot = walk home步行回家 26. best最好的 good –better-best好(adj.) well- better- best(adv.) like geography best 最喜欢地理 all the best一切顺利 27. get up -- gets up -- getting up 起床 28. That’s wonderful. 真好。 29. He is in the football team. = He is a member of the football team. 他在足球队。 30. We like them very much. 我们非常喜欢他们。 31. look modern 看起来现代/时髦 Unit4 activity-activities one-first chat-chats-chatting wish-wishes life-lives practise-practises like-dislike 1. wake up my cousin 叫醒我表弟

2. wake me/him/her/us/them/you up 叫醒我/他/她/我们/他们/你 3. It’s time for breakfast./It’s time to have breakfast. 该吃早饭了。 It’s time for us to have breakfast. 我们该吃早饭了。 4. Shall we go walking in the hills? Good idea./OK./All right./Why not? 5. I seldom go out. /He seldom goes out. 我很少出去。 6. have lunch/dinner, have bread for breakfast 早饭吃面包 7. need a good rest/need to have a good rest 需要好好休息 8. have fun/have much fun/have lots of fun 玩的开心 9. just a few activities/just a little homework 仅仅几项活动/仅仅一点作业 10. do morning exercises 做早操 do maths exercise 做数学练习 11. have lessons/have a lesson/have classes/have a class 上课 12. do after-school activities 进行课后活动 13. go to bed/go to school/go to work/go to sleep 上床睡觉/上学/ 去工作/去睡觉 14. do much/too much homework 做许多/太多家庭作业 15. I am never late for school./Don’t be late again. 16. What time/When do you start lessons? At a quarter past eight. 17. How do you enjoy school? I enjoy it very much. 18. in the morning/afternoon/evening at night at noon 19. on the morning/afternoon/evening/night of December 1 20. from Monday to Thursday/between Tuesday and Saturday 21. After class, we often chat with each other in the playground. 22. Sometimes my friends and I practise playing volleyball on Wednesday afternoon. 23. Best wishes to you. 24. in spring/summer/autumn/winter in 2001,

25. in January/February/March/April/May/June/July/August September/October/November/December 26. on Sunday/Friday/Sunday on Christmas Day on July 1 27. at seven o’clock at six years old at noon at weekends 28. Thanks for your e-mail./Thank you for writing to me.谢谢你的邮件。 29. I would like to tell you about my life here. 30. every/next/last/this/that year前不加介词 31. Sandy doesn’t have much time to have dancing lessons. 32. The tennis match starts at 7 p.m. , this Sunday evening. 33. I hope everyone can come and watch the game. 我希望人人能来看比赛。 I hope to visit the museums. 我希望参观博物馆。 33. How often do you go on a picnic with your family? 你和家人多久野炊一次? Never/Seldom/Sometimes/Often/Usually/Always. Once/Twice/Three times a month. Every month. 34. Exercise helps us get ready for the day. 锻炼帮我们为白天做准备。 35. My mother get breakfast ready for me every morning. 妈妈每天为我准备早饭。 36. I can learn a lot/much about the world. 我可以了解世界的许多东西。 37. It’s fun to read interesting stories. 读有趣的故事很有趣。 Unit 5 期中复习(读背讲义) 1. celebrate 庆祝 celebrate the Spring Festival庆祝春节; celebrate my birthday庆祝我的生日 2. guess 猜 have a guess 猜一猜 3. dress vt. 穿着;穿衣 dress sb. 给……穿衣 dress her son给她的儿子穿衣服 dress her dog in red 给她的狗穿红衣服 dress up 装扮;打扮 dress up as a ghost 装扮成鬼 4. as 作为 as a present 作为礼物 5. Christmas 圣诞节 at Christmas; on Christmas Day 6. present 礼物 birthday presents 生日礼物 7. full 圆的,满的 be full of 充满; enjoy the full moon 8. paint 用颜料涂 paint our faces white 把我们的脸涂成白色 9. inside 在(或向)里面 10. knock 敲 knock on/ at the door 敲门 11. shout 大声说,叫 shout to/ at sb. 12. treat 招待 give us a treat of some candy = give us some candy as a treat用糖招待我们 13. special 特殊的,特别的 a special day 特别的一天 14. question 问题 ask / answer questions 问/ 回答问题 15. rice dumplings 粽子 16. grandparent 祖父(母) at grandparents’ home 在爷爷奶奶家; go to see grandparents 去看爷爷奶奶 17. other 其他的 some other things 其他一些东西; what other things=what else 别的什么 18. lion dance 狮子舞 19. radio 收音机;无线电广播 radios on the radio 通过无线电广播/收音机 20. take photos 拍照 21. at night 在夜里 on a cold night 在一个寒冷的夜里 22. show 演出; 秀 a talk show 脱口秀/访谈节目 23. seem 好像,似乎 seem very happy 好像很开心 24. different 不同的 be different from 与……不同; different kinds of 不同种类的;different hobbies 不同的爱好 25. around 围绕;在……周围 around our school 在学校周围; around the world 世界各地 26. important 重要的 an important festival 一个重要的节日; be important for sb. 对某人很重要 27. most 大多数,大部分 most Chinese families 大多数中国家庭; most of us我们中的大多数人 28. let/set off fireworks 燃放烟火 29. What is your favourite festival? What festival do you like most?你喜欢哪个节日? 30. We always get a lot of nice presents at Christmas. 有圣诞期间我们总是收到很多漂亮的礼物。 31. All my family get together and have a big dinner. 我们全家团聚并吃一顿丰盛的晚宴。 32. We eat moon cakes and enjoy the full moon. 我们吃月饼,欣赏满月。 33. Thank you for telling me about the Mid-Autumn Festival. 谢谢你告诉我关于中秋节的情况。 34. Children have lots of fun on that day. 孩子们在那一天玩得很开心。 35. We always have a party on the evening of 31 October. 我们总是在10月31日晚上举行一个聚会。 36. People make lanterns out of pumpkins. 人们有南瓜做灯笼。

37. He wants a toy train for Christmas. 他想要一个玩具火车过圣诞节。(作为圣诞礼物) 38. Which present is for Daniel? 哪件礼物是给丹尼尔的? 39. Family members get together and give each other presents. 家人团聚并互赠礼物。 40. We go out for a birthday dinner. 我们出去举行一个生日宴会。 41. What do you get as birthday presents? 你收到什么作为生日礼物? 42. The Chinese people here always have a party to celebrate the Chinese New Year. 这儿的中国人总是举行一个聚会庆祝春节。

43. What do you do to celebrate the Chinese New Year in Beijing? 你们在北京如何庆祝春节? 44. Usually our parents get new clothes ready for us. 通常父母为我们准备好新衣服。 45. Happy birthday. Thank you. Happy New Year. The same to you. Unit 6 1.lifestyle n. 生活方式 have a healthy lifestyle /healthy lifestyles 有一个健康的生活方式 2 noon n.正午 at noon 在正午 3.hamburger汉堡包 n. Let’s have a hamburger让我们吃一个汉堡包 4.keep保持 keep+adj 保持怎样 keep +sb./sth+adj 使某人或某物保持怎样 An apple a day keep the doctor away.一天一苹果,医生远离我。 5.lemon柠檬 n. 6. watermelon西瓜 n. 7.chocolate巧克力 n. 8. beef牛肉 n. 不可数 9.carrot胡萝卜 n. Carrots are my favorite. 罗卜是我的最爱。 10.beef猪肉 n. 不可数 11.sweet糖果;甜点<英> n. 名词通常用复数 adj. 甜的 12.pork(猪、牛、羊等的)肉 n. 不可数 13.snack小吃,零食 n. many snacks 14.health健康n. 不可数 healthy adj.健康的 be in good health = be healthy身体好 It’s good for our health 他对我们的健康有好处 Healthy food is important for me. 健康的食品对我重要。 15.fit健康的 adj. healthy 16.keep fit保持健康 keep healthy I need to keep fit. 我需要保持健康。 I often play football to keep fit. 我常常踢足球保持健康。 17.meal 一餐(饭)n. 18.pear梨 n . I feel/be hungry between meals, so I eat an apple or a pear. 我在两餐之间感觉饿/饿了,就吃一个苹果或一个梨。 19.sugar食糖;糖 n. 不可数too much sugar 太多的糖 20.tooth牙齿 n .teeth be bad for my teeth = be not good for my teeth 对我的牙齿有害 They have too much sugar and are bad for my teeth.他们含有太多的糖,对我们的牙齿有害。 21.computer games电脑游戏 n I like playing computer games. 我喜欢打电脑游戏。 22.cola可乐饮料 n. 不可数 23.change改变,变化vt.&vi. I need to change my lifestyle 我需要改变我的生活方式 n. 变化 a lot of/great changes 很多变化 24plan.打算,计划 planning vt. plan to do sth 计划做某事 n. the plan for--- ------- 的计划 I plan to eat more fruit and vegetables 我计划吃更多的水果和蔬菜 I plan to go swimming 我计划每周去游泳 25.pool水池,水塘 n. a.swimming pool游泳池 There is a swimming pool near my home. 在我家附近有一个游泳池。 27.piece块(片,张,件…)n. 28.a piece of 一块(片,张,件…)n. a piece of bread / two pieces of bread 一片面包/ 两片面包 29 glass玻璃杯;玻璃 n. glasses a glass of water 一杯水 For breakfast,,I always have an egg. I also eat baozi or mantou, and I drink a glass of milk. 早餐我总吃一个鸡蛋,也吃点包子或馒头,还会喝一杯牛奶。 30.plate盘子 n. a plate of chicken 一盘子鸡肉 31.salt盐 n. 不可数 a packet of salt 一袋盐 32.cup茶杯,杯 n. three cups of tea 三杯茶 33.kilo千克,公斤 n. kilos four kilos of meat 四公斤肉 34.carton盒 n. five cartons of milk 五盒牛奶 35bottle .瓶子 n. a few bottles of juice 几瓶果汁 36.less较少(的),更少(的)det.&pron. 原型little less milk 更少的牛奶less meat 更少的肉 37.than 比prep. 38 less than少于,小于 How often do you exercise? Less than three times a week 你多长时间锻炼一次?一周少于三次。 39.more than 多于,不仅仅=over

How long do you watch TV every day? =How much TV do you watch every day? More than 2 hours 你每天看多久电视?超过2小时 40.take a walk散步 have a walk=go out for a walk 41.total总的,总计的,全部的 adj. the total number 总数 42number.数,数量 n. the number of--- ------的数量 43.score得分 n. 44.point分数 n. 17points 17 分 Your score is 17points. 你的得分是17分。 45. more.(程度上)更强,更多 adv. need to exercise more 需要多锻炼 You need to exercise more and eat more healthy food. 你需要多锻炼,多吃健康的食物。 46. order点(菜)vt.&vi. What would you like to order? 你想点什么菜? 48.menu菜单 n. Let me have a look at the menu.让我们看一看菜单。 49.bean豆,豆科植物n. 50.all right行了,好吧 51.taste有……的味道 linking v.. taste+adj. Apple juice tastes good. 苹果汁品尝起来不错。 常用的系动词; be\ feel\ get\look\seem\sound\taste+adj 52.energy能量n. 不可数 53.whole整个的adj.= all the whole afternoon=all the afternon This meal gives me energy for the whole afternoon 这顿饭为我整个下午提供能量。

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