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1. (北京市中考试题)

Mary, please show ________ your picture.

A. my B. mine C. I D. me

2. (上海市徐汇区中考试题)

_________ orange on the desk is for you, Mike.

A. A B.An C. / D. The

3. (哈尔滨市中考试题)

---What _______ the number of the girls in your class?

---About twenty.

A. is B. am C. are D. be

4. (陕西省中考试题)

There _______ a football match on TV this evening.

A. will have B. is going to be C. has D. is going to have



---Hurry up! We’re all waiting for you.

---I ________ for an important phone call. Go without me.

A. wait B. was waiting C. am waiting D. waited

2. (2004年长春市中考试题)

Could you help ____ with _______ English, please?

A. I, my B. me, me C. me, my D. my, I


Dr. White can _______ French very well.

A. speak B. talk C. say D. tell


English is spoken by ______ people.

A. a lot B. much many C. a large number of D. a great deal of


1. (2004年烟台市中考试题)

In the exam, the ________ you are, the ________ mistakes you’ll make.

A. carefully, little B. more carefully, fewest

C. more careful, fewer D. more careful, less

2. (2004年河北省中考试题)

Bob never does his homework _________ Mary. He makes lots of mistakes.

A. so careful B. as carefully as C. carefully D. as careful as

3. (2004年重庆市中考试题)

That day I saw some parents _________ at the back of the classroom, ________ to the teacher.

A. sitting, listened B. sat, listened

C. sitting, listening D. sat, listening

4. (2004年杭州市中考试题)


You ________ open the door before the train gets into the station.

A. don’t have to B. mustn’t C. needn’t D. may not


1. (2004年长沙市中考试题)

---Do you know if we will go to the cinema tomorrow?

---I think we’ll go if we ________ too much homework.

A. will have B. had C. won’t have D. don’t have

2. (2004年佛山市中考试题)

You have been to Tibet, _________? I was told that the snow-covered mountains were very beautiful.

A. have you B. haven’t you C. don’t you

3. (2004年扬州市中考试题)

---Jacky, look at that Japanese sumoist(相扑手).

---Wow, ______________!

A. How a fat man B. What a fat man

C. How fat man D. What fat man

4. (2004年福建省泉州市中考试题)

---Thanks for your help.


A. It doesn’t matter B. Don’t thank me

C. You’re welcome D. That’s right


1. (2004年江西省中考试题)

---I called you yesterday evening, but there was no answer. ---Oh, I am sorry I ___________ dinner at my friend’s home.

A. have B. had C. was having D. have had

2. (2004年北京市中考试题)

---Which is _________, the sun, the moon or the earth?

---Of course the moon is.

A. small B. smaller C. smallest D. the smallest

3. (2004年河北省中考试题)

Bob never does his homework _________ Mary. He makes lots of mistakes.

A. so careful as B. as carefully as C. carefully as D. as careful as

4. (2004年吉林省中考试题)

---I like riding fast. It’s very exciting.

---Oh! You mustn’t do it like that, ________ it may have an accident.

A. and B. or C. so D. but


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