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Beijing is the capital of China and is one of modern cities in Asia.It is in the north of China.It doesn’t have any beaches or jungles,but there are still many things to do there.For example,it has some fantastic sights,including the Great Wall,one of the most famous buildings in the world.The Great Wall is really great!It has a long history but it is still very beautiful now.So,it is touristy and there are many people,even on weekdays.

Beijing is beautiful!There are many tall buildings in the streets.And there are also many green trees and beautiful flowers in the streets.It’s usually convenient to take the underground train to most places and it is not expensive.So,lots of people like to take the underground train to go to school or work.

Beijing is famous.Many people from different places and countries go to visit Beijing.So, there are pretty lots of foreigners.If you want to meet foreigners and practice English or other languages,you can go to Beijing. Beijing is also very educational.You can learn a lot about China there.

But because Beijing is famous, there are too many cars and people in the streets.The traffic in Beijing is heavy.Beijing is very crowded,especially on holidays.

Also,these years,people don’t know to protect the environment in Beijing so the weather there isn’t always good.Sometimes,the weather can affect people’s health.

In general,Beijing is a good place to travel and learn things.For your next vacation,why not consider visiting Beijing?

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