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Dear my good friends

发布时间:2013-12-04 10:24:58  

Dear my good friends,

Thanks for your inviting about running a software company. After thinking it over, I decide to join you and it’s my great honor to be your partner. The reasons are chiefly as follows:

First and foremost, as you know being a teacher, I have too much spare time. If we run this company together, I will spend the enough time doing useful things and our life will be meaningful.

Then, as a math teacher, I am very patient and good at observing things in the surrounding; I believe my lots of experience will support our career. Also I will benefit a lot from this.

Last but not the least, running a software company can earn money, from this we can make our life better.

According to these, I am very glad to be your partner, hope we will have a good cooperation!

Yours’ LiMing

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