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School Rules

Welcome to our school, Mary. Here are some of our school rules. Let me tell you: We can't arrive late for class. We can't talk loudly in class. We have to be quiet in class, and we have to keep our class clean. When we meet the teachers on the way, we must greet them. We can't eat or drink in the classroom. But we can eat outside. We can't listen to music or play games in class, either. We can't pick flowers or climb trees.


Last Sunday, all my family were at home. My father was washing his car outside our house. My mother was doing the housework. She was trying to clean the whole house at the weekend. My grandmother was watching TV in the sofa. I was playing computer games in the morning. I received a phone call and went shopping with my friends. In the evening, our family were eating dinner together. 环境污染的作文 since the sky was grey like I was in hell. It wasn’t a cloudy day; it was the pollution that had taken away the blue of the sky and the green from the grass. We should think about our action when we dump rubbish in the streets and driving a car. We are ruining the Mother Nature! There are many things we can do to save the environment, and leave a clean and beautiful world for the next generation. First, we can save water by using tank water, using rain water to water the garden or to flush toilets. Second we can replace driving, with taking public transport, riding a bicycle or even walking, it can at the same time keep us healthy. And last we could bring our own bags to the supermarket rather than using plastic bags. In conclusion, there are many things people can do to save the environment.

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