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初中英语作文训练 4 篇

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How far it is from your home to school: 5 miles

The time of getting up: 7: 00

The time of leaving for school: 7: 30

How long it takes to walk to the subway station: About 10 minutes

How long the subway ride takes: About 15 minutes

要求:1. 语言通顺、流畅,可适当发挥;2. 70词左右,已给出部分不计入总词数。

Dear Mike,

Thank you for your last letter. Now I am writing to tell you about how I go to school.______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



Chen Ming

One possible version:

Dear Mike,

Thank you for your letter. Now I am writing to tell you about how I go to school. My home

is about five miles from school. I usually go to school by subway. I get up at 7 o’clock every morning. It takes me about half an hour to take a shower and have a breakfast. Then I leave home for school at about 7:30. First I walk to the subway station. It takes me about 10 minutes. Then I take the subway to school.The subway ride takes me about 15 minutes. I arrive at school at about 8:00 am.


Chen Ming



1. 语法规范,意思连贯;

2. 用上所提供的信息,并适当拓展发挥;

3. 70词左右。

Name :John Smith

Age :30

When : next week

Where : mountains and the countryside

What : hike, go bike riding, visit the farmers (农民)

How long :about 2 weeks



One possible version: I’m John Smith. I’m 30 years old. I’m a popular singer, but I’m very tired. So I’m taking a vacation next week. I’m planning to hike in the mountains and go bike riding in the countryside. I am also visiting some farmers and talking with them. I think they can help me write new songs. I’m staying in the countryside for about two weeks. I hope I can forget all my problems. A great vacation! I can’t wait!


Dear miss wang:

I’m sorry to tell you that I’m not feeling well. I have a sore throat ,this morning , I went to see a doctor, the doctor told me that I had a bad cold. He also asked me to stay in bed for two days and drink a lot of water. I can’t go to school today and tomorrow. So I have to ask you for two day’s leave.




Activities How often

exercise three times a week

eat fruit and vegetables everyday

eat junk food hardly ever

do some reading twice a week

go to the movies once a month

Dear John,

I’d like to tell you my living habits.


You see, I have a healthy lifestyle. What about you?



VI. One possible version:

Dear John,

I’d like to tell you my living habits. I exercise three times a week. My eating habits are pretty good. I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables every day . I love junk food, but my mother says it is not good for my health.. so I hardly ever eat junk food. I like reading, I do some reading twice a week, I also go to the movies once a month. You see, I have a healthy lifestyle, and my healthy lifestyle helps me get good grades. What about you?



5.P3 3 活动调查 根据表格写文章

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