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1. A. Good idea. B. It doesn’t matter. C. You’re great.

2. A. Yes, he is.

3. A. At 7:00. No, he does. B. By bus. C. Yes, he does. C. To study.

C. Thank you. 4. A. The same to you. B. Not at all.

5. A. Thank you. B. A cup of tea, please. C. No, I can’t.

6. A. I’m afraid not. B. No, thanks. C.It’s a pleasure.


7. A. 13 yuan. B. 50 yuan. C. 15 yuan.

8. A. 8:00 B. 8:30 C. 7:30

9. A. Studying B. Washing C. Playing

10.A. Once a week. B. Twice a day C. Twice a week. 、单项选择题(共20分,每小题1分)

( )11. The football can’t be Lily’s because she doesn’t like it. She likes playing


A. a B. the C. an D. /

( A. next day B. tomorrow C. the other day D. right now

( )13. Don’t about the exam so much. It will make you stressed out.

A. worry B. terrified C. terrify D. afraid

( )14. She was young so much money.

A. too, to given B. too, to be given C. to, too be given D. too, to give

( )15. I don’t know A. what to say or do B. what to say and to do

C. how to say or do D. how to say and to do

( )16. There is rain and it’s cool this summer.

A. much too, too much B. much too, much too

C. too much, much too D. too much, too much

( )17. --I think teenagers should be allowed to go out with their friends in the


A. I agree B. I disagreed C. I don’t think so D. I don’t know

( )18. I’m really shy and I just don’t enjoy parties. I don’t know anyone


A. Why B. What’s up C. How if D. What if

( A. step up B. keep up C. stand up D. stay up

( )20. He was weak stand up.

A. enough, to B. such, that C. too, to D. so, that

( )21. I didn’t see your sister at the meeting. If shebrother.

A. came B. did come C. has come D. had come

( )22. –Could yo tell me --I’m confident and creative.

A. how you are B. what are you like

C. what you are like D. how are you

( ) 23.----_____do you improve your listening?

----I improve it ______ listening to tapes.

A. How; with B: What; with

C: How; by D. What; by

( ) 24. He ______ be a history teacher.

A. used to B. be used to C. use to be D. be use to

( ) 25. The story reminded me ______ an experience I once had.

A. of B. to C. at D. on

( ) 26. I work very hard because I don’t want to ____my parents.

A. let down B give up C break off D deal with

( ) 27. -- Do you spend a lot of money buying books ?

---Oh, no .I would rather ___books from the library or the others than ____them.

A. borrow , to buy B. to borrow , buy

C . borrow ,buy D . to borrow ,to buy

( ) 28. It will be____ unusual experience for people to be a volunteer.

A.a B. an C. the D. \

( )29.We _____ to go into the school unless we are in school uniforms.

A allow B. are allowed C. are allowing D. are not allowed

( )30. This is the most interesting movie ____I have seen before .

A. that B. what C. who D. because 、完形填空(共15分,每小题1分) road that led to her house in the country. She (暖气机)wasn’t

with ice and the car went out of control(失去控制). Mia hit her head on the steering wheel and lost consciousness(知觉).

(流血), and she was shaking from the cold. She didn’t know . She knew the ice wouldn’t times, but she kept falling in the snow. Mia tried time. She knew that could see her car under the bridge. She was lying in the snow, and she couldn’t Then she heard a voice. Mia opened her eyes. There was an old man standing over her. She stood up and walked up with the help of the old man. “That’s my truck,” said the old man. “Get in and I’ll take you home.”

( )31. A. raining B. cool C. snowing D. late

( )32. A. ran B. drove C. walked D. rode

( )33. A. turned on B. turned over C. turned off D. turned down

( )34. A. happy B. not alone C. warm D. not lonely

( )35. A. bridge B. village C. town D. farm

( )36. A. got up B. came back C. looked up D. woke up

( )37. A. how B. what C .why D. where

( )38. A. deep B. frozen C. wide D. cold

( )39. A. angry B. sad C. surprised D. afraid

( )40. A. keep B. pull C. take D. hold

( )41. A. tried B. wanted C. would like D. seemed

( )42. A. one B. one more C. other D. the other

( )43. A. someone B. anyone C. everyone D. no one

( )44. A. feel B. hear C. move D. go

( )45. A. waited to B. had to C. was able to D. decided to 、阅读理解(共30分,每小题2分)


Teacher : Attention please .As you know , Mr Smith ,our headmaster won five million yuan in the lottery yesterday .So today I will give you an interesting topic .I’m sure you will like it very much . That is “ What would you do if you had much money ?”

All the students : Wow!

Student A : If I had a lot of money ,I would buy my parents a new house with a big garden,because they are living in an old house.

Student B : If I had a lot of money ,I would give it to charities like Bill Gates.

Student C : If I had a lot of money , the first thing I would do is ?to buy a new computer for myself .

Teacher : Why ?

Student C : Because I like playing computer games and my parents don’t allow me to play .

Student D : I’m going to be a doctor as my father when I grow up .If I had much money ,so I would give some of it to medical research . Student E : There are lots of poor children who can’t go to school because they have little money. They are in great need of money .So if I had lots of money ,I would give some to the Project Hope . Teacher : That’s great ! Please go on !

Student F : I love money.Money makes the mare go .I would like to buy everything I like . Student D : I disagree .Gold will not buy everything. You can buy a house ,but you can’t buy a home .You can buy a bed ,but you can’t buy a good sleep .

Teacher : Well done , my children. No matter what you would do if you had a lot of money, just remember two sentences : No pains, no gains. Wisdom in the mind is better than money in the hand( 脑中有智慧胜过手中有金钱)

( )46. The sentence underlined means “----------”in Chinese .

A 金钱是万能的 B 金钱不是万能的 C 有钱能使鬼推磨 D 金钱就是一切

( ) 47.____ would give some money to the Project Hope if he had a lot of money.

A. Student A B. Student C C . Student E D. Student D

( )48. Student C would buy a computer first if he had a lot of money because _____.

A. he likes playing computers

B. he wants to make his parents angry

C. his parents don’t allow him to play

D. A and C

( )49. How many students are mentioned in the conversation ?

A. Six B. Five C. Four D . Three

( )50. The teacher with that ____ thought is great.

A. StudentE’s B. StudentF ’s C. StudentA ’s D. StudentB’s B

Many parents like setting family rules for their kids .When kids break rules ,parents will give them punishments .In fact , when parents tell their kids about a new rule ,parents should talk with them about the price they should pay for breaking the rule – what the punishment will be.

Punishments should be reasonable .For example , if parents find their son smoking ,they may limit (限制) his social activities for two weeks .Parents should punish only in ways they have discussed with their children before the rule is broken .A study shows that the most popular punishment is to limit kids’ TV time.

It’s understandable that parents will be angry when rules are broken .Punishment is a way to express their anger ,but it’s not a very good one.Sharing their feelings of anger or sadness with kids can have

a better effect on kids. When kids know what they done had made parents sad,they will feel guilty .When they know their actions influence their parents greatly ,they will obey rules better.

Rules are made to help kids behave better .If the rules or ways of punishment make kids unhappy or under a lot of pressure,are they helpful ?

( )51. Which of the following is the most popular way to punish kids?

A. Beating them B.Telling them reasons

C. Limiting their TV time D. Limiting their social activities ( )52.In the writer’s opinion which is the best way to express anger to kids?

A.Punishing them

B. Keeping silent

C. Telling them how angry you are

D. Sharing your feeling with them

( ) 53. The underlined word “guilty” in the passage means___ in Chinese .

A.内疚的 B 无聊的 C 激动的 D 害怕的

( )54. Which of the following is right according to the passage ?

A. Punishment is the best way to educate kids .

B. Breaking rules is common ,so parents needn’t pay attention to it.

C.Parents should punish kids to make them know the price for breaking rules.

D. Parents should not punish their kids at all.

( )55. The passage mainly talks about_______.

A. how to share feeling with kids

B. how to educate kids

C. how to punish kids

D .how to understand kids


①The Dream It is everyone’s dream to work at home not work at all.You can plan your own hours and work when you want to .There is no more rush hour and no hours that people waste when they get to and from a job every day.

②The Fact The fact is that this dream can be attained .You can stay at home ,work when you want to and make money when you need to. There are plenty of opportunities for you to make money at home,just by using your computer and the Internet.

③Start Today! Educate yourself, look closely into all the opportunities and decide on what works best for you .It will not happen during one night , but you can make the decision today and start to make it happen today.

④How Could You Do It? Do you have a blog博客or a personal website like millions of other people ?Are you using it to make money? Most of these blog and website owners are not .But you can do that!

⑤-------When you have your computer and the Internet working for you ,your business will be working for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.You will make money while you sleep ,travel or do whatever you want to do all day long.

⑥Get Going! There are many ways you can make money with your computer .And you can begin your stay-at-home business with just a little money.What are you waiting for ?

( )56 In which part of a newspaper would you most probably read this passage?

A.Business B. News C. Culture D.Stories

( )57 What does the underlined word “attained”in Point② mean?

A. Broken B. Achieved C. Lost D. Found

( )58. What’s the best title for Point ⑤?

A. Sleep 24 Hours a Day. B. Make Money Every Moment

C. Play All Day Long D. Study all day and night

( )59.Which of the following is NOT TRUE according to the passage ?

A. People need a lot of money to start a stay-at-home business.

B. People can even use their blogs to make money.

C. People can plan their own time when they work at home.

D. You will make money while you sleep ,travel or any other things.

( )60. How is the passage organized ?

A. By using famous people’s words.

B.By giving reasons only.

C. By showing a topic and giving solutions .

D. By using people’s stories and experiences.



B = Bill F = Bill’s friend

F: What’s wrong , Bill? You are not looking happy.

B: I’m not. I feel a little worried about my English.


B: I’m not getting along well with it.

F: Why not?

B: Well, I seldom have chances to meet English people.


B: Where should I go?


B: But.. it seems English people never speak to me.

F: Ah! B:

F: The weather! English people are always interested in the weather.


66_____ 67 _____ 68 ______ 69 _______ 70 _______

A: My mother has taught me since I was four years old.

B: What do you want to be when you grow up?

C: Congratulations! You have won the first prize in the Violin Competition. Who taught you?

D: Thanks for your answer.

E: I want to be a violinist.




1、I’m considering____(change) a new job. I will leave my new address in a few days.

2、He feels like________(do) morning exercises every day.

3、He said he _________(be) a scientist some day.

4、The MP3 costs only 300 yuan. I think it’s _____(expensive). I can afford it.

5、It is ____________(report) that 200 people were killed in the accident.


6. ____ my teacher help ,I work out the problem at last .

7. We should think about others first , ____ ourselves .

8. Can you ____ the radio ? I’m writing my homework .

9. Great changes have _____ since I left my hometown 10 years ago .

10. I hope you can come to the meeting _____ tomorrow .


11、The movie is very interesting.(改感叹句)

________ ________ the movie is!

12、Don't go there by bus. (改为反意疑问句)

Don't go there by bus, ______ _______?

13、he workers built the Green Great Wall across the northern part of the country. (改为被动语态)

The Green Great Wall ________ _______across the northern part of the country.

14、Does the supermarket open at eight every day? Do you know?(两句合并为一句)

Do you know ______ the supermarket _______ at eight every day?

15、The boy is playing soccer on the playground . He is from Class 1 Grade 4. The boy ___ is playing soccer on the playground __is from Class 1 Grade 4.


Boy: Doctor, I'm too heavy.Can you help me to lose some weight?

Doctor: 16.It _____ (做早操很有必要) every day .

Boy: 17._____ (吃很多甜食不好) is it ?

Doctor: That's right. It's bad for you to eat too much sweet.

Boy: 18.Is it OK _________ (每天游泳1个小时)?

Doctor: Yes, that's a very good exercise.

Boy: 19_______(还有别的吗?)

Doctor: Yes. 20_____ (可以吃点儿水果) before meals .


Do Yao Ming, Liu Xiang and Justine Henin have anything in common with people like us? You probably answer “NO!” However, if we could see into their minds, it would be clear that they are actually just like us.

Just how an athlete becomes a success means ① for us all. To achieve their goals, sportspeople not only have to prepare physically, but mentally(内心地). They have to get to know themselves, manage stress and develop their powers of concentration. So they can put all their effort into their events.

We may not be sports stars ourselves, but we have to face same problems. We set goals for ourselves and think about personal development. We have to manage our fears before big exams. We worry about our friendships with both classmatesteachers.

Like sportspeople, we try to be mentally strong and give our best.

Only few of us will be competing in the Olympic Games. But, all the same, there is much we share with sports heroes. Just like athletes, how we feel influences our decisions, behavior and achievements.

Top athletes show us that success isn’t simply down to chance. We can control the direction of our life’s journey.




What does Justine Henin do? She _____________________

24. The writer has a positive attitude towards top athletes’ success, doesn’t he?


25. What can we learn from the reading above?______________


假如你是你们班的班主任,你将怎样管理好你的班级?请你以 “If I were a headteacher”为题写一篇70词左右的短文,要求用虚拟语气。

完形填空答案:21-25. CBACA 26-30. DDBBD 31-35. ABDCA

阅读理解答案: 51-55 BCDAA 56-60 CDACB 61-65 ABBAB

补全对话答案: DGAEB 任务型阅读:and/…

2. 看起来似乎优秀运动员与我们处于(生活在)一个完全不同的世界。

3. (She) is an athlete. / a sportsperson. / a sportswoman. / a player. / a sports star. /…

4. Yes, he does. /Yes.

5. Success isn’t simply down to chance. / It would be clear that top athletes are actually just like us. / Like sportspeople, we also try to be mentally strong and give our best. / Just like athletes, how we feel influences our decisions, behavior and achievements. /…

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